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4 - Newsletter April 2010 PDF

4 - Newsletter April 2010 PDF

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Published by Regina E.H.Ariel
Overcoming fears Part II - visit www.2thepowerofspirit6.com
Overcoming fears Part II - visit www.2thepowerofspirit6.com

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Published by: Regina E.H.Ariel on Apr 09, 2010
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Monthly Newsletter April 2010

Overcoming Fears and Extern Manipulations
Continuation from March 2010 This Month is the 4th Month of the year and this year I dedicated the12 Divine Rays of Deity to the 12 Month of the year - so 4 = 4th Divine Ray of Deity contains many different teachings that are all directed to reach one only objective - to become aware, to understand, to recognize, to integrate and to use the powers of that powerful Light stream that are available for all of us. The color is White and stand for Purity of the Heart, of the Mind, of the Soul, of Spirit, of the physical body (Nutrition, Beauty Care), of our energy bodies, of our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. A huge department with amazing teachings on all those topics that seems to be so different being in reality only aspects of the same one topic: PURITY We are Multi-Dimensional Beings and so multiple aspects of each ray have to find the respective energies within our Body Mind and Soul. Spiritual education is not just a matter of our spiritual feelings and awareness - it includes also totally the physical realm otherwise we lose ground and start living in the air without finding the true sense of life. All changes we undergo or we allow to happen in our lives have to come from inside out in order to have a permanent effect and the result we wish to have and so it is with Purity. We all have one place within where purity remains untouched by our thought feelings and actions. This is the Center of our Soul that keeps holding the Golden White Portal of pure beingness in readiness for the moment we will remember it and come to use it to enter our Soul Garden where we find our true Beingness, our eternal beauty and Purity. This part cannot be touched and destroyed by human low thoughts, feelings and actions - even the worst criminal has this place hidden within. The moment madness cruelty and horror are reaching that portal and destroy it the Second Death will be experienced and that means that the soul disintegrates into its atoms to be liberated and enlightened again from its most tiny particle and those particle will never join in that combination to rebuild the same soul substance. In the Holy Book there is just an advertisement on that process and in our times of accelerated revelations the deeper meanings of all are coming forth to be understood. The good thing is that nearly nobody, as mad as a person might seem to be is reaching that state of self destruction because destiny is holding saving ways within to be realized when a person is going top far away from the original plan he/she has agreed to accomplish before being born. So disease is showing up related to the thought forms, feelings and actions of each individual as tool of learning and a chance to find the causes and rectify the unconscious pattern. When you find buried gold it is not gold, it is black to you have to polish it from all kind of energies to have it brilliant as it was before being buried. I like to explain life that way because the brilliant gold is hidden within all of us - gold is wisdom and richness we have lost the connection to and therefore many people are living in dependency of multiple reasons,

from people, from working places, from families, from ideas, from religious faith, from political beliefs and so on. That is the way we burry our liberty, our freedom, our powers, our self consciousness always looking what others might think when we follow our internal flow. When you act out of the center of your heart you should go for what you desire and it will realize as long as you do not allow others to steal your dreams with their opinions or judgements. And here we are coming to a huge deposit of hidden fears - if we do what we are supposed to do to please other people living with us, surrounding us, being with us. We do not know what the truth is, what to believe and what to think, being afraid and insecure if we won’t fail in any form or being good enough for some situation or people we wish to be with. And this is the way we think we lose our Purity because others are judging us and being judges in any form makes us feel vulnerable and impure - the so called sin is hanging over our mind and being pushing us down and that is the way we burry the GOLDEN Energies of inner wisdom and the WHITE LIGHT of Purity because nobody is teaching us how to stay with our full powers - they teach us how to give them away and then we feel powerless and down. So let’s enlighten a little bit this part to become aware of the subtle Manipulations getting the Tool to Overcome those kind of fear hiding in the deepest realm of our being. These are the energies hindering us to see the portal that guides us to our eternal purity in our soul garden. What is the difference between a belief system and eternal truth? Belief systems are created by men, Eternal Truth is based in cosmic laws and the eternal flow of evolution without any judgment or manipulation. It just IS, containing purity, eternal powers, truth, health, joy, peace, abundance and all what we ever can imagine in our dreams as good for us and the world. How can we find this beautiful eternal treasure? What do we have to do to get access and to recognize the differences between the manipulated belief systems and the inner voice that just “knows” what is good for us Let’s analyse the word believing and knowing to get the bigger picture. When we don’t know something and we cannot get any physical and rational proof we are entering a state of insecurity because we have to chose if we believe in a teaching, a situation, a faith, a political direction, etc. or not. When we know something for sure the word “believe” is not need anymore. So any kind of Belief System is just a way to the center of eternal inner wisdom. Each way is different and we need to learn to accept all ways as tool for growth until we get to know what we feel as truth inside. Needing to believe creates fears because we just cannot be sure of what we believe is right, we do not know and so several groups of mind like people are joining to start fighting for wanting others to make us believe what they think is true and right but nobody knows for sure. Any kind of war is based on belief and is not relevant to be true, also the politics, the education, the economics, the health department - we need to believe what we are told to believe or we are out of the system. To start a war the politics makes us believe that there are bad guys wanting to harm us and they use the fears of people to realize their objectives in the back ground - they play backstage and they sell their ideas to people so they can reach their goals ( mostly business - also war is business, nothing else). Here is an Example of Religious Manipulation: Just think in Galileo Galilei - he found out that the earth is not flat but round and part of a moving universe - he finished in jail (Church) because it was against the Belief System of that time, that Earth was supposed to be a disk and the population had to agree with this belief or…. and in our days time has accelerated and much more wisdom is rising up at the horizon we just have to open up to get aware of it instead continuing in believing in old patterns. Society created a pattern of life where Many people even reached a state where they do not believe in themselves anymore? What is the way out of that marry go round of fears and what can we do to rectify the situation in our world? We need to take a decision and that decision is to find the way back to our true Self. We have to learn again who and what we are because the truth only can be found within. The

true life powers are hidden within our cells and we have to get those powers back few after few through rising consciousness and becoming aware that we are living a life in fractions because we have given our powers away - a part to the politics, a part to the economics, to any and of publicity, to the health care systems, to all kind of institutions and that is the base of fears because we just don’t know…… Te medicine world is also creating fears and people believe by education that what the doctor says has to be right!!!! But do they really know? Let’s analyse the world of cancer: The medicine says. Chemo Therapy is the best way and people believe it even if they know that this therapy is kind like Bingo Game of who will survive and who not, just “because they don’t know something else that would be better and when really somebody appears with a better way and healthier therapy nobody believes it equal as nobody believed Galilei as he taught that the earth is a ball - Science is focused on getting rid of the effects letting the causes a part. Is it not logical that when I get rid of the cause the effect will have to disappear? That is a cosmic law. A German study revealed that 85% of people dying in the hospitals are dying for reasons of the mixture of different pills they “need” to take in order to live and NOT from the originated disease they came with. (German Magazine Stern). In Paraguay two of the technicians of the most modern Clinic for Cancer with all the newest machines revealed me at the end of the treatment of a family member believing in the doctors, that nearly 90% of the clients are dying because of the side effects of that heavy treatment and they were wondering that my parent had no side effects - we revealed the secret and they were speechless. I can offer what I want if people are not ready to believe it they will not act…. The manipulation is sitting so deep inside of people that even if there are proven new ways of healing cancer are standing apart because the doctors say that is not good without even knowing the procedures or ways. I sing hallelujah for every single doctor who is opening up to the new medicine which unites the tradition and the alternative healing ways. Together in Union many peoples lives could be saved quickly - Cancer is originated in psychic disorder proven by a German Surgeon (a Galilei of our times)- he stopped surgery on his clients when we found the psychic origin of that disease. He had studies from over two years proving the truth by the results he got - more then 95% of the patients got well without Chemo-Therapy…. - as Charlatan he lost his license, he finished in jail for years - while hospitals and heart open doctors understood and recognized the science behind his studies and it works. They had the right to work his way without getting denied because mostly they were alternative healers and doctors with the right to go alternative ways on petition on the respective persons seeking an alternative way. I knew him personally just in the beginning when he went out nearly from house to house looking for people interested in new healing ways, teaching his findings and this was a time I had found out the same in parallel with my inner guidance to the cause and origin of disease we came to the same fact - my origin is just the reconnection to the eternal self where the union with God guides to the cause and how to neutralize it and he found the scientific way to prove it with the x rays of tumors and the psychic shock hidden behind any kind of cancer. For me both ways are showing that they are leading to the same result. But to find the psychic factor he had to lose his son and his wife and he studied on himself with the help of his dead son who appeared in his dreams to guide him to the psychic factor. He studied 2000 cases after healing himself and he proved it scientifically but to approve a method, one needs the confirmation of an University and even if they confirmed him right by words they were AFRAID to confirm it officially, because they also we afraid that they would lose their license too.

New ways are producing a situation between believing and the rational mind. The answer lies within: what do you feel? Not what do you think! Your sub consciousness speaks through your heart and you have the free will to follow that voice or to allow your rational human trained mind to decide what to do in any situation (mostly hesitating - fear based). We are trained to focus on the best profit, the nicest outfit, the biggest house, the most things, the best profession, the most income and we forgot do follow the inner call to follow what is the best for us a human beings, what is most valuable in that moment for our life purpose, what do we need for self realization, what is the best for our body to stay healthy, what is the best way to find inner peace - what can we do in our life to find our mission? Focusing on inner values is tapping into the inner wisdom in connection with eternal truth…. We always have the choice…. Everybody has to know what value give to the own self over other stuff our brain tells us we need and we really do not need. Health is the biggest good we can have. When we look in the world of shifts and changes fears may come up, but be graceful for that changes because they signalize the beginning of a new creation - remember the old has to go into the ashes before the new can be build up again and any kind of heavy disease is no punishment it is a way to become aware that we have to let go old pattern, old belief systems, old ways of nourishments, of environment behaviors and hear again the inner heart call to become aware of the light within and the wisdom that is stored there ready to get used for a new creation a new life of more harmony, peace, abundance , health and joy…… Love yourself enough to help yourself, to take initiatives to learn how to find your inner voice, how to use your intuition and find self trust to overcome the kind of hidden fears that are the energies holding us back from success, from health, from inner Peace, from Happiness and true love. That is the way back to purity. It starts within, with the feeling something has to change, then seeking what and acting out to realize the inner dream of being well on all aspects of life. Any kind of eating issues that are unhealthy is a kind of self abuse based in fears or other pattern that are self denying. Any kind of drug or drinks in excess have the same background. In the deepest realm it is missing love that people are losing themselves on any level and without self defense the portals are wide open to increase any kind of disease to manifest Divine Love is a commitment to the self, to a compromise to start over again and to grow into the new energies and empowerments waiting to fill your life with divine bliss. It unlocks your eternal potential, your inner creativity that wants to be expressed, it preserves you the human right of self-development to what and to whom you really are, learning about true tolerance starts also within, respect yourself and do not judge yourself, be comprehensive and just learn to be committed to your true eternal self and life will change in a way you will never imagine. Find your inner Purity and start polishing the Gold you carry within. You deserve it and you are important to Life itself as part of a global Life in transition. The way back to purity is the way to become conscious, the way to enlightenment and to ascension. Get rid of the cross you are carrying on your shoulders. Set yourself free and become who you really are - a shining being for the worlds in many realms Get the free Angel Teaching and the Guardian Angel of the 4th Ray for free www.angelart.smugmug.com > art >gallery of Angel Teachings >April / new Easter Gallery For Training and Coaching: GoldenKeyTeachings@gmail.com For Healings Requests please contact: mdfwhealing10@gmail.com For questions of all kind: thepowerofspirit@gmail.com See this newsletter in color and original form at www.2thepowerofspirit6.com/blog Happy Easter Time, Many Blessings Regina E.H.Ariel

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