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Makayla Safran

Logan p.7
21st century Issues
11 January 2016


Step 2
Some of the major resources in Canada include Grain, wheat, Agricultural products,
Hydro and wind energy as well as the natural resources such as oil and gas. The agricultural
resources are being used as ways to feed livestock as well as the human population. The Hydro
and Wind energy are being used on a daily basis to power houses and buildings as well as
irrigation. The biggest natural resource is exporting the oil, gas and wood. One of the challenges
facing the federal government is to identify and clarify sustainable development issues of
particular importance to Canada, and to acquire the knowledge needed to develop effective
public policies say the Policy Horizons Canada website. Some of the key factors for
sustainability are oil, gas and the steel manufacturing industries as well and meat processing and
wood manufacturing. If any of these industries were to crash Canada would have a huge
sustainability and economic disaster.
Step 3

The current population in Canada is 35,099,836. If I were to make a prediction of the

population by the year 2066 according to my calculations there would be around 65 million
residents. I think the reason that there will be so many residents is because of the economic
opportunities. If people were to move place to place in Canada it would be because of the
economy of service, manufacturing and natural industries. The three largest cities in Canada are
Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. I think the reason people would move would be because of
the Economic Opportunity that would change in the industries, or natural disasters such as a huge
forest fire that would take out most of the wood manufacturing industries. Global warming is
slowing the rate of tree growth as well as increasing mortality rates. Nevertheless if World War 3
were to break out Canada would also be affected in many ways. I dont know of much cultural
diffusion that has effected Canada in a negative way but the ways it has had a positive impact is
by helping the businesses there grow due to the internet and technology.

Step 4
Canada has always been dependent on import and export trade with other nations
economically. Socially they also depend on other nations to grow the heart of their thriving social
culture by travel, music, books, art, and film making. They depend on other nations just as much

politically as they do economically and socially. As Policy Options magazine says Embracing
globalization means giving Canadians the best chance to prosper in a globalized world.
Resistance means creating tax, trade, foreign investment or other barriers (or leaving the current
ones in place). I think that the globalization is good for Canada. The ways that it could be good
is with the foreign investments and trade, the increase of the top industries and a more military

Canada Day is on July 1 and is the biggest celebration of the year.

For my create part of the project I did a drawing of a totem pole. On the totem pole there
are 2 faces, a villager with two fish, and an eagle. The two faces at the bottom of the pole
represent the spirits and ancestors of the land, the villager with two fish represent the residents
and the beauty and resources. The eagle represents intelligence and resourcefulness as well as
curiousness and mischievousness, often misbehaving but never boring.