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What is the benefit and risk of

having dual citizenship for the

Ciko,Felix,Rachel, Sally

What is

Definition: The state of being

vested with the rights,
privileges, and duties of a

A member of a political

Having rights to vote

You dont become a citizen just

because you live in the area

They have restrictions and

regulations to become a citizen

Jokowis Desire
to Amend the
law of Dual

On October 2015 Jokowi went to

United States
On 25 October 2015 Jokowi meets
WNI in Indonesian Embassy in
Around 1.250 people
IDN (Indonesian Diaspora Network)
demand a dual citizenship for
Indonesian diaspora
Want revision of UU No. 12/2006 Dual citizenship only for children
below 18 years old.
Put in the 5 years program
Revision of PP No. 31/ 2013 - 5

Benefits of Amending the Law


This regulation would enable Indonesia people who live in other countries to have benefits as
Indonesian citizen.


Economic benefit

Positive connection with other countries


Easier investment


Protected by both countries laws


I will push for [dual citizenship]. It can be settled soon, Jokowi said

He thinks that having dual citizenship could help a lot of people


He promised and seek a way to allow dual citizenship

Risks of Amending the Law




People avoiding to pay taxes

a. Foreign citizenship
a. War
i. Option between choosing Indonesia or foreign countries
Law No. 12, 2006
a. A child who is born abroad but have Indonesian in blood needs to decide
which citizenship they want to take in the age of 18.
b. Dual citizenship in Indonesia is still very limited
Indonesian Diaspora Network (IDN)
a. Is working really hard with the president to make this dual citizenship

Experts Opinions

Hikmahanto Juwana, Professor of international

law at UI believes that the government should first
conduct an extensive study and evaluate the
regulations of dual citizenship because it can cause
many problems

Avoiding paying taxes using the reason

that they hold foreign citizenship

... would enable Indonesian who live in

other countries to have same benefits as
[Indonesian] citizens themselves, Tristam
Pascal Moeliono

He also believes that it would enable

Indonesian diasporas to invest in other

Akbar Faisal (Member of DPR) states that the

president would have to thoroughly discuss the
issue with the DPR

If the citizens home country and Indonesia

were to go to war, it would be hard for

them to choose who to lean on to.
Another legal expert believes that if Indonesia
were to allow dual citizenship, it would lead to
positive connections with Indonesian diasporas.

Law No. 12/2006 clearly states that

Indonesia does not recognize dual

It would also contribute to the improvement of
Indonesias economy
Retno LP Marsudi (Foreign Affairs Minister)

Indonesians abroad could potentially

provide a boost of support for the
development and progress of Indonesia as a

In fact, Indonesian diasporas have actually

begun to benefit the nation with a donation
from Indonesians abroad reaching US$8.4
billion last year.

US$8.4 billion = Rp

Having a dual citizenship will always have both the benefits and risk, but having a
dual citizenship is not only beneficial for ourselves but also for our own country.
This is a chance for us to connect with people abroad, by having positive connections
and by that we could have easier way to invest. But then having a dual citizenship
would have caused some problems as well to both countries and the person itself. A
problem that would maybe occur, is when both countries of this individual go to war
and the individual has a hard time choosing which side to go to. However, one thing
we need to always remember is to love and appreciate the country we came from.

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