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By W.A.G. Nayanaprabha

Minimization of combustion losses, stack losses and radiation heat losses we can save
energy from the furnaces.
Of course the higher the stack temperature, the greater the stack losses. The zero
percent excess air is the critical point of operation that indicate the minimum heat loss
for a given stack temperature.
However for the practical situation it could be 0-5% excess air
The operation under the deficiency of air will cause the emissions of carbon monoxide
and other harmful emissions with coke formation. This condition is extremely
prohibited for the industries
The relationship between O2 or CO2 content dry flue gases, the corresponding excess
air and combustion efficiency is the indication of if the fuel is wasted or not.
The combustion efficiency also decreased with the increment of the stack temperature.

Exceeds the optimum Oxygen percentage in the excess air.(4%)
Not properly maintained insulations
The openings which are used for observation should always be kept
closed when they are not in use.
The burner tips should be carefully handled and cleaned where
The Draft control should be properly maintained to avoid from excess
air usage
We can add a control system to reduce the excess combustion air

Preheater Cooler

Normal use of extended air pre-heater