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Three types of Heat Transfer:

1. Conduction: transfer of heat by direct ______________

molecules _______________, faster molecules hit slower

*Air does NOT ___________ heat well, therefore it is a

good ________________________
*Metals are good ______________________ of heat
*Water has ______ times the thermal conductivity than
air. Q? “If you had no clothes, would you rather be in
air or water?
*Ice has a low thermal conductivity/high thermal resistance

2. Convection: heat transfer by motion of _______________

(liquid or gas). Heated air ____________ and __________
3. Radiation: transfer of heat by

Conduction and Convection need ____________________ to

transfer heat

Radiation can travel through a ______________ which is void of


Any object above absolute _________ gives off some form of

______________ energy

Dark clothes/objects absorb more __________; white _________

light of ALL ______________________.

Objects that are good _____________ of radiation are ________

emitters of radiation.
Ex: blacktop road, absorbs heat in day and is _______
at night, it ________ quickly

Q: Why is the pupil of your eye black?