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Cruz 1

Jose Cruz
Ms. Marlowe
Expo P5
4 October 2015

Prompt #4: Contentment

Content is similar to the classic saying of "there is no place like home." That is
to say, a certain area in which an individual finds themselves at ease and content, free
from nuisances and troubles from their current situations. In my point of view content is
a phenomenon in which a person experiences in short and brief periods of time in which
true peace can be obtained, that in which in I acknowledge this short lived content not
in our physical world, but beyond that which is comprehensible and quite possibly the
giver of life, the mind itself.
The mind is truly a wondrous thing, it commonly serves as the main organ in all
prokaryote bodies that controls virtually all aspects of carrying out vital actions and
impulses that carries out the sustainment of life. More importantly, it also gives most
animals and us humans the ability to rationalize concepts and understand facts and other
such practices like common sense. The mind therefore is something that I have my full
regards and respect and is my favorite part of the body for its unlimited potential
capabilities. It does so much for the owner of it without them realizing it, taking the
mind for granted. Without the capability for thought, the need to express communication
and interaction with the environment or socialization would be an irrelevant process,
along with the ability to live. Many objects of our world today would be non-existent if
it were not for those who used their minds to expand upon their understanding of life
and seek towards improving it.
Moreover, back to the topic at hand, there exists various reasons for finding my
comfort within my own mind in contrast to the society currently surrounding us. As
explained before, the mind is such a fantastic tool that is used for the development of
thought and reasoning, that itself is what I find to be extraordinary about it. The other
reason, to put it in a blatant term, is that I am not fond of working or socializing with
most others. So far only a few of those who I have met have no similar thought
processes that I can understand or agree with, the reasoning behind this is that possible
conflicts could arise and hinder any social link we might have had in the first place. It

has also been shown through my academic work and projects that I am much more
capable in overall performance than that with working cooperatively with others. I
suppose this would contribute to my self-stated introversion, but it seems better off this
way. There is also a personal philosophy that I have followed and kept to myself that
goes along the lines of, "If I have nothing relevant or important to say, then why bother
saying it at all?" This also accounts for my lack of vocalization and small attempts to
create conversations unless necessary. A strange occurrence also happens whenever the
opportunity to contribute happens, in which I reveal a portion of my true feelings or
thought upon the subject and it seems to always be in an area of controversy or great
confusion to the popular opinion, in effect giving myself a wrong impression of my
usual behavior and character. This is why I tend to keep to myself honest opinions and
follow the mood of the crowd, too much self dismay. Temptations and distractions also
contribute to the challenge of confronting others, as several ideas and statements clash
that occasionally attempt to persuade me to change opinion in which I believe which is
right. It seems more logical to remain silent than to invoke the frustrations of others.
The only salvation and state of peace is found within my abstract mind and large
sense of imagination. My consciousness acts like a barrier between the outer most region
of my skull and the rest of the world, which negates all outside concerns and paranoia
such as the fear of death and living with the rest of our current society. Usually I am
seen drifting off into nowhere in my classes once I have completed all my assignments
because it gives me an opportunity to plan out my personal plans in life. In other cases I
am often lost in thought questioning all that is in the world and what the reasoning
behind them is. People are the hardest and most common areas in which I put most
thought into. I ponder why some individuals think the way they do or act the way they
are, perhaps influenced by some outside force or internal struggle they are attempting to
resolve or cope with. Other subjects that I think about are the roads not taken, in
context of myself or the world in general. There are some considerable actions although
not severe that I have done that if I had taken an alternate choice, would have allowed
me to evade some particularly nasty moments I have encountered. I attempt to recreate
the world in different versions of itself had it done certain things such as not engaging
in battles or developing new social constructs or react to things differently would it had
been better off, and such other things. The main reasoning for demonstrating such thoughts
is to display that my mind creates distractions for itself to relieve my own self of
common stress and expand upon my own understandings and beliefs of the world
through a more philosophical standpoint. This is how my true content is found, and in
truth my mind is truly that in which belongs solely to my own. That itself is another
case in point, my mind is free to act upon its own will and is exempt of restrictions of
anyone but itself.
The contentment that has been found within demonstrates the truth that in which

I have only a small degree of social outgoings or commitments. Quite frankly I see no
benefits wasting time on things in which will negatively impact my physical body or
perhaps cripple me for the rest of my life. Although may seem quite fearsome and
imposing at a first moments glance, it can be then examined that my true personality is
more timid and reserved contrast to that of my impression, which adds onto the detail
that I am much more introspective than the average person. I tend to care a lot about the
things around me than the self-centered reservation that is implied, most things in life I
find so precious and interesting to let them fall to fault and disparity and much rather
see them in their prime state of being. This also shows my interests for more traditional
values and historic developments that defined new eras and generations. As previously
mentioned, there exists a sense of freedom from within my head that is liberated in all
aspects, the planes of creativity so vast and fun to explore that helps to block out the
judgements and pressures of society in which so much is demanded from an individual
without any consideration for their well-being or personal emotions that draws me further
into my inner spectrum of my mind.
Contentment is varied throughout all of an individual's existence, as for mine it is
found within the core of my person, that is liberated from reality and the contentment to
live life and uphold all that is my true self and it cannot be told otherwise.

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