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Hey Guy's

It's Greg Greenway here from Social Circle training. I hope you enjoyed the presentation I
gave earlier.

Now as I promised, the Social Circle Seduction report. The secrets I've learned of dating
and seducing the most beautiful women in your social circle, social scene and your town.

Let me ask you something,

Have you ever gone out night after night, or day after day and only managed to get results
from average women?

Have you found that when you look at your social life, or the places you go to, the women
aren't quite up to your standards?

I've tried every type of "game" out there, but they have all consistently been poor in
allowing me to find the best looking women. As I got better at dating and seducing women,
my standards got higher. I wanted women that were true 10s.

But the PROBLEM was that the old method of doing things. The old seduction tactics, the
old way of "game", wasn't good enough in getting me to be around the most beautiful


But through learning how to really master my social circle I was able to have the life I have
always dreamed of.

Let's be completely honest. Now really really think about this. How often do you see girls
like this:

If youre reading this, then Im guessing not often. Im guessing this is an area in your life,
which you want to improve. I see women like this EVERY day. These are women who are
a part of my social circle and I am constantly surrounded with this type of beauty. It's a life
that I have created for myself using the social circle.

The best thing about this is that I am now able to date TRUE 9s and 10s, using the secrets
that I'm going to share with you in this report.

So let's get straight into it.

The main mindset shift you have to adopt is that THIS IS NOT COLD APPROACH. I
sometimes will go weeks with out cold approaching, but will still sleep with 5-10 new
women each month.


Cold approach is a fantastic skill set to have, but you have to understand that in social
circle, the point is to create WARM APPROACHES.

These are approaches were the women are already viewing you in a positive frame, either
because they know of you (via reputation), or they have had a chance to observe you in
your environment.

The benefits of warm approach are so much more than cold approach. With warm
approaches, there is virtually ZERO chance of rejection. You can also go straight into
comfort or rapport building, and you can escalate a lot faster.

So our aim is to always have warm approaches. Because of this, you can't use the same
tactics as you would when you cold approach.

Tactics like

"Blow me or Blow me out"

Burning through sets

High risk / High reward openings

Super Sexual Direct Opening

With Social circle, you want to tone things down a slight notch. The key here is


The most important thing in seducing women in your social circle is discretion. High value
women, the really beautiful 9s and 10s, do not always want their private sexual lives out in
the open.

Especially when it's in regard with other men in the same social circle. Getting a reputation
for being slutty or easy is a major worry for women. So in tight net social circles, women
will be very aware of this, so remember DISCRETION is key.


Once you have learned how to master your social life, having women around you will
NEVER be a problem ever again.

I mean seriously, you will have ACCESS to more women than you will know what to do
with. Some of the guy's I have helped in this area, have gone from dating one or two girls a
month, to going on multiple dates and hooking up with 5, 6 and sometimes up to 10
different girls a month.

I was actually talking to one of my recent students Alexander, and he told me some crazy
stories he had in Columbia when he went there with a group of Brazilian models that were
touring in Miami.

That story really made me smile, because I remember when I was with him in Miami and
he met the Brazilians. He used my notorious ACCESS TECHNIQUE to meet the owner of
the hotel they were staying at and got an introduction to the tour manager.

The rest was history.

So remember. There is NO NEED to rush things. You are going to have so many women

at your fingertips that you shouldn't place too much importance on anyone interaction.

Have the ABUNDANCE mentality that it's INEVITABLE that you are going to be meeting
many beautiful women each week.

Inner Circle Girls and Outer Circle Girls

There are 2 main categories of women that you are going to meet in your social circle.
These are the categories that we will be looking at in this report.

There are the girls who are in your direct social circle and there are girls that you will meet
because of your social circle.

Girls in your Inner Circle are generally closer to you. You see them on a more regular
basis, you have many shared experiences, and you are likely to have many friends in

Your tactics for seduction are very different with these girls than they are with the other
type, which are girls in your Outer Circle.

Girls in your outer circle are girls that you do not actually know, but are likely to meet
because of your social circle. For example if your social circle always goes to a particular

nightclub, Women who also go to that nightclub but aren't actually part of your social circle
fall into this category.

The main difference between the 2 categories is the level of involvement that the women
have in your life. There are pros and cons to both, but you can't seduce both types of
women in the same way, or you may run into problems.

These are girls that you will meet because of your social circle. Because they are not in
your inner circle you can afford to take more risks in your approach to dating and seducing
these girls.

The approach to picking up girls in Social Circle settings is as follows:

1. Build Value
2. Open or Be opened
3. Build Rapport/Comfort
4. Escalate
5. Extract and Close

I have thoroughly tested this approach many times, and I have spent countless nights in

nightclubs. Time and time again, this framework has been the most successful in seducing
girls from your Outer Social Circle.

1. Building Value

This is the stage where the women get to observe you, your reputation, and your vibe. This
is essentially the attraction phase. I've tried many different techniques, but the best way of
generating a large amount of attraction and value, is letting the women observe you in your

You are trying to get one of the following things to happen:

- Women start to give you Indicators of Interest (IOIs)

- Women give you proximity or start to appear in your vicinity

The beauty of having a social circle is that you can use it to build value and social proof.
Your social circle can do the work for you.

Here are some techniques to use to build value.

Have fun with the girls in your social circle.

This is fantastic for demonstrating pre-selection. The idea is that the other women in the


social scene see the women in your Inner Circle acting in a positive way towards you.

This starts to build attraction and value. Why?

What are most guys in the venue doing?

If you are at a nightclub, most guys are in all male groups, trying to pick up the women.
Very few guys are there just having a good time with the girls that they are with.

I'll give you a quick example. A few years ago, I was invited out for a friends birthday
party. Inside the venue, me the birthday girl and her friends, were partying, dancing,
laughing, being silly. Generally just having a good time.

About an hour into the night I was getting looks from girls on the tables and in groups next
to us. I continued to ramp up the fun with the girls in my group, and the craziest thing

Well it may seem crazy to you, but to me it's normal because I know the power of this
technique for building value.

One of the most beautiful women in the club that night. Tall Norwegian brunette with a
fantastic figure. Walks up to me taps me on the shoulder and says:


"So what's your name then?"

Having fun with the girls in your circle is a very powerful technique for building value.

Interact with the staff, management and owners

If you have conducted your social circle work properly, you should know some staff,
management and possibly the owner. I'm going to put up some great resources on that outlines how to do this.

Make sure you interact with these people.

What do you think goes through a woman's head when she see's the owner say hello to

Or the bar manager shaking your hand with a warm smile?

Or the hot waitress running up to you and giving you a massive hug?

These are all HUGE indications of status. High end Social Circles are very status driven,
and it is easy to display status or high value.


There's a saying.

"Look like a millionaire whenever possible..."

Only VERY important people, have the owners, staff and management saying hello to
them. By seeing this, the girl will group you into this category in her mind. When she does
that, you are SUPER high value in her eyes.

This technique also works wonders at dinners, charity events, fashion shows, and
premieres. Anywhere that girls in your outer circle can see you interacting with people in
the venue who have social power.

In these more formal social settings, this is the best way of building value. The other
methods outlined are too overt.

Have fun with your male friends.

Sometimes your social circle will consist purely of like-minded cool guys. There are a
number of different types of social circle, which I go into at length in the Social Circle
Training Academy. A circle made up of cool guys where you all bring something to the
group, is one of them.


In this case you can still build value in the venue. You do
the same thing. Have fun and interact positively with your
group. Laugh, dance, and enjoy each others company.

Most importantly, don't pay much attention to other people

in the venue, especially not the girls. You must remember,
what are all the other guy's in the club doing?

They're trying to pick up the girls, paying them attention,

buying the women drinks etc. By being in your own group,
and enjoying yourselves without paying too much attention
to the women you will build value in their eyes.

Having fun with your male friends

Me and my guy group of friends. The
DREAM TEAM as we like to call
ourselves sometimes, we were
celebrating one of the group getting
a new job.
We went on a "guy's" night out. We
booked a table at a nightclub, near
the dance floor, but away from the
main action. We were there to
celebrate with each other not to pick
up girls.
Half way through the night, we
noticed that there were a lot of girls
now in our area. Now remember, that
we were away from the action. We
did this on purpose so that we could
have a night just to ourselves. We
were getting multiple ioi's from
women and many started to just
APPEAR near us.
After talking to one of the girls, she
said, that our group looked like so
much fun, and such good friends.
She said our vibe was great and her
and her friends wanted to join us.
I've seen this happen over and over
again, and when I've asked my
students to test this, they've had the
same results.

2. Open or Be Opened

So the next is to decide whether you will open, or let the

women open you. Everything you have done by "building value" was to either create a
warm approach situation, or even better yet, have the girl open you.

Opening is fantastic, as it's easy to dictate the conversation and direction. Also, you're
closing rate is higher when you open.


You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take.

But sometimes I like to be lazy. Because I know how powerful building value using your
social circle can be, sometimes I like to just sit back and let the women come to me.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, and I guess it comes down to preference a lot
of the time.

She Opens you

What's happening here? Let's flat out be honest, very few women ever open men.
Especially the best-looking women. If a woman is opening you, it's a massive IOI and a
very good sign.

Remember I told you of the tall Norwegian brunette stunner that opened me? By having
lots of fun with the other girls in my circle and thus showing pre-selection, I was able to
build value to anyone observing.

Fun is infectious, and people always have their attention drawn to others who are having a
good time. The Norwegian beauty was no different. And it will be no different for you if you
are in the circles with the most beautiful women, and you are building value effectively.


Typical things she will say:

"So, what's your name then?"

"And you are?"

"You look like fun."

"Why haven't you said hello to me yet?" (Hotter girls say this)

"Can I/we join you?" (more common when you're in a male only group)

Some women aren't as direct, and will make a SITUATIONAL comment, so it doesn't look
like she's hitting on you.

Comments along the lines of:

"That's an interesting outfit/haircut/shoes."

"What's the occasion?"

"Do you know where [bathroom/other bar/smoking area] is?"


"Do you have a cigarette/lighter?"

Sometimes however, you may be in a more formal social setting. In these cases, the
women will open you in a slightly different manner. It's usually situational, or based on her
observing your interactions with other high value people in the room.

"Hi, I'm [name], I see you have been talking to [person of social power]."

"The food was delicious wasn't it?"

"What did you think of the speech?"

"How long have you been a member?"

and so on and so forth.

You Open Her

Pretty self explanatory. She's given you the green light by giving you IOIs. Strong IOIs are
things like smiling with steady eye contact. Weaker IOIs are things like proximity and being
in your space.


One thing to understand is that women are very aware of their surroundings.

Firstly, they have better peripheral vision than men. This has been found repeatedly in
scientific testing. How that relates, is that women often see you, long before you see them.
This means that if they make eye contact with you, chances are they want to.

Secondly, women are also very sensitive too personal space. Researchers did a test that
looked at how close a stranger could sit next to someone before that person felt
uncomfortable. For women, the distance was more than double that of a man. Again, this
means that women are always very AWARE of who they're standing next to. They
RARELY stand next to a man by accident. They usually mean it.

That being said, once you have received some IOIs, what are some things you can say?
The stronger IOI the bolder you can be in your approach:

Openers to Strong IOIs:

"Wow you're stunning, I like x about you. What's your name?"

"Your [ass, breasts, legs] are seriously sexy."


"You HAVE to come and join me and my friends."

"You CAN'T smile at me like that and not expect me to hit on you."

"Right, you have definitely got my attention now."

"I had to come over here and meet you."

Openers to Weaker IOIs

"So what's your name then?"

"Hi, I'm [name]."

"You and your friends look like fun. Whats the occasion?"

" you come here often?"

Ok, that last one was a joke :), but you get what I mean. I like to be natural and say
whatever comes into my head. Usually I'm quite direct, because that works with my
personality. Have a play around, do whatever feels good to you and the situation.


What I don't recommend is something indirect or too gamey, or something that aims to
build value. You've ALREADY build value in her eyes if she is giving you IOIs before you
approach. You are in a good position, so no need to go back a step. Be confident, be a
man and just go for it.

3. Build Rapport / Comfort

This is really self explanatory, so I won't dwell on this too much. This is where you have a
normal conversation with the girl. How much value you built, combined with the strength of
the IOI will determine how long you spend in this phase. This is also the time that you
ascertain her logistics. If you are attempting to seduce her that night, then you must know
her logistics. Many times bad logistics will scuttle a potential hook up, so really get a
handle on the girls situation early.

You have to make the girl feel comfortable around you. In social circle settings, this is
essential. Social circles are a thing of trust. Think of them as like countries.

If you're going to a new country, they ask you to apply for a visa. This is so they can make
a judgment about whether they want you in their country.

Women in social circle situations are the same. They have put themselves into a social
circle or group because it is one that aligns with their utility. I talk a lot more about utilities


and playing the utility game in the Social Circle Training Academy. Essentially theyre
invested in the social group, and all social groups have ways of weeding out people who
don't belong or can cause harm to the group.

Understanding social group dynamics is very important in getting a handle on your social
life, and accessing the circles where the women that you desire are. Again, I go into this in
much more length in The Academy.

So what does that mean to you?

Very simply, make her feel comfortable. Build rapport. Show her that you're not a psycho,
and then move onto the next stage, which is escalation.

4. Escalation

This is where the fun begins. Ideally, you want to do this hand in hand with building rapport
and comfort. I have tried a number of different methods, and so have my students. We all
agree that the best results are when you combine the previous stage of rapport building,
with escalation.

Mixing the 2 together can have some explosive results.


Remember at the very beginning where I talked about the importance of DISCRETION?
Well in this phase, you will want to pay a lot of attention.

Even though you can be bolder with girls in your outer circle, you must also remember that
they may be at the social event with their own inner circle. They are not going to do
anything that would jeopordise their position in their own social circle, or anything that
could effect their reputation.

So you must escalate in a DISCRETE manner. Making out in full view of onlookers is out
of the question. It will can have a number of damaging consequences.

The very first thing you must do is ISOLATE.

Not just from her social circle, but from YOURS as well.

You want to do your escalation in small chunks, and in isolation

Your best bet is to be PLAYFUL. Especially if you are throwing in some sexual banter or
conversation. Picking her up, lightly slapping her bum, being cheeky. You can be highly
flirtatious, but be wary of being too sexual.

More kino


Stronger eye contact

Bedroom voice tone

Slowing down your speech

More sexual/provocative in your conversation topics

Dancing or grinding

Light kissing is acceptable

All the regular seduction stuff

Again, remember that DISCRETION is key, so you must be calibrated in the way you

5. Extraction or Close

Going for the extraction is similar to going for a bounce. There is NO MAGIC BULLET
here; this is the point where you have to take a leap of faith.


The better you are at value building, opening, building rapport, and escalating, the easier
this will be. If you've done all the steps up to this point well, then escalation should be a
walk in the park.

You should bear 2 things in mind.

Your Goal


Your goal will determine your course of action. Are you trying to sleep with her that night?
Are you trying to go for her contact details, are you trying to set up a 3some?

Whatever it is, your approach to closing and extracting must be geared towards your goal.

Are your logistics good? Did you find out if hers were? Is she the designated driver? Is she
staying with her friend and can't leave her? Do you have a friend, wingman, wing woman
that can help you occupy any of her friends?

All these things have to be considered depending on your goals, as they will alter the way
that you attempt to close.


So how does this all look once put together. Below is the story of how I closed and
Australian Pop Singer and Celebrity when I was in Sydney.

I was at the club with 7 friends. 5 girls and 2 other guys. I always like to roll in a group like this. Especially when it's a
social circle I'm comfortable in. I know when I've got ACCESS into a group like this or created my own, every time I go
out I'm going to get results. This night was no different; I was really feeling the anticipation, the vibe. I was ready; I was
keen for a big one.
We were in the club, and I do my standard walk around, say Hi to all the bouncers and staff. Get some hugs from the
waitresses etc. I always do this as soon as I get in. I want to remind all these people that I'm here. They're good to me
and I like to let them know they're appreciated. Also, it gives me massive social proof in the venue.
I'm having fun with my group, me and one of the guys are having a dance off. We're really getting down, doing the robot
no less. I actually think I was teaching him how to dougie ;).
I notice that there is a group across the dance floor from our table. The line of sight is perfect for them to observe us, and
I see 2 stunning girls on the table. One was a tall leggy red head, in all black. The other was a dead ringer for Cheryl
Cole, but curvier. Bigger boobs and a lovely ass. I'm a sucker for a curvy woman, and with a face like hers. WOW.
I could see the girls had glanced over a couple of times, so I stand on the couch, and start dancing. As soon as I see one
of them look over again, I raise my glass to force the IOI. She complies, she smiles and looks away.
Ok, so I know I've got their attention. Now it's really time to amp up the value. I challenge the girls in my circle to a lap
dance competition. It's absolutely hilarious. I mean, we're not taking it seriously, all over each other and doubled over in
fits of laughter. One of the guys on my table tells me I'm getting eyes from some girls on the dance floor. This is the great
thing about having a social circle. Especially one where you all have common goals and interests is that your social circle
works for you. The guy's, and often girls, will do things to help or make easier my chances of dating and seducing
women. In this case Brian, was savvy enough and socially aware enough to notice the IOIs I was getting from the girls on
the dance floor.
Right, so I knew I was warm. I hate cold approach. It is necessary sometimes, but if I can engineer a warm approach
(which is usually the case using social circle), the chances of success are much much higher. I have a look over on the
dance floor, and the Cheryl Cole look-a-like is about 5 feet away from me. I keep looking at her, until we make eye
I hold it
She looks away smiling.
We're on.
I walk straight up to her and her friends.
Greg: "So mystery ladies. Are you going to join us?"
The girls say we look like fun and would love to come join us. I take them over to the table and introduce them to the rest
of my social circle.
Now time to get comfortable.


I decide I prefer the Cheryl Cole look-a-like, so I spend most of my attention on her. We talk about a few things;
She tells me she's a pop star;
I tell her I'm not impressed;
I tell her she's sexy;
She asks if I say that to all the girls;
I bring up sex;
She changes the subject;
I tell her she reminds me of someone;
She says "Oh wait...let me guess? Could it be....CHERYL COLE?";
Apparently she's heard that before....
I realise, I need to isolate her. I ask her if she wants a shot from the private bar? The owner lets us into the private
owners lounge.
More social proof.
We get 2 red strawberry, or cherry shots.
They tasted like shit.
She looks so hot
I go for the kiss.
She kisses me back
Ok, let's not get too carried away now Greg. We go back to join the party. I know that continually escalating without a
small break can sometimes overload the girl. So we're back with the group and I continue building rapport. This time we
talk about family and friends and her music. Topics that show her I'm interested in her as a person, and I'm not a
complete psycho.
I do this a couple of times. Take her somewhere private, escalate and get her aroused, then back to the group and build
rapport. Each time I escalate I get more and more sexual.
But damn, she looks so fine. Such seductive brown eyes, long eyelashes. And those huge tits staring at me.
I start escalating again. It's getting to the point where I can tell she's ready. I go for the extraction.
Greg: "I think we should get out of here."
CC Look-a-like: "Ok...but where do you want to go, there's another club that's open till 6am nearby."
Greg: "Nah, not really up for anymore clubbing. Let's go back to my hotel and grab a drink."
CC look-a-like: "Hmmmm....Im not sure. I can't just leave my friend here."
So I need someone to take care of the friend. Where the fuck is everyone? It's so late now, everyone has been drinking,


and the group has been separated. I say to Cheryl look-a-like, lets go look for your friend, and I grab her hand.
We bump into some of the girls from my social circle, who are leaving onto another club. They give me hugs and kisses
and are really warm and nice to Cheryl Cole look-a-like. This is awesome. Again, it reminds me, the power of having a
great social circle. I see Cheryl look-a-like visibly relax some more. Things are going great.
At this exact point, she stops and say's she's going to call her friend. She makes a quick call. I don't hear what is said,
but I'm starting to think I may lose this girl. After what seems like an age, she hangs up smiles and comes over. She tells
me everything is ok, that her friend is going to get a cab home.
I tell my girl it's time to go, I flag down a cab and we head back to my hotel.
I love my social circle.
Oh and for those who don't know who Cheryl Cole is......


Girls In you Inner Circle

Seducing girls in your inner circle is VERY different to seducing girls in your outer circle.
Your inner circle is usually your main social group, or a social circle that you created. This
will mean that you have a lot of time, effort, and usually emotion invested in this group.

The same will apply for the girls. They will generally be closer to you and your bonds are
likely to be stronger.

A big difference is that girls in your inner circle have a way of indirectly observing you.
Even when you're not present. Because you share such a tight social circle, your
reputation will play a big role, both positively and negatively.

Being aware of your reputation and using it effectively is vitally important in Social Circle
Game. It's a concept that we go over in more detail inside The Academy.

So the only areas you need to focus on specifically for girls in your Inner Social circle, are
building value, and escalating. Everything else will be generally the same as a girl you
didn't know. However, these 2 areas are key in getting right. Get them wrong and you will
either cause damage to your social circle or cause you to end up in the "Friend Zone".


1. Build Value & Attraction

These 2 must work in tandem. In terms of "value", You're social circle will do this for you.
Just by being a cool person, and by virtue of being associated with other people in the
circle, you will have a certain amount of value.

As the woman continues to hear about you, and your positive reputation gets to her, you
will continually be building value by your reputation. Any stories where you are displayed in
a positive light. Your best qualities. Women in your social circle will hear all these without
you even having to be there.

But be very careful. Reputation can work the other way as well. If you're not being careful
with your social circle, or you are being a "free loader" for example, then this will also get
back to the women in your social circle, and will work against you.

My view is that pre-selection is by far the best ATTRACTION switch with girls of your
INNER Social Circle. Obviously, you have to understand the dating utility of the group,
however I have tested this out in MANY different social circles and it always works the

So how do you use pre-selection?


Simple. You date OTHER women, or you let the girls in your social circle see you with
other women. At the very worst, talk about other women. Talking about other women
works well if done properly. Usually in a very calibrated, subtle manner.


"I've got to go see a friend tomorrow night. I promised her it's my turn to cook."

You see what I mean? It's a very subtle way of hinting that you have a woman you are
cooking for. In "girl" speak, women understand that men cook for girls that they are seeing
or sleeping with.

They make this association in their mind about you. They see you as a sexual being. The
key here is to not hit on them.



That's right, that's what I said.




Again, I have tested this out over and over again, and it's the most effective strategy. I've
at some point been dating up to 4 girls from the same social circle using this exact


Well something very curious happens when you don't hit on hot girls.

I'll explain more in the escalation phase.

If they don't know you're dating other women, then a more advance technique would be for
them to see you succeed with other women.

I say advanced, because it is HIGH RISK. If you attempt to seduce another girl outside
your social circle, you fail, and the girls in YOUR circle see this....

You're value goes right down.

They're attraction for you goes right down.


However, when done properly, it is super powerful. An example of when I did this was in
NY. I was at the launch of a new hotel and restaurant. A very classy black tie event. I was
in a group of 4. 2 guys and 2 girls. The girls were part of my social circle in NY, and I
remember that I was rather keen on one of them.

Blonde Italian girl from Hell's Kitchen. Gorgeous, sassy, full of fire. Typical New York
badass chick right. Well, she wasn't really responding to me how I wanted to. She was
being polite, and friendly, but not responding at all to my attempts at escalating. She
basically had zero or very little attraction to me at that point.

Well, there were many women at this event, and I was going off to London in a couple of
days, so I figured, well lets see if I can find something else. I went on a wander round the
function and got talking to a really cute girl. She was a lawyer. Beautiful, but in a very
teacher/bookish type of way. I brought her back to the group and we really hit it off.
Eventually Miss Lawyer and me went home together that night.

In the morning, I got a text from Miss Italian from Hell's Kitchen. She asked where I had
disappeared. I told her me and Miss Lawyer left to get some food.

"Is that so. You didn't take her home did you?"

Greg: "Of course I did. What type of guy would I be if I didn't?"


Well that changed everything. The next time I saw Miss Italian, the interaction was
completely different. She was flirting heavily and responding to all my advances.

Women in your social circle, want to see that you are a sexual being, but if you directly
seduce them, it can backfire. Let them see you seducing (successfully), other women. It is
a HUGE attraction spike.

2. Escalation

Ok, so I guess I have to go back and tell you that curious little secret of what happens
when you DON'T directly hit on the girls in your social circle.

A very common occurrence with women, especially very beautiful women, is that they are
competitive with their looks. Have you ever seen a woman, check another woman out with
a slightly condescending look on her face?

That happens all the time. One woman, sizes another woman up. Many times women seek
male validation in terms of their looks. These very beautiful women are told they are
beautiful all day long, so that is the normality for them.

Another one of the things that happens to hot women normally, is they have guys


attempting to hit on them all the time. Now this doesn't happen to the 9s and 10s when
they are outside of their social circle. In high value social circles with beautiful women, rich,
powerful and connected men; generally cool people; the women will get hit on a lot. A lot
more than a 9 or 10 who didn't have a social circle.

So what do you think happens when you make no attempts at escalation?

Go on have a think about it.

Re-read the above and have a think.

Ok. I'll tell you. What happens is that their worldview gets tipped upside down. They
wonder why you aren't like all the other guys. They become intrigued. But here's the kicker
and why having a social circle is so important. If you weren't part of their social circle they
wouldnt have seen or heard about your other interactions with women. Hence, they think
you aren't escalating because you are a PUSSY. They have no evidence to suggest

But wait.....

You are in their social circle.


You have been known or seen with other beautiful women.

They have seen you with their own eyes, seduce beautiful women.


It can't be you. You're not escalating because youre a pussy. You must not be escalating

You're not into her.

That's right, Thats the process that goes though a hot girls mind in your social circle, when
you DON'T escalate on her. It only works, if you have build value and attraction through
pre-selection from other women.

Once this happens, the women in your circle will start to give you major IOIs. They want
you to validate them by reciprocating. That way they'll know that you still think theyre
attractive. If you give in at this point, you've lost the game.

At this point what do you do?


You QUALIFY, heavily.

Imagine the most stunning woman in the world went up to Brad Pitt and was talking to him
and trying to get him to pick her. What would Mr. Pitt be thinking? He'd be thinking, why
should I pick you out of all these other girls? Do you meet MY standards?

This is the mindset you have to adopt. Remember ABUNDANCE MENTALITY. You have
to make the woman work for your investment. She has to reach your standards first. Do
this properly, and women will CHASE you.

Chase you HARD.

Now, when women chase you, they become very DISCRETE. They never tell anyone. I'm
not really sure why exactly. Maybe it's because they did the seducing, but it's always the
same. Whenever a woman seduces you, especially in a social circle environment. She will
become very DISCRETE. And you remember I said, DISCRETION is one of the most
important things in your social circle.


I could honestly talk about this for hours; believe me when I say that Social Circle Game is
the way forward. Creating a life for yourself is the best way to have the most amazing and


beautiful women at your fingertips ALL the time.

And what you have learned in this report is JUST THE BEGINNING. There is still so much
I have to teach you to ensure that you have a life filled with 9s and 10s. I want you to have
ACCESS to all the beautiful women that you want. Email me with your thoughts, results
and any questions you have. But, for now that's it. Take what you've learned from this
report and apply it in the field...and I'll be in touch with more great content for you soon.

Love and Carnage

Greg Greenway
Social Circle Training