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Rennaker, Joanne (DEQ) Shekter Smith, Liane (DEQ) Tuesday, November 03, 2015 3:23 PM Busch, Stephen (DEQ); Prysby, Mike (DEQ); Benzie, Richard (DEQ) FW: DRAFT TIMELINE Attachments: Draft Flint Drinking Water Events Timeline 11-3-15.docx For your review/changes/comments. ‘The plan is to attach supporting documentation as Attachments, From: Devereaux, Tracy Jo (DEQ) Sent: Tuestlay, November 03, 2015 2:07 PM To: Shekter Smith, Liane (DEQ) Subject: Edited Thanks, Tracy Jo From: Shekter Smith, Liane (DEQ) Sent: Tuesday, November 03, 2015 1:20 PM To: Devereaux, Tracy Jo (DEQ) Subject: Could you please improve the formatting? Thanks. FLINT DRINKING WATER EVENTS TIMELINE Date Event Attachment Pre-1967 _| Flint Water Treatment Plant in operation using Flint River (see Flint Brochure) Post-1967__| Flint switched to DWSD for drinking water Mid-2000s | Discussions began regarding Karegnondi Water Authority 2009 | KWA Report (need title) | 2014 | Analysis of the Flint River as a Permanent | Water Supply for the City of Flint; Prepared | for: City of Flint. (Provided to DEQ March 2013) April 2013 _| Flint notifies DWSD of contract discontinuation and joins the Karegnondi Water Authority April 2013 | DWSD sets termination of Flint water service contract to April 17, 2014 June 2013 | Karegnondi Water Authority groundbreaking ‘Add Construction Permits here June 2013 | Flint notifies DEQ of intent to use of Flint Water Treatment Plant full time with Flint _| Water i May 2014 _| Flint stops purchasing DWSD water. Starts using the City of Flint WTP and Flint River ‘Aug 2014 | Flint E.Coli Bacteria violation, Localized System Boil Water Advisory ‘Aug 2014 _| Disinfection Byproducts, DEQ requests preemptive Operational Evaluation Sept 2014 _| Flint Total Coliform Bacteria violation, Localized System Boil Water Advisory _ Oct 2014 | General Motors announces decision to stop using Flint water Nov 2014 _| Disinfection Byproducts violation begins FLINT DRINKING WATER EVENTS TIMELINE | 2015 Date Event a Attachment Jan 2015 | 1st 6-month lead and copper sampling completed 100 samples, 90th% = 6 ppb January 21, | City of Flint Public Meeting 2015 i February 26, | E-mail from EPA regarding one high lead 2015 sample. February 27, | E-mail from EPA inquiring about Optimized 2015 Corrosion Control Treatment February 27, | DEQ response (includes misstatement 2015 | regarding Optimized Corrosion Control Treatment). : ‘April 6, 201 | Proposal from Flint regarding installation of Granular Activated Carbon to reduce TTHMs. April 23, EPA e-mail regarding corrosion control 2015 treatment. ‘April 24 and_| DEQ responses regarding corrosion control May 1, 2015 _| treatment : a April 27, EPA provided bottles to 212 Browning for 2015 lead/copper analyses. - : May 6, 2015 | Lead service line replaced at 212 Browning. EPA on-site. EPA retained piece of lead service line. Indicates a report will be ___] fortheor May 27, 2016 | EPA e-mail indicating homes on each side of 212 Browning were sampled (15 samples per house). May 28, 2015 | EPA e-mail regarding results at 212 Browning — all samples ok. June 9, 2016 | 2nd Violation Notice for THM. June 10, Conference call with EPA 2015 June 30, Email from EPA regarding high lead result 2015 and concerns regarding corrosion control. Scheduled conference call for July 21, 2015. June 30, 2nd round of Pb/Cu monitoring concludes. FLINT DRINKING WATER EVENTS TIMELINE to discuss issues with water quality in Flint. Date Event Attachment July 1, 2015 | EPA summary of conference call on June aces op ao1eiee July 9, 2015 | Reporter informs DEQ that EPA draft interim memo is on ACLU website. [July 21, Conference call with EPA. First mention of 2015 alternate interpretation by EPA. EPA indicates will follow up with legal review. July 24, DEQ email determination of 90th 2015 percentile calculation = 11ppb and City of Flint needs to add corrosion control | treatment. if July 28, DEQ received blood Pb level information 2015 from DHHS indicating that results since the switch to the Flint River are consistent with past years seasonal variations. ‘August 4, | Meeting with city representatives at 2015 Governor's office. August 17, | DEQ notifies Flint of Pb/Cu monitoring 2015 | results and requires City to install | corrosion control treatment. (2nd 6-month | lead and copper sampling completed 69 samples, 90th% = 11 ppb) August 23, | DEQ receives first contact from V-T 2015 researcher (Marc Edwards) informing DEQ that he is beginning a study of water quality in Flint and publishing results on website. ‘August 25, | DEQ email to resident (LeAnne Walters) at 2015 212 Browning in follow-up to August 4, 2015 meeting. : ‘August 28, | EPA comment on V-T researcher beginning 2015 study in Flint. is September _| Disinfection Byproducts (TTHM) return to 2, 2015 compliance ‘September | EPA email confirming that DEQ was never 14, 2015 sent the draft June 24, 2015 memo even though it appears that DEQ was cc’d on the document. | September | Meeting with Congressional 24, 2015 representatives, legislators, EPA and DEQ FLINT DRINKING WATER EVENTS TIMELINE Date Event Attachment September | Meeting/Conference call with DHHS, GCHD, 22, 2015 and DEQ to discuss lead education/outreach. Sept 24, Hurley Children’s Hospital data reveals high 2015 lead levels in Flint children September jint issues Lead Advisory 25, 2015, ise Ese nett October State screening results show elevated lead x(check on | levels in Flint schools date for this), 2015 October 1, | GCHD issues “Do Not Drink” Advisory 2015 é _ October 2, | DEQ and DHHS press conference. 2015 Governor's Flint Action Plan announced. October 2, | GCHD school screening samples collected. 2015 October 8, | Governor Press Conference. Flint to 2015 reconnect to Great Lakes Water Authority. October 15, | State Legislature authorizes a $9 million to 2015 assist the City of Flint to pay for the return to the Detroit water system and to fund staff at schools to gauge lead exposure October 16, | First weekly coordination meeting held with : 2018 the City of Flint and state agencies October 16, | DEQ meets with Flint Schools 2015 Superintendent and Genesee County Health | Department - October 16, | Flint switches back to DWSD for water 2015 - October 21, | Governor Snyder announces formation of 2015 Flint Water Task Force to complete an After-Action Review July 2016 _| Planned connection to Karegnondi Water Authority (Lake Huron water to Flint WTP) FLINT DRINKING WATER EVENTS TIMELINE

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