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Share Some More

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Published by Leigh Ellwood
The sequel to Share. Marissa enjoys her friends with benefits arrangement with roommate Nell, but lately the twinge of jealousy makes it difficult to have fun. Between a professor persistent on employing her for dubious acts and her jealousy toward the latest object of Nell's affection, Marissa wonders how much longer she can share herself. Will she stop, or risk it all to share her love with Nell?

Warning: this story features graphic woman on woman sex, voyeurism, and a happy ending.
The sequel to Share. Marissa enjoys her friends with benefits arrangement with roommate Nell, but lately the twinge of jealousy makes it difficult to have fun. Between a professor persistent on employing her for dubious acts and her jealousy toward the latest object of Nell's affection, Marissa wonders how much longer she can share herself. Will she stop, or risk it all to share her love with Nell?

Warning: this story features graphic woman on woman sex, voyeurism, and a happy ending.

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Published by: Leigh Ellwood on Apr 08, 2010
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Share Some More Leigh Ellwood

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Share Some More A Sapphic short by LEIGH ELLWOOD .

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littering the feet of benches and elsewhere in the dirt. she’d sit in the sun on a concrete bench or in the shade of either of the white wooden gazebos. but Marissa wasn’t interested in catching up to him. had poked his head through the space between the door and frame. Brent—in a show of goodwill and preparation for future camaraderie.One “Marissa?” Marissa didn’t hear the door to the graduate students’ shared office open. enjoying a smoke between classes. Sometimes. He smiled at her. Brent stepped onto the platform of the gazebo near the south entrance and waited for Marissa to take a seat. and given the events earlier in the week. Here students often paced the gravel path cut through a myriad of flowers and leafy plants. Marissa didn’t need to guess why the teacher had singled her out. and have a sandwich. Normally a summons to The Garden for a private chat portended bad news. through the carpeted lobby. She followed him down the one flight. She nodded. when she and her roommate Nell didn’t meet for lunch. “Got a minute to sit in The Garden?” he asked. At the moment they were alone. and bit her lip when he disappeared into the hall. “Right behind you. overlooked during rounds of maintenance. She planted herself as far away from him . nicely landscaped area to one side of the graduate school complex. Brent Maxwell. Professor Maxwell insisted all of his students addressed him by his first name—had strolled far ahead of her toward the stairs. Her heart pounded with every movement—from scooting back her chair to grabbing her purse with shaking fingers. She looked up from her notes to see one of her professors.” she said. The only things that spoiled the beauty of the area were the few white cigarette filters. and into The Garden—really a small.

She raced away as fast as possible.” Brent sat up straight and nodded. and you did the right thing. for what you saw the other day—” “No. which cut into the nape of her neck. she closed her eyes briefly and saw only his tight. pale ass bobbing in coitus in between Jennifer DeNunzio’s spread legs. I’m glad you did. you should have.” She wanted to grimace. Brent’s diabetes seemed the least of his worries. He touched the tips of his fingers to his forehead in a nervous gesture. Marissa hoped he hadn’t gotten a full glimpse of her. I shouldn’t have walked in on the two of you.” Marissa warmed slightly to his reassuring smile. other Masters candidates had warned her about “Brent the Bopper” and his insatiable appetite for co-eds. praying all the while the shock of her discovery might fade into distant memory. still unsure of the direction of this conversation. She’d told nobody. People shared laughs. “I was at fault. “Uh. In her first year of graduate studies. I mean. Just so you know. but the idea nauseated Marissa.LEIGH ELLWOOD as possible. I’d want somebody to check. thought to check on it. anyway. and squeeze her eyes shut.” Marissa broke in quickly. of that awkward moment. and as she could trust her friend not to gossip she didn’t expect the story to spread. “I know what happened. save for Nell. Now. When Brent didn’t say anything to her immediately on that day she’d entered his office unannounced to find him having sex with another student on his desk. I want you to know that. As it turned out. You heard something unusual and. as if in prayer. she knew. thanks. leaning back against the wooden railing. “People think we’re not aware of what’s going on. had that actually been a situation where I was having a seizure. but I am. “Yes. first. Brent crossed an ankle over the opposite knee and steepled his hands. “I want to apologize. yes. I’m mad at the people who’ve turned this whole situation into the house joke. who couldn’t help but think of Brent Maxwell’s long-suffering invalid wife. His voice lowered.” His face turned suddenly sour. Linda is not kept 7 . before speaking. No such chance.” “Joke?” Brent’s sexual prowess invoked a prurient interest among the student body. “I’m not mad at you. given my recent health scare with my diabetes. Surely Brent wanted to confirm that.

and if people are too juvenile to accept that.” She wanted to achieve closure. I know I’m nuts just for entertaining the idea.SHARE SOME MORE in the dark about this.” “Yes. slowly. uh. “I know. tough shit.” “Trust me. You know what I mean?” Why are you telling me this? TMI alert! For all she knew. and Marissa plopped back down with a silent sigh. and when she insisted I seek…alternatives…” He exhaled sharply through his nose. I still want to be her husband in every aspect of the word.” Marissa moved to stand.” Marissa added. either. In fact. “I. really…” Brent interrupted her.” Marissa folded her hands in her lap and looked back at the building.” she said instead. but I knew somebody was 8 . then. If Linda was here and lucid. but that’s just not possible. “if we’re done here.” Marissa said.” Brent murmured. and leave and meet Nell in some bar where they could drink away the events of this afternoon. “I was aware of it. “Whatever arrangement you have with your wife. Yes. but it didn’t mean he spoke the truth about her. I have to get back to my work. that’s not my business. she’d tell me I was setting myself up for a world of hurt. though. focusing on a distant flower bush. “this isn’t easy to say. Her illness may prevent us from having a normal sex life. couldn’t he at least spring for a hotel? “So. Can’t speak for Jennifer DeNunzio. right now. I guess I wouldn’t want to be treated like a joke. “I don’t think…she did. she felt greatly annoyed.” “Actually. He took a deep breath and looked away from her.” Forgive me that little lie. though. and I know she loves me. “Well.” Marissa felt weak. but everybody knows about it. “I haven’t told anybody and I don’t intend to.” he continued. We have achieved a compromise. I’m not easily offended. pondering escape. “When you were watching us.” “Okay. Yet. “I hate how some people here continue to incorporate my situation into their own amusement. If the wife permitted him to fool around. I love my wife. “It’s nobody’s business here. and more uncomfortable. she didn’t know the lady. though. Brent could be handing her a line of bullshit about his wife. to say nothing of a fat lawsuit. in Brent’s presence with each passing second.

not looking at her. but did remember the impressive girth of Brent’s cock as it slid easily into Jennifer’s pussy. are you?” “No. watching us. His voice turned desperate. and I do temp work when time allows. “It was. like his whole world hinged on her answer. of course. but…curious. “Brent. I liked being seen.LEIGH ELLWOOD there. Marissa instinctively brought her feet onto the bench and hugged her knees. Marissa remained still and followed his every step. but not enough for her to view him favorably. “You’re not on fellowship. thick cock attached to somebody who knew how to use it. I’ve been there. she still on occasion longed for a nice.” Brent said. I loved it. He sounded neither condescending nor demanding. as if seeking a critique of his performance. She hadn’t intentionally called up the memory until now. I sensed a presence. but I am really disturbed—” Brent appeared not to listen. Professor Maxwell.” Marissa said. “I’m living off student loans. “Did you like what you saw?” Brent asked. Marissa sensed relief within herself that Brent displayed enough decorum not to mention her classmate by name.” Brent swallowed visibly.” Brent said. One point in his favor. He turned to stand over her.” Definitely too much information for her to absorb.” he said. I may not be offended. “Oh. and let out a nervous chuckle. How do I explain this?” Abruptly he stood and paced the gazebo.” What little of it she did see. gentle. Too bad nobody qualified of late to give it to her. “Knowing I was being watched was kind of a turn-on for me. practically walking through them as if they were a holographic image. “I think that orgasm was one of the best I’d enjoyed in years. “Would you like a job?” 9 . “the sight intrigued me.” “Doesn’t leave you with much at the end of the month. I know. I mean.” Marissa confessed. He seemed to block the actions of the phantom fucking couple in her mind. “Well. The question both intrigued and bothered her. Though Marissa expended her sexual energy with Nell these days. Why bring this up? What is the point of this conversation? Get to it! “Did you?” Brent persisted. well. God.

me being there?” she asked. “You know.” She didn’t say it as a question. my walking in on you could’ve been an isolated incident.” “They. Just the hint of contact with her bare flesh sent a queasy sensation through her blood. she should. Maybe you won’t get off so well the next time.SHARE SOME MORE “I don’t know. friends don’t see you. which is usually around lunchtime. but watch and make sure my. you can stay there where you’re not seen. 10 . Marissa tried to maintain a poker face. At least. His thigh barely grazed the open toe of her sandal. “Would the offer of a hundred dollars each time persuade you?” “Each time I watched?” When Brent nodded.” Marissa quivered. You don’t have to do anything.” “We won’t really know unless we try it again. He would have to pay her to watch. expecting an answer. “is be available when I need you. Why did she stay? The offer of money? Ick. “But I think I do know what you want of me now.” Was he insane to ask this of her? Any other person would have run screaming from the gazebo at this man’s request to act as voyeur. Just the thought that Brent entertained multiple students proved too much to process. I don’t think they’d take too kindly to spies. I have a small closet for files in my office. too. A good week could net her five hundred dollars under the table. Brent sat next to her. and Brent waited. tax-free. She wondered if she was the only student in the department he wasn’t fucking. Marissa bit her lip. uh. the professor hadn’t used this situation as leverage to threaten her grades.” he said. actually considering this? This can’t be right. in Brent’s closet. Who didn’t need extra pin money? What the hell am I thinking. Brent watched her for a reaction. The gazebo seemed to shrink around her. “Do you really think it would work. will we?” Brent asked. “All you would have to do. but found with the many thoughts swirling in her mind she knew her face would twist into a goofy expression at any moment.

This whole conversation had confused the hell out of her. She was due in the library five minutes ago to meet her study group. “At least just once. “I think.” Brent’s eyes softened looking at her. “I’ve seen you around.” he said.” Marissa said. and eased toward the closest open arch. “Will you help me?” he pleaded. “And I promise I’ll take full responsibility if somebody does. and sped toward the school building before she caved. fighting the impulse to rush back onto the gazebo and take Brent into a tight hug. She turned back to him and noticed his expression was tinged with disappointment. and I have no kids. “I’m flattered you’d think of me in that respect. if somebody were to see me…” “Nobody will find out. “You don’t really know me.” Brent was firm. and won’t be part of the school grapevine.” “We’ll see. “You act differently from the other people here. This I will make sure stays between us.” Brent smiled. to see. you know. either that or slap him. and she stood to leave.” He looked down and toed a loose board on the platform. “I don’t know.” he added. “I might be more at risk here than you.” she said. “Where are you able to get that kind of money?” she asked. “Business professors are paid rather well.LEIGH ELLWOOD She glanced at her watch.” she began. keeping her voice calm. “Ever get the feeling you can look at someone and feel like you can trust him with anything?” Marissa dug her heels into the dirt.” “Can we really be sure of that?” Marissa asked.” she said. 11 .” “I should go now. Just a lot of disposable income. The smile he offered implied differently. I mean. “You could end up paying me five hundred a week.

“Well. I asked around after he and I talked. “I’d have been perfectly fine to leave it alone. though. Or else show off his big cock. I’ll support you. “Him. too. Who would be that brazen if he’s trying to be discreet?” “Discreet is a hotel room on the other side of town.” Nell said. though.” Nell leaned back and exhaled with a squeal. She wobbled an inch closer on her knees and leaned forward.SHARE SOME MORE Two “You’re kidding. though…” “There must be some truth to it. whatever you want to do. I’m undecided. “just when he can get some. that this turn of events is rather fortuitous since the rent’s going up in a few months. maybe it could be every day. Marissa reached for another slice of pizza. eyes wide. I guess. feet tucked underneath her. but then he offered the money. I’d have to admit.” Nell sat next to her on the couch. Maybe he wanted to get caught to facilitate divorce proceedings. with the door unlocked. And. Hot mozzarella dripped from the limp slice she crammed in her mouth. not your office in broad daylight.” “You’re not a deviant. “A hundred bucks a day to watch him fuck his conquests?” “Well.” Marissa said. I don’t know… Nell shrugged and helped herself to seconds on dinner. since he seems to have an oncampus harem. it wouldn’t be every day. and she rapidly wound it around the narrowest point visible before devouring it.” Marissa waved the comment away. you think? He wants an audience. Whether or not she’s endorsed his behavior. as if she hadn’t heard the whole story correctly. “I’m not. “That’s insane! I thought I was a deviant. Apparently the invalid wife story isn’t a lie.” Marissa cringed once again at the memory. What’s that look?” 12 .

Marissa preferred not to take on any labels. “Don’t I know it!” **** After completing some required reading for classes. when Nell discovered her roommate pleasuring herself with a vibrator.” Nell said with a straight face. and felt no jealousy toward Nell’s male lovers. and dared a squeeze to Nell’s knee. then an hour break to watch a favorite show. clad in a tight pair of gray sweatpants.” “Actually. the two had quickly taken their relationship to the friends with benefits stage. Since their first coupling nearly six months ago. Both women remained attracted to men—with Nell enjoying their company often—but Marissa limited her Sapphic activities to nights like these with her closest friend. “Always helps to be prepared. “Up for a bit of activity later?” “Why do you think I’m having two slices tonight?” Nell winked. thank you. presented like a grainy stag film.” A brief flash of her conversation with Brent Maxwell illuminated behind Marissa’s closed eyelids.” Marissa laughed.” Marissa grinned. she didn’t want to know about it. She loved the freedom they accommodated each other. 13 . followed by yet another image of his fucking Jennifer on his desk.LEIGH ELLWOOD Marissa cast her roommate a wicked grin. Marissa watched the gentle sway of Nell’s ass. as the young woman disposed of the garbage. however. “You can’t tell me you wouldn’t jump at the chance if offered it.” “I do know that. “You’re the one who usually wears me out!” Nell gathered up the balled napkins and paper plates and threw everything into the pizza box. which she carried to the kitchen. “You never know what’s going to happen. “I need my strength. I wouldn’t. Marissa and Nell prepared for bed and settled—nude and ready—under Nell’s sheets. “I’d prefer to participate. While Nell identified herself as bisexual. If her friend dabbled with other women.” Nell sang. and hoped it wasn’t the case anyway.

She traced the areola before pursing her lips around the thick bud. however… Gently she eased Nell back so that she sat on the bed facing her. Marissa untangled herself and stretched out one leg to overlap Nell’s.” Marissa pulled back and cupped one of Nell’s tits. Her lover picked up on Marissa’s intent and guided herself into the scissor position. She could watch Nell all day long. “Nice. and heat pooled low in her core. Together they moaned and bucked their hips to join their pussies. yes. she savored the taste of chocolate mint on her lover—remnants of the candy they’d shared after dinner.SHARE SOME MORE If ever asked. Each direct hit shot liquid fire through her.” Marissa planted the heels of her hands on the bed and twisted her lower body so that her bare pussy pressed against Nell’s. curved in all the right places and warm against her own skin.” she purred. kissing her partner deeply and stroking Nell’s bare hip. Much as she loved the sight and sensation of Nell’s tongue swiping down her nether lips. then raised it to her mouth for a long. but did this mean she was also in love with her? Marissa pondered this internally as she lay twined in Nell’s arms. which became evident after a minute of grinding. With Nell’s thigh wedged between her legs. She eased closer and her ample breasts brushed against Marissa’s tightened nipples. “Isn’t this better than watching?” “Survey says.” Nell said. Marissa couldn’t explain her feelings in that respect. “Mmm. swiveling to allow her clit the friction it needed to guide her to orgasm. Much as she wanted to hold back and stretch the moment. Nell broke free of their kiss to nibble a trail down Marissa’s jaw. Marissa ground slowly against her. slow lick. the pending orgasm 14 . Given the rough day she’d endured. she wanted to end on a high. Marissa grew wetter with each stroke. deep in her throat. Their mouths parted and tongues mating in sensual play. lasting note. Right now. She loved Nell. the electric friction created as they rubbed their clits together sparked a prolonged ecstasy that she craved. She couldn’t get enough of Nell’s body—soft and sleek. “Haven’t done this in a while. For a second she felt tempted to take back her earlier assessment.

and longed to lunge forward and kiss every inch. Besides. her luscious skin shining in the moonlight filtering through the lace curtains of Nell’s bedroom. Marissa kissed behind her ear. Instead. Marissa watched the lines of Nell’s body.” she said. “I guess you just excite me too much. Why spoil the afterglow by digging this up? “I still haven’t said yes to playing sex spy anyway. let’s come together. Two or three more hits stood to finish her. Marissa arched her back and kissed her pussy once more to Nell’s.LEIGH ELLWOOD threatened to take away her willpower. “Don’t worry about it.” Ugh. too. I think I’d feel a bit insulted that he didn’t seem interested in me. with both women steering the rest of the way by fingering each other. and offered one last bump as the first wave washed over her. A flying foot crossed her line of vision and she turned to see Nell curling over to raise herself on her knees. “Yes.” “You won’t do it?” “I know we could use the money. maybe he’ll drop it after a while. and seemed to settle in for the night.” Nell’s voice pitched high. proved distracting as white exploded behind Marissa’s eyes and caused her to lose balance.” she said. “is why Brent the Bopper wouldn’t just proposition you? I mean. “One thing I don’t get. “I’m like you. She could see on Nell’s face. Marissa rubbed Nell’s clit furiously. all the while dipping her thumb into her lover’s soaking core. snuggling close.” Marissa said.” They shared a giggle over that. About a minute or so later. Nell crashed as well. Nell’s attention to her pussy. “I’m sorry if it seemed too quick. “Good. breathing slowly to regain enough strength to sit. but it doesn’t feel right. however.” Marissa pressed her cheek against Nell’s shoulder and twined their legs. that her partner didn’t have much strength left. I don’t feel insulted by it.” she added. Spooning her close. Her head fell back and no more sound issued from her open mouth. she maneuvered back under the rumpled sheets and gestured for Nell to join her. Why only watch?” 15 . Nell broke the silence. I’m never disappointed with you.” “Same. “You close?” The question ended in a gasping hiss. She lay back with her arms over her head and dangling off the bed.” “I don’t know.

Our present arrangement excluded. though she knew she shouldn’t be surprised. Who’s the lucky guy?” Nell looked away. “I met somebody at the Rat today.” Marissa had to chuckle at that.” “Oh. whom I’m interested in. Perhaps.” “Then I suppose this is okay. It affected Nell enough to interrupt her train of thought. staring at each other in the dark.” she said. turning to face her. she attracted men like flies to butter. “Okay…well.” Nell moaned. “Whatever happened to Cole?” “Over and done with. going to vet school. knowing well her friend’s partiality toward breasts. 16 . ready to fall out of those tight scoop-neck shirts they make the girls at the Rat wear. She reached up to fondle one of Nell’s. Just you wait. “Oh. She probed for her lover’s slick entrance and began finger-fucking her in earnest. “She’s a waitress there.” “There’s a suggestion I can get behind. faces on pillows. she pondered. Nell had that quality about her—with her gorgeous dark hair and dynamite figure.” Nell’s voice took on a dreamy. faraway tone. “You’re gonna kill me. Beautiful tits. either. “Carly.SHARE SOME MORE “What if he asked you to join in?” “I’m not one for sharing. Marissa then dipped low to capture a nipple between her teeth. applying pressure as her tongue swiped the sensitive skin. The two lay on their sides. Nice ass. You just want to suck on them for days. Marissa raised an eyebrow.” Marissa’s heart deflated. As much as she had mentally prepared herself for this eventuality.” “Speaking of which…” Nell shifted in Marissa’s embrace. Marissa compounded her attack by slipping her hand between Nell’s thighs. She worried the bud gently. She’s funny and quick-witted. Lush and round. she could tease Nell to the point where Carly turned into a fanciful memory. really?” “Yeah.” Easing away to roll Nell onto her back. what’s she like?” “Amazing. the sting proved strong all the same.

” Nell said. but a part of her hoped she’d be the only woman for a while. “I was thinking of inviting her over Friday night. And those tits…” “I get it. At least through graduation. “You know how I am about that. “I like that we can live comfortably and enjoy really hot sex. “What? No.LEIGH ELLWOOD No dice. Neither one planned to register at Macy’s once the state legalized gay marriage.” Nell continued. “We have this…deal. Still. I’m not looking for the long haul right now. “I don’t intend to spoil it by bringing love into the mix. She’s well-read and likes hiking. Nice to have it confirmed that she held some importance in her roommate’s existence. Her intimate time with Nell.” No need to have this discussion again. then her face softened.” She grinned.” Marissa sighed. which suits me fine. 17 . Marissa lifted her head to see Nell had closed her eyes and quickly drifted away. too. “Her tastes in music and movies run with ours. why did Nell’s interest in this Carly bother her? “I’m not going to move out. Marissa didn’t expect to live life as Nell’s one and only. “You’ll like Carly.” Nell said. didn’t require the presence of another woman. and Marissa couldn’t help but respond in kind. sweetie. forcing Marissa to relinquish her hold on her lover. nodding as though she’d settled everything. Marissa pulled away entirely from Nell but didn’t roll over. save for the special kind I have for you. No!” Nell sat up abruptly. While their arrangement permitted both women to invite playmates to the apartment. if that’s what you’re thinking.” Liar. She imagined Nell wouldn’t be serious about bringing this Carly person over unless… “Do you love her?” The words sounded foreign coming from her lips.” That stopped Marissa cold. anyway. “I mean. Marissa had only seen men cross the threshold. “How’d you manage her life story with one visit to the Rat?” Silence.” Marissa laughed and snuggled closer.” Nell settled back into bed. with you and me…” “I know. or replace you with her. “I wasn’t thinking that. she’d assumed.

She wondered if Nell dreamed now.SHARE SOME MORE “Right. Marissa draped an arm around Nell’s bare waist and followed her friend with benefits into an uneasy slumber. and if she did.” Sighing. whose skin did she fondle and kiss. 18 .

she swore she heard murmurs and realized a bit too late—judging from the passing stares—that she talked to herself. was situated in the lower level of the student center. Daisy Duke style shorts. and classes and advisor appointments filled Nell’s day schedule. The Rat. Marissa found the rest of her week free. convinced the internal conversation with herself had threatened to become vocal. Illness of two of its members had forced her study group to postpone meeting. Marissa took advantage of the downtime with a morning of shopping…and lunch at the Rat. Now she suffered from envy and Tourette’s. the abbreviated moniker for the campus Ratskeller.LEIGH ELLWOOD Three With two days until the dreaded Friday. and it served as the only place at school where a student of legal drinking age could order beer. That Nell hadn’t thought to keep the girl a secret assuaged her fears somewhat— she liked that her roommate felt comfortable enough to remain open about her desires. but she wanted to see for herself what about her attracted Nell. and when Marissa happened by late into the lunch hour on that Wednesday afternoon she had no difficulty finding an empty booth. faculty and grad students made for the majority of the Rat’s patronage. Consequently. There one could enjoy an extensive menu of fried delights and pizza. and flesh-colored tights 19 . Nice. right? Then why bring it up? Why meet another woman? Marissa had to pause on a mall park bench for air. Skin-tight shirts with deep-cut necks to accentuate the bosom. Better that Nell be upfront rather than feel the need to sneak around with another woman—it showed she did care for Marissa. She would meet this Carly eventually. On the way to her car. Left to pursue her own mischief. The Rat’s servers—primarily female—wore uniforms not unlike those seen on waitresses at sports bars or chicken wing chains.

Marissa understood why Nell liked to eat here. none other. Welcome to the Rat. her shapely bust and bottom. too. Watching a pair of beauties pad past en route to the kitchen. “Hey.” The announcement sounded not so much like a come-on. but gliding gracefully from table to table as the young woman checked on diners. light brown hair framed a heart-shaped face that beamed a smile brighter than the neon beer advertisements hanging on the opposite brick wall. Bingo. “Diet Coke is good. Marissa expected to just know immediately. 20 . Keeping an eye out for a smiling face and a pair of sensational tits proved a chore—both waitresses in sight looked hot. laminated menus leaning against the wall by the napkin dispenser. Soon.” She didn’t bother consulting the thin. The young women didn’t wear nametags. “and I’ll just have it with the cheeseburger and chips combo. However this Carly impressed Nell to rise to the top of the pack. As the two servers pushed past the swinging doors to the kitchen. but more of an endearment passed on from babysitter to a child. She wondered what pet name the server reserved for Nell. and I’m taking care of you today. Marissa surmised. both perfectly proportioned and supported on long legs that gave the impression of not walking. “What are you drinking. Holy shit. This had to be Carly. instead eyeing the specials chalkboard by the bar. Carly’s sweet-tea Southern twang implied to Marissa that the girl definitely wasn’t native to this northern university. I’m Carly. sweetie. Long. hon?” she asked. Carly laid down a thick napkin roll containing Marissa’s silverware.” she finally stammered. and a straw encased in its paper wrap. Bless her luck for choosing the object Nell’s desire’s station. and a lump lodged in her throat. a third waitress emerged.SHARE SOME MORE completed an ensemble guaranteed to arouse even the stodgiest of professors come to enjoy the daily blue plates. she neared Marissa’s booth. Everybody’s a hon or sweetie or sugar pie to this one. so she didn’t think she would spot Carly on sight. Marissa noticed right away.

“Been a two steps forward. easily clued in to the content by the oneword subject header. Shame. I know it’s your night to cook.” Marissa had difficulty keeping the giggle from her voice. She doubted other grad students around the country had to deal with a missive titled Well? from their major professors. What did Nell order when she came here? “Be up in a sec. Marissa closed her e-mail client and moved to call up her Facebook account when a chirping ringtone signaled a call from Nell. She should have majored in drama. “What’s up?” “I can tell you what’s not. arms around each other’s shoulders and toasting the night with large plastic tumblers. As she waited for her meal. chick. recalling the party where the photo had been taken. She called me. Marissa idled the time away checking her e-mail on her smart phone. “You want barbeque or plain?” “Plain. Miss Hot Pants. Take that.” An exaggerated groan sounded over the line. She skipped over a message from Brent. white teeth to the growing list of Miss Perfect’s attributes. foaming beer droplets splashing over the rims. my mood. The tight getup certainly made up for the lack of showiness for the foot fetishists. and only now Marissa noticed the waitress wore white socks and athletic shoes over her tights. but she could understand why a waitress working a full shift would opt for comfort. Add two rows of perfectly straight. or 21 . The woman had legs meant for spike heels. The events following…now that couldn’t be displayed anywhere. you sure made my job easier. She’d seen enough of it for one week. please.” “No problem. The screen filled quickly with a photo of the two of them smiling for the camera. Maybe they’d come in a sealed bag she could take home for Nell. Marissa paused a moment before answering. just wanted to let you know I’ll be in late.” Marissa didn’t care much for potato chips. “Hey.” Carly grinned down at her.” Carly trotted away.LEIGH ELLWOOD “Well. Would you rather I kept something warm. three back kind of day. but the combo with fries cost more than she had in cash.

I’ll call when I’m on my way. No need to ask where Nell might stop for dinner. too. I’ll be back in a bit to check on you.” Marissa felt the smile in Nell’s voice. if you don’t mind waiting I could pick up something on the way home.SHARE SOME MORE should I fend for myself?” “Either way. “Can I get you anything for the burger?” she asked. thanks. curious to know if the server had seen the image onscreen. however. Warmed by unspoken endearments. Marissa wished at that moment for telepathic powers—the waitress proved a challenge to read clearly. The chips came loose and glistened under the low hanging lamps in all their salty.” She looked up to see Carly had arrived with her lunch. “You know what I like. The more she thought about it. broke her concentration. Marissa ate slowly. I’ll have a small snack if you get some subs. “Some hot mustard?” “I’m good. eying the long list of hot and cold sandwiches. how now she directed her envy toward Nell. Carly set down the plate.” “That’s fine. Marissa quickly pocketed her phone. dressed with lettuce and a tomato slice. 22 .” “You’re welcome. From the way she raised her eyebrow. the stronger the jealousy raged. “Oh. The soft gasp from behind her.” Marissa reached for the menu and flipped to the back. “Looks great. Funny. Carly either thought Marissa an easy rival to overthrow…or else a potential good time.” Carly nodded and walked away. but not without a last look over her shoulder. though.” Marissa lifted the top bun. Given the way the waitress’ lush bottom swayed.” Nell said. transfattening goodness. Marissa didn’t doubt Carly could provide a good time. and slapped it on the patty. she rang off but called up the photo for one last look. and followed with her gaze Carly’s roundabout trek toward the kitchen.” “Cool. The curious twist of Carly’s pouty lips implied perhaps she had. “Or.

and Marissa wondered if he took her prolonged silence to mean she wasn’t interested in watching him fuck his conquests. wrapped it with a paper towel. she retrieved her piping hot toaster tart. and the apple Marissa ate two hours earlier had worn off. Neither girl had a phone for the apartment’s land line—not needed since they used cable Internet and smart phones—so she’d just cut off their only channel of communication. the compensation dangling before her tempted her greatly.LEIGH ELLWOOD Four By nine o’clock Nell hadn’t called. Disappointed. Marissa enlarged the show screen and lowered the volume. Fitting fare considering her dilemma.” she muttered. “Damn. In truth.” For all she knew Nell had tried to ring her. she soon discovered as the commercial break ended to reveal a scene involving one character spying on a couple making love. Finding no viable alternatives for her viewing pleasure. the thought of extra cash in pocket for little work on her part was difficult to turn away. finding no messages. pondering the events of the week. She nibbled on the frosted strawberry treat. studying the contents of their cabinets for her options. She checked all outlets. While she figured she could convince her parents to help with the rent. hell. Her stomach growled for sustenance and she sought relief in their apartment’s tiny kitchen. What would she do with five hundred bucks a week? 23 . “Drama. and returned to her TV show. and mashed a remote button to study the onscreen television guide. She settled on an iced toaster pastry and was waiting for the bell on the small oven to sound when she realized she’d turned her phone off while at the Rat. while the idea unsettled her. I should write screenplays instead. Brent awaited his answer still.

24 . Marissa couldn’t be angry—having endured similar marathon study sessions. She supposed she could sock some of it away in preparation for paying back her school loans. Damn. Marissa tried to understand. and understood the terms of their relationship. as she prepared for bed. her thoughts turned back to the campus eatery and the luscious waitress who plucked Nell’s heartstrings. and that it upset her to learn that it happened with Carly and not her. Like her roommate. full lips pursed around a bud. Nell’s included other women. Why the prospect of Carly and Nell together bothered her. dinner probably wasn’t on the agenda. “Ugh!” Much as she didn’t want to say the word. For a splurge night. or else her clit. raising goose bumps as her fingers gently trailed over the curves and down her belly. Whatever Nell had going on. So. Marissa wondered if she interpreted Nell’s admission as a confession— that Nell indeed had tender feelings for this person. Marissa undressed before the bathroom mirror and caressed her breasts. and her nipples tightened at the thought of those pouty. leaving it on the coffee table. she sympathized completely. Yet. She switched off the TV and surrounding lights. Sharing Nell didn’t bother her. she didn’t feel at all sleepy. She shouldn’t be disturbed that Nell wanted to bring the young woman home. After her first time with Nell. she’d be angry at Nell for not coming home now to relieve this pent-up sexual frustration rather than for not calling.SHARE SOME MORE Marissa lived frugally and didn’t want for much. she could always buy the house a round at the Rat. she enjoyed the play time they shared. and yet… Was it because Nell had confided in her about Carly? She hadn’t done that with any of the men she took to bed. well. That had to be it. but she’d turned suddenly horny. Images of the voluptuous Carly floated behind her eyelids when she closed them. and in a small way Marissa had hoped she meant something special to her friend regardless. Sharing her love. pinching and pulling at her sensitive skin. however… Marissa finished the toaster pastry and balled up the paper towel. the roommates disclosed their sexual histories to each other. deciding to take whatever Nell brought home to school tomorrow as lunch.

and rather than revel in the pleasure she fought back a pang of sadness. and moved into her bedroom for the one thing that could help. Marissa retrieved the vibrator and lay back in bed. Still horny. she would accept the present and hang on for the ride. but not alone. deliberately missing her clit. With or without Carly. She shut off the vibe and set it on the nightstand. During solo and joint play. and how they shared the vibrations to their mutual satisfaction. Her pussy ached for equal attention. How she wanted Nell here. Nell interrupted and joined in. She longed to come. Nell had taught her to share. Her trusty little toy—a translucent blue. rough swipe up her slick pussy lips. she craved a lasting orgasm to get her through the night. Sleep claimed her eventually. the desire to finish the job faded. yet fitfully. She set the toy to a low setting and circled the humming tip around one areola. One incidental tap on her clit showered sparks behind her eyes. 25 . Marissa didn’t know how long she’d been out when a loud thump alerted her to another presence in the house. Nell had come to her this way—intrigued while watching Marissa masturbate with this very toy. plowing headfirst into whatever the future held for them. her lover. but Marissa obliged herself only with a brief. Bleh. remote controlled vibe in the shape of a dolphin—sat in her nightstand. Marissa smiled at the memory of their coupling. After the other nipple received adequate attention.LEIGH ELLWOOD At least…she thought briefly. Two people. yes. and more than anything right now she wished to share herself with her friend. delighting in the electric sensation pulsing over her skin. then pulled her covers over her. the bottle-nosed blessing did the trick. Marissa dipped the dolphin between her folds while she spread her cleft further with her free hand. she soon realized from the voices. Much as she wanted relief.

Deciding that to be the case. Perhaps Nell put her lips to work elsewhere. It had to be Carly out there with her—who else? Nell had mentioned Friday. hence the silence.” The other person spoke. Her roommate did. “I really wanted you guys to meet. “Damn it. She wondered about Nell’s companion—probably somebody from her study group for a prolonged session.” Marissa heard Nell loud and clear through her bedroom door. Nell. Marissa’s heart sank at the thought. “Hello there. she padded down the hall under the pretense of retrieving some aspirin from the kitchen. Marissa sat up to listen better. Curiosity held her tightly. but sleep failed to overtake her. prickling her nerves and itching her skin to the point she rose from bed to seek some relief. one could whisper and reveal secrets. but with her head against the pillow Marissa didn’t catch all the words.” she heard her roommate say. bring guests home for non-sexual activity.” 26 . however. she detected. didn’t seem interested in discretion tonight. and thought at least her friend would have the decency to give her advanced warning as she did when she brought home men. on occasion. with a softer voice. Female. she rested back against her pillow to resume sleep. Throwing on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. With the paper thin walls. but with the knots tied in her stomach she wondered how far she’d get before the queasiness moved up to her heart. She hoped to pull off a decent expression of surprise when she caught Nell. She turned away from the door and squeezed her eyes shut. but the conversation appeared to have ceased.SHARE SOME MORE Five “She must be asleep.

Nell shook away her windbreaker. and moved toward the couch where she sat at one end. sorry to come in so late. but what about afterward? Did they expect her to just pad back to her home while they fucked? The rumble of hunger twisted into queasiness. “Plenty for everybody. trust me. and how could she broach a subject she wasn’t sure had been discussed? Marissa supposed she should be flattered the two thought of her while bringing home food. Nell went to get them.” Marissa yawned. I wasn’t sleeping just now. and Nell’s breathless greeting interrupted and surprised her. you’re up. “Hey. She didn’t know what the young woman and Nell had planned for tonight. dressed a bit more conservatively now in low-slung jeans and a white peasant blouse.” she began. “No problem. switching the six-pack of beer between hands as she did so.” Carly crooked her neck toward the kitchen. Cool. The waitress.” Marissa caught the beer can tossed in her direction. They’re much better than the fries.” “Sounds good.” Carly was saying. she backed slowly toward the hallway. Carly crossed one leg over the other. wiggling perfectly painted red toenails in her chunky-heeled sandals. where Marissa saw on the counter two white paper bags. Rather than sit. The faint stench of grease wafted closer and her stomach growled in response. Suddenly the idea of onion rings this late didn’t appeal to Marissa. but waited a few beats before popping the top. She crossed her arms tightly over her breasts and glanced around the room.” Marissa nodded. suddenly self-conscious about her ragamuffin appearance. “maybe I should just—” She didn’t hear the front door open. “Actually.LEIGH ELLWOOD Carly discovered her first. and laid the jacket on the stool by the counter. but not necessarily next to Carly on the couch.” Marissa said. She didn’t want the added humiliation of winning an involuntary wet t-shirt contest. “Where’s Nell?” “We left the drinks in the car. “We were hoping you’d be awake. “We just grabbed some hamburgers and rings. and looked around for a place to sit—close enough to continue conversation.” she said. stood by the mantle studying the various knickknacks. “If you can call it that. On second 27 .

but really didn’t. when you were at the Rat earlier I thought it was. implied more curiosity than anxiousness for Marissa to make herself scarce. now occupied with the magazine covers on the coffee table. possessive kiss? To show Carly who was boss? Could Marissa claim that title? “I’m tired. “You remember what we were kinda talking about the other night?” she then asked.” the other woman broke in. I thought why wait ’til Friday. then getting to finally see you…” she smiled wickedly. and looked square into Nell’s eyes. “I remember what you said. her voice low in Marissa’s ear. close to Marissa. stay here with us.” Marissa lied. I don’t mean to be rude…” “No. as though to hug her knees. Yet. why did they soften so. “When Nell stopped by to pick up some food. Damn. and the onset of warmth that tingled her skin. She glanced at Carly. when the curvy brunette’s gaze darted upward to check on them Marissa wondered if she waited out some kind of rehearsed dialogue. Busted. though. “And I have an early class tomorrow. Marissa shivered slightly at her friend’s touch. who could only offer a sheepish smile in response. Carly uncrossed her legs and sat forward. and Marissa’s body cried silently in reaction—her nipples tightened and ached. I mean. like.SHARE SOME MORE thought. “I guess I couldn’t wait that long. it’s my fault.” Here Nell arched an eyebrow at Marissa.” She leaned to one side to address Carly. Nell moved into the living room.” “I see. I heard talking and came out to see what was going on…” “What? No. a sign or something.” Marissa said. “Hearing Nell talk about you these last few weeks. Nell seemed to idly stroke one hand up and down Marissa’s arm. and why did she want to grab Nell by the back of her neck and pull her into a rough.” Marissa murmured. “I’m sorry. It took another concentrated gaze into her friend’s face to realize Nell’s true motive. 28 .” The food and beer forgotten. why add alcohol to this equation? She set the beer on the coffee table. “I was just heading back to bed. her heart melting down to her toes. The look on her face.

Nell shrugged and nodded.LEIGH ELLWOOD “We both really would like for you to join us. “Why are you acting all put off by this? You can’t tell me you’re not the least bit turned on. and smirked. and this time Marissa knew her roommate wasn’t talking about dinner. looking so incredibly kissable. her voice a tinny hiss. Marissa asked. “You liked what you saw. too. then excused herself from Carly’s company. “Why?” “Why what?” “Why would you think I’d be interested in another woman? 29 . “You haven’t set foot in the Rat the entire time you’ve gone to school. “Nell. Marissa imagined a weight lifting from her chest. The other woman let out a deep chuckle as if to say. Closer to Nell’s bedroom. “Could I have a word in private first?” she asked. “Ah. Before Nell could crow any more. however.” Nell said.” Marissa let the word stretch for a few syllables before checking Carly’s reaction. Nell. “First you tell me you’re interested in this girl.” “And curious. She pointed back down the hall. she supposed. what is going on here?” she demanded. “I got hungry.” “Turned on? By being shanghaied into sex with a stranger. Nell leaned against the threshold to her room. Marissa looked away to avoid the temptation. The waitress waved them off and reached for a magazine. Why?” Marissa’s stomach flipped. folded her arms. rending Marissa speechless for a long moment. and not until I mention meeting a girl there you have lunch there. now you got it.” Nell nudged Marissa playfully with her shoulder. but as for whether or not she’d actually get some depended on how soon she could clarify this situation with Nell…without anybody else within earshot. Better to plead the fifth than lie. appeared to see through the masked expression she attempted. and now I’m supposed to be under the impression you brought her home for me?” “You. allowing her to breathe. after what I told you about Brent the Bopper?” Nell pushed out her lower lip.” Nell clarified. didn’t you?” Marissa said nothing. Indeed.

“Maybe then I meant the toy. I think you haven’t felt that way about anybody else. “Care to explain it to me. and your smile…when I think I brought that level of happiness on you I want to burst.” Marissa cupped Nell’s shoulder. and looked back down the hall.” she said instead. Not once. perhaps…” Nell’s bobbed from side to side. Shouldn’t she call those shots without interference? “I thought. or of intent.” “I don’t get it. “When we make love. yearning to relieve the ache. but since we’ve enjoyed each other these last few months I guess I wanted to share other things with you. “I don’t know. She wanted to better understand her friend and lover’s rationale behind inviting a third party. “How could I not want to share this passion we have?” Nell said. but the notion irked Marissa.” Marissa shook her head. then smiled. share you.” Marissa knew she must be blushing now. and maybe old habits are hard to break—” “I understand. “You get this look in your eyes like you can see something other-worldly. Nell was.” Marissa broke in.SHARE SOME MORE Did I say or do anything to give you that impression?” Maybe.” Nell said. The spark ignited at the contact set the heat in her pussy to a boiling point—Marissa pressed her thighs together. her roommate sought to give her more experience in Sapphic pleasures? An interesting thought. as though shaking together the right words in her brain to produce a coherent explanation. since the two never officially sealed a commitment. had Nell spoken this way to her. Nell being her first and only. How could she forget? Nell leaned closer so that she barely brushed against Marissa. “Well. Carly’s hot. Apparently. then?” “The way you talked about us just now. you’re so beautiful. She couldn’t accuse Nell of cheating. then smoothed her hand along her roommate’s 30 . Their first time. surprised to hear the words. too. Her eyebrows shot up nearly to her hairline. “remember when I first saw you playing with that damned dolphin toy?” Marissa snorted. “I teased you about sharing. Mar. though.” Nell whispered. even at the height of passion.

uh. she inspired Nell to maintain fidelity to her. “It’s a record. To think. since I don’t experience it much. nothing more. adding a third can be fun. she looked crestfallen. She looked into her lover’s eyes. “I’m sorry. I just…wasn’t interested anymore. “Study buddies. “I have to tell you something. but it’s not for everybody. and the glassy softness there caused her to swell with happiness.” she said.” Nell tightened her lips into a straight line. “I look at the two of you together. the admission overjoyed her.” Nell said quickly. Despite her lovely smile.” Nell shook her head.” Marissa found it difficult to look at Carly. “It’s not that I don’t think you’re attractive.” “I’m flattered. Fuck that. I’ve seen them.” “You’re right about me being scared. I don’t believe I’m the one to ask.” Nell slammed back against the opposite wall and Marissa gasped. I haven’t had a. and I’m sure Nell was interested at 31 . I guess I’ve been faithful. Not that I didn’t think about it.” “But men have been here. “That rarely portends good news.” “Depends on how you look at it. enough to convince yourself that you need to incorporate what we have more into your old routine so everything balances out. “All those times in the last few months I said I was meeting a guy…never happened. “All this time.” Marissa’s heart depleted and sagged deep into her chest. She knew she’d disappointed the woman. “What?” “I haven’t been with man at all since you and I…shit. legs crossed at the ankles and leaning against the wall. I enjoy the hell out of it. She looked back toward the living room.” “Ask me then.” Marissa said on a short laugh. “Could be.” The weight lifted and Marissa could breathe again.” she said. relationship go this long. Yeah. relieved they hadn’t aroused suspicion for the noise. “So this is love?” Marissa asked softly.” Nell smiled. too.” Both women whirled toward the voice. then said.LEIGH ELLWOOD collarbone and neck. “Maybe it scared you. Carly stood not a foot away. but I don’t think it’s for you guys. up higher to caress her cheek. “and I can see there’s more here than friendship with bennies.

” “I don’t need to leave so soon. either. “you don’t need to be out by yourself. Marissa quivered at the contact. Marissa knit her brows together. Their hands clasped together and squeezed. had in mind. and Nell her bra.” “Still.” Carly broke in.” “Oh. the thrill enhanced all the more knowing that Carly proved a willing audience. I wish there was something I could do to make up for bringing you all the way out here for nothing. and she equally ready to exhibit. “Well. you know that. I’m not mad. canting her one side.” Marissa said. “it’s okay. now licking her lips in anticipation. “I have to admit I’m a bit jealous. Both had shed their shirts. already in tune to what Carly. their breasts crushed together and their tongues hungrily dueling. I don’t live but down the block. **** With the coffee table repositioned out of the way and Carly resting on the couch. It’s been a while since somebody acted so tender toward me. “In a different way. this time smoothing down her backside. “What do you mean?” “Are you still interesting in sharing?” Carly said. but didn’t step forward to appease their guest.” Nell said. Carly. parting reluctantly from Nell’s side.” As though to prove her point. though?” Nell’s touch found Marissa again.” Marissa sensed Nell moving closer to her. and now gyrating against each other. Nell and Marissa took to the soft living room carpet.” Carly’s suggestion confused her. honest. Sometimes you need to be right in front of something to realize it’s what you truly want. Marissa felt her pussy flood with desire as she kissed her lover. she laughed.” Here Carly offered them a wicked smile. but as Carly cooed her approval of Marissa grinding into Nell her 32 . I’m not that inconvenienced. “This whole thing has me mixed up.SHARE SOME MORE one point…” “Please. Funny how odd it seemed to spy when she’d walked in on her professor. “I feel like shit.

Propped on her elbows. “Fuck yeah. displaying her moist pussy. She wanted nothing more to have Nell’s tongue lap at her nether lips. she craved release now. She toyed with the nipple while Marissa stripped off her panties and spread both legs before Nell. but found her body betrayed her. They shed the rest of their clothing quickly. and how they seemed to darken when aroused.” Nell whispered. Dipping lower to catch a nipple between her teeth.” Carly murmured. she could barely support herself. “Nice. She tore her lips from Nell’s only briefly to glance at the waitress. she moaned into Nell’s skin and relished the reaction it brought. Carly echoed her desire to see just that. and for a moment Marissa wanted to see more her. then began a slow. though Carly merely lowered her jeans a bit more and adjusted her blouse to leave one breast bared. Marissa tried to watch herself. With a grin. whose hand had dipped below the band of her unzipped jeans to fondle her pussy. truly watch the young woman pleasure herself to her own ecstasy. “You gonna make me come?” she breathed once free of sucking on the taut peak. After a few seconds she acquiesced and lay back to better appreciate Nell’s oral giving.” Nell cried. Her clit throbbed with the friction against Nell’s thigh. Marissa’s heart lifted and her pussy flooded with her own desire. Nell needed no further prompting. noting the ripeness of Nell’s distended nipples. Marissa arched her head back and gasped her approval. swirling rhythm that teased all the right spots. She looked down at her lover. she lowered her face to Marissa mound and proceeded to lick from clit to core and back again. Sounding distant. Then Nell’s hands plunged beneath the band of Marissa’s pajama shorts and squeezed her ass. worn down by Nell’s aggressive lovemaking.” “You wanna lick my pussy? Drink me deep inside?” “I want your taste on me to last. and kissed her hard. “Want to taste you now.LEIGH ELLWOOD senses enlivened. 33 . but first she teased her friend with a casual stroke of the other breast.

” Carly said. yet the expression on Carly’s face was one of pure delight. Her heart beat so hard it seemed as though it might pound into Marissa’s chest. Thanks to Nell’s expert tongue. she knew. the tingle of a coming orgasm ignited. too.” Marissa wanted to laugh. Marissa squeezed her thighs into Nell. Let Carly jerk off to her heart’s content. dragging herself up Marissa’s body until their pussies aligned. Watching Nell work toward her own release. but I do. yet contorted in the way that looked uncomfortable. eyes still fixed on the couple. throbbing spot. Toes curled and legs slid against each other. Good God forgive me. Her lover took the cue and rose. Nell swiveled her hips to press her lips against the sweet. “Shit! Fuck!” Marissa caught a glimpse of Carly furiously rubbing her crotch. With her clit protected in her cleft. Marissa stared deeply into those dark eyes and her heart beat with new strength. Once her pleasure faded and the attention to her clit turned painful. “So close.” she muttered. she sat up.SHARE SOME MORE When a finger breached her. but Marissa recognized her limits now. this affection— belonged to Nell. nor would the idea of watching another person… With her strength regained. Draping one leg over Marissa’s. Marissa closed her eyes to mentally guide it closer to the edge. Nell’s head in her 34 . They would savor the taste of their love for a long time. and she arched her back as it hit. and actually prolonged the tail end of her orgasm. this didn’t hurt as much as the direct contact. Clearly fatigued. but this—this feeling. Nell slumped onto Marissa and exhaled. Her cry released low and long. Marissa watched the erotic play of the orgasm twist Nell’s face. and slid to her lover’s side. No way would she experience this level of ecstasy with anybody else.” Nell stammered. I love you. “You professor had a point there. and with one long push against Marissa let go. timed perfectly with Carly as the other woman found her release. Just wait.” “Yeah. and she reached up to bring her closer for a slow. searching kiss. “Damn. it didn’t take long for her to reach climax. “That’s so fucking hot. Sharing might be fun. breathless.

Carly sighed.” Carly sank to the floor and crawled closer. I love sex. “One thing at a time. beaming brighter than the sun. “Dangerous.” “And with the way things…could be. It’s the largest model in the complex.” THE END 35 . Already her lover prepared for round two. “You sure you want to do that?” Closer so Carly couldn’t hear.” “No. “Awesomesauce. “Tell me more. There’s plenty of me to go around.LEIGH ELLWOOD lap. but when the lease is up for renewal we’re gonna need it. “With one bathroom where we could put our stuff together. perhaps we could look into a vacancy here that’s a bit more conducive to sharing?” Nell’s face softened. “First you tell me about this spy deal. she whispered. uh.” Marissa said simply.” “Spying?” Carly now appeared interested. Like she had to ask. I love it already.” Marissa reared back and laughed. Two men. whatever you got. groups.” Marissa drew her lover into an embrace.” Nell said. even if it is brief.” Nell’s head shot up and the girl moving to sit beside her.” “Marissa. “A one bedroom?” Marissa suggested.” “Maybe not. period. “This apartment is pretty big. “Maybe.” “Do you now?” Marissa stroked Nell’s hair. There’s just something about watching up close that’s beats any porn film. I love watching. kissing in the delta between Marissa’s thighs. ladies. “What about the.” “I know. “What did you think?” Marissa asked Carly. compensation?” “I don’t want it. “Does it have to be lez?” “No.” “I like the way you think.

She is the creator of the award-winning Dareville series for Phaze Books.facebook.SHARE SOME MORE About the Author Leigh Ellwood writes spicy romances and sassy mysteries.com/LeighEllwood 36 .com http://leighwantsfood. as well as numerous shorts for other small publishers.blogspot.com http://www. Readers are invited to visit her website for more information on Leigh’s books.leighellwood.com/leighellwood http://twitter. http://www.

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