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English III
Hello! Welcome to English III. We will be working together on the following:
Reading American literature in a chronological format grounded in the historical
Applying critical thinking skills to fiction and non-fiction literature, other media,
and current events impacting the American experience;
Investigating literary theory;
Acquiring higher level vocabulary to increase college readiness;
Reviewing basic grammar;
Learning college-level punctuation, usage, and sentence structure;
Developing and improving writing skills in academic and creative writing; and
Utilizing technology for individualized learning, collaboration, and communication.

Expectations for Teacher & Students

Treat others as you would want to be treated.

The grading scale for this class is:

The weighted semester grades are:

A = 90-100%

1st 9 Weeks:


B = 80-89%

2nd 9 Weeks:


C = 70-79%

Final Exam:


D = 60-69%
F = 00-59%
The weighted grading scale for this and most SAHS English classes:
15% Language: Grammar & Vocabulary
25% Composition: Journals, Rough Drafts, Peer Edits, & Final Copies
25% Classwork: Literature
15% Quizzes: Literature
20% Tests: Literature


Most assignments in the Classwork, Language, and Composition (except for final copies)
categories will be graded based on effort and completion. Points will be deducted in 5 point
increments if the assignment does not earn a 100%
Most work will to be completed in class, and it is expected a student will use all
class time given to work on an assignment until it is completed. If a student
needs more time on a classwork assignment, he or she may complete it home at
teacher discretion. Students are expected to review and study daily outside of class
any notes, vocabulary, literature, and other material covered in class that day and each day
leading up to the test on that material. The goal is for the student to put the information in
long term memory and not just cram for a test the night before or the day of the test.

Policies & Procedures

Start of Class: If the Chromebook cart is open, please get your Chromebook and begin on
the Daily Edit on Google Classroom within the first minute or two of the tardy bell. There
will be a time limit on the Daily Edit. If the Chromebook cart is not open, check the agenda
on the board for the activities of the day.
During Class:
Restroom visits: Please use the restroom before class. During instruction, film clips,
and presentations, restroom requests will not be granted unless it is obviously an
emergency. Please take the bathroom pass lanyard with you. Students receive one
bathroom pass per week. Students are not allowed to leave class the first or last ten
minutes. If you have a medical condition requiring unlimited bathroom privileges,
please submit a doctors note to Ms. Graham, the school nurse, and she will contact all
of your teachers of this situation.
Food & Drink: Please eat a good breakfast and lunch. Eat snacks as you travel
between classes. Food is not allowed in class except when given permission by teacher.
You may have a beverage with a spill-proof lid.
Personal Electronics/Cell Phones: Personal electronics are not allowed to be out
visibly in class except at teachers discretion. Storage and retrieval of log-ins and
passwords for various websites will be allowed.
Dress Code: The dress code will be enforced including headgear for both ladies and
End of Class: Before class ends, please return your Chromebook to the cart when
instructed by teacher and be sure to plug it back in to charge. Check that your area is
cleaned up with no trash on the floor and the desks back in position for the next class.
Please remain seated until the bell ringsno crowding or standing at the door.
Make-Up Work/Remediation:

It is your responsibility for being aware of any missed work and/or requesting
additional help. You can verify work missed by checking the class website on Weebly,
your Google Classroom website, with a reliable classmate, and/or the teacher.
ALL make-up work is due within 5 working days unless otherwise specified by
Ms. Chase. ALL tests have to be made up within a week of the absence. Makeup tests for objective quizzes and tests will be fill-in-the-blank or short answer
and paper-pen.
After one week, all unmade up work is a permanent zero unless prior
arrangements have been made.
If you are absent on the day a major writing assignment, project, or test is
scheduled, the absence must be excused to receive full credit.
There will be some class activities that you have to be present to earn a grade;
it will be excused if the absence is excused, or it will be zero if the absence is
Use of the Chromebooks is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and is a
Inappropriate use of the Chromebooks will result in discipline referrals and
possible loss of privileges.
If a student loses technology privileges, assignments, tests, etc. will have to be
completed on paper. Some alternative assignments may have to be completed
to make-up for electronic-based class activities.