2010 Editorial Calendar

Issue No.
No. 1/2

Monday Developents Magazine is published 11 times per year.

Issue Date
January/ February

Anticipated Mailing Date
January 22

Featured Articles*
Aid effectiveness Donor and NGO transparency The business-side of aid Food security Family planning Elections and conflict prevention Women’s issues Aid reform Citizen aid worker—making your host country your own Trends in philanthropy Career development advice When bad aid workers undermine good work MDGs—10 down, 5 to go Sustainable post disaster reconstruction Ethical dilemmas in humanitarian assistance Monitoring and evaluation successes and failures NGO space Migration and refugees InterAction Forum 2010 Highlights The changing face of USAID Housing, shelters and settlements Climate change Poverty alleviation Water and sanitation Addressing urban vs. rural poor Security and logistics Does NGO self-policing work? Funding: partnership vs. competition Staff care Child trafficking Continued effects of the global recession

Article Deadline
Dec. 20, 2009

Advertising Deadline
January 1

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February 19

January 25

February 1

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March 19

February 22

March 1

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April 16

March 22

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May 14

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May 1

No. 7


June 18

May 24

June 1

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September 17

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September 1

No. 11


October 22

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October 1

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November 19

October 18

November 1

* Please note that this calendar is for planning purposes only. Content and scheduling may change without notice. Articles to be included in each issue are not limited to the topics listed.

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