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Subject: Science

Date: October 7, 2015

Using the 5 Senses to Explore Autumn
Provincial Curriculum Connection
Big Idea Humans interact with matter every day through familiar
materials. (K/1)
Daily and seasonal changes affect all living things. (K)
Curricular Competencies make exploratory observations using their
senses (K/1)
Rational Real World Connection
Students are learning to interact with their environment using their
senses which occurs every day in their lives. Explicitly teaching
students these senses will help them become more aware of their
bodies and how they learn.
By taking the students outside to learn about autumn using their
senses, they are able to experience the season and notice its
characteristics in a way that is more meaningful than within the
Learning Intention
Students will be able to identify the 5 senses.

2 min

Lesson Content
Mystery Smell
- During the calendar routine in the morning, the teacher will
pass around a covered cup with apple cider in it, there will be a
hole big enough that they can smell what is inside.
- Students sit on the carpet holding a popsicle stick with their
names on it. As each child is called for attendance, they will

smell the cup and place their popsicle stick in the cup with an
apple on it or the cup with the pumpkin on it, depending on
which they think they smelt in the cup.
Brandon can sit in a chair or on his wobbly cushion if this will help
him participate well.

5 min

24 min (8 min
per station)

Lesson Content
We will take the students to the outdoor classroom across the road
from the school. They will be split into groups and will rotate through
the following three centres.
Centre 1: Sight
- Students will be given a paint chip and will find something in
their environment that matches in colour to the paint chip.
- They will show the teacher what they have discovered that is
the same colour, and will exchange their paint chip for a
different one.
- They will repeat with the new paint chip.
Centre 2 Hearing
- Students will be given a Bingo card with different things they
could hear in the outdoor classroom, and they will collect some
small rocks to use as their Bingo chips.
- Students will raise their hands when they hear something on
the sheet, will share it with group members, and everyone will
mark it on their Bingo sheet.
- Students will win the game when they have a full row covered.
Centre 3 Touch

- Students will take turns feeling inside a closed container and

trying to identify what the object inside is. They will whisper
their idea to the teacher and sit back down.
- When everyone has had a turn they will describe the feeling of
what they touched and the teacher will reveal what was inside
the container.
- This will be repeated with a few different containers.
o Leaves
o Pine cones
o Saw dust
o Wet hay
o Seeds
Before going to the outdoor classroom, we will ask all students to use
the washroom first (especially Owen*).
For smooth transitions between stations, we will have students point
to where they are going next and then ask them to move there like a
ghost/monster/someone who is scared. They will have 10 seconds to
get to the next station.
For the Hearing Centre, we will have gathered enough rocks in the
area so that students can quickly and easily find rocks for the game.
During snack, the last sense will be explored. Students will be given
a cup of apple cider to taste.
**If it is rainy this day as the forecast says, and if the students are not
prepared to go outside, we will bring our centres indoors. The sight
centre will be adapted to use indoor objects and we will talk about
what we could find outside/during fall that would match these

colours. The touch centre can be easily brought indoors and used in
the same way. For the hearing centre we will have a story written
about fall that uses the sounds of nature students will mark off their
Bingo sheets with pom poms when they hear a sound described in
the story.

2 min


Lesson Content
We will ask students what they did as an activity for each sense,
students will raise their hands to answer. We will ask all students to
point to the body part that helped them use that sense.

Nut free apple cider
Small rocks
Paint chips
Materials for touch centre TBA
BINGO cards
Two cups with pictures of an apple and of a pumpkin