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Iamprivilegedtowritein fullsupportofAria Tonini.Mrs.Toninihadbeenfillinginasa

long term sub for one of our other music teachers at theschoolIteachat.Ariasresponsibilities
during her time were as the choral director, general classroom music teacher, woodwind and
percussion instructor, and as an advisor. In addition to her responsibilities at YMS, Mrs.Tonini
was also finishing up classes at college to complete herBAinMusicEducation.Duetoastrong
recommendation from her college professor, recommendations from colleagues, and her own
strong interview, Aria was able to fill the position without any previous student teaching
Our school district has a very strong musicdepartmentthatishighlyregardedinthearea
and is strongly supported by the community. The task of having anyone fill the shoes of our
choral director at the middle school was not taken lightly and the fact that Aria was impressive
enough sans experience speaks volumes about this young ladys knowledge of the subject
manner, her maturity to take over in a difficult position, her knowledge of how schools work,
and her ability to connect with kids while helping them access their education through various
Most impressive about Mrs. Tonini was her unwavering devotion to the students. Her
expectations were very clear from the beginning that she wanted each student to reachtheirfull
potential. She was critical of students work and praised them for their efforts at the appropriate
times. Aria brought to the table a good bag of teaching tricks from effective lessonstrategiesto
Mrs. Toninis devotion goes beyond her lessons. Aria contributes to a comfortable
classroom environment by building a good rapport with students in conversations during
Aria was a constant professional during her brief tenure at YMS. She enthusiastically
attended all meetings, dove headfirst intoourcurriculum,soughtoutadvicewhilesharingthings
she had found effective in the classroom, communicated well with parents andfaculty, andlead
Aria also was able to put together a performance after being requisitioned on extremely
short notice by administration. Music teachers do NOT like to be asked to do just throw things
together on short notice because the performances often come across as sounding exactly as
though they had been thrown together and then the performance isreflectednegativelyonthe
children. Aria had brought her ensemble very farinashortamountoftimeandnotonlythrew
In closing, it is without reservation that I give Aria my highest recommendation as a
teacher and great human being. If students acceptance of Mrs. Tonini and the progress they
made with her is any indication of what she can bring to your program, then it would behoove