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ED-£36 Rev. 10/08, gorms\ED-600%ted-606.doc] Head Mod, Return, Municipal State of Connecticut Office of the Secretary of the State Legislation & Elections Administration Division PRESCRIBED FORM FOR RETURN OF VOTES CAST ATA MUNICIPAL ELECTION (CGS.993140) After all entries have been completed and proofread and any corrections made, the complete set of retums should be Photocopied and both sets signed in the original by the Head Moderator at each place indicated. The Head Moderator shall complete, sign, seal and deliver one set of such returns electronically to the Secretary of the State not later than forty-eight hours after the close of the polls and then deliver one sueh original return to the Secretary of the State not later than the third dav after the election and deliver the other set to the Town Clerk. Use additional pages, if necessary Fax: 1 (866) 392-4023 City of DANBURY Date of Election: _NOVEMBER 3, 2015 Part |- Candidates on Ballot Office Designation (om ballot label, ‘Number of including political Votes Received subdivision, if (including applicable~<.g., ite-in votes Council District, Candidate Party specified Ward, etc.) (from ballot label) (from ballot label) below)* Mayor Mark D Boughton Republican 5891 Mark D. Boughton independent 741 Treasure: [Daniel Joway Kepubhican 5657 Daniel Jowdy independent 873 Town Clerk Joan G. Bielizna Democrat 3061 Jancie R. Giegler Republican 14317 Joan G. Bielizna Working Families 1234. Jancie R. Giegler independent 1427 Council At Large ‘Abu Helalul Karim Democrat 12650 Paul E. McAllister [Democrat 3187 James R. Hughes ‘Democrat 2739 Al Almeida Democrat 3135 Greg |. Williams Democrat 2392 |Andrea Gartner Democrat 3326 Sheri Neptune Democrat 12903 (Christina M. Chieffalo [Republican /4220 Jack Knapp ‘Republican 14039 Philip D. Curran Republican 14166 [Andrew R. Wetmore [Republican l4049 \Greg W. Seabury [Republican 14109 Michael J. Esposito [Republican 4236 Warren M. Levy Republican 4112 Christina M. Chieffalo [Independent 401 Jack Knapp {independent 367 Philip D. Curran ‘independent 364 [Andrew R. Wetmore Independent 360 |Greg W. Seabury independent 357 /Michael J. Esposito independent 1357 Warren M. Levy independent 348 ED-606 [Rev. 10/07, sorms\ED-600's] Heed Mod. Return, Municipal Part I- Continued Office Designation (Grom ballot label, Number of including political Votes Received subdivision, if Gneluding applicable: vwaite-in votes Council District, Candidate Party specified Ward, etc.) (from ballot label) (from ballot label) below)* Council By Ward Ward 1 Daniel Iskandar Democrat 1479 Dennis Perkins Democrat \604 John Priola ‘Republican 886 Irving Fox [Republican 363 Jon Priola lindependent 66 Irving Fox [independent les Ward 2 |Ashley Ward |Democrat 496 Robert Karrat [Democrat 372 ‘Vinny DiGilio Republican 632 Elmer Palma Republican 7 Vinny DiGilio Independent 58 {Elmer Palma Independent 70 Ward 3 Christopher Arconti Republican 1076 Joe Cavo ‘Republican 1033, Christopher Arconti Independent 156 [Joe Cavo lIndependent 155 Ward 4 \John Esposito IV Democrat Is78 ‘Thomas Saadi Democrat lo34 Mary Maroto |Republican 1229 Matthew Kennedy [Republican 207 Mary Maroto Independent 19 Matthew Kennedy Independent 7 Ward 5 Frederick Visconti Democrat 547 Duane Perkins Democrat 351 Clifton Kolwicz Republican 320 |Geoftiey Herald Republican 322 [Clifton Kolwicz HIndependent 29 |Geoffrey Herald lindependent 20 Ward 6 [Paul Rotello Democrat 543, Benjamin Chianese [Democrat 530 Michael Negron Republican 390 "Theresa Keeler Republican 368 Paul Rotello ‘Working Families 44 Benjamin Chianese Working Families 46 ‘Michael Negron independent 35 [Theresa Keeler Independent 49 Ward 7 [Richard Molinaro Democrat laao \Theresa Buzaid |Democrat 471 Joseph Scozzafava [Republican 516 Nancy Cammisa [Republican 449 Joseph Scozzafava Independent 2 Nancy Cammisa Independent 43 2) Bositd of Education Holly Robinson Democrat 3926 Frederick Karrat Democrat 3413 Gladys Cooper Democrat 3966 Emanuela Palmares Republican 3839 Richard Hawley [Republican \4372 Anntose Fluskey-Lattin [Republican 3584 David Metrena [Republican 3981 Daniel Rosemark Republican 3951 Patrick Johnston Republican 14138 ‘Emanuela Palmares |Independent 476 Richard Hawley [Independent 1472 Annrose Fluskey-Lattin [Independent |438 David Metrena ‘Independent 664 Danie! Rosemark [independent 686 Patrick Johnston lindependent 709 Zoning Commission |Richard Jowdy [Democrat 14326 James Kelly Democrat 3434 Theodore Haddad, Jr [Democrat 13957 |Alan Kovacs [Republican 5860 Robert Melillo {Republican l4149 [Kevin Haas 'Republican 3812 Robert Laber Republican 4038 Sally Estefan Republican 4579 ‘Milan David Republican 4262 Jeffrey Giegler Republican \44a4 | Alexander Rodriguez Republican, 4132 'Annette Zatkovich [Republican |4237 |Alan Kovacs Independent 434 [Robert Melillo Independent l478 Kevin Haas Independent 448 ‘Robert Laber lIndependent 622 Sally Estefan Independent 1750 Milan David lindependent \685 Jeffrey Giegler lindependent }703 Alexander Rodriguez [Independent 723 Annette Zatkovich lindependent 1729 Zoning Commission Candice Fay ‘Democrat 3733 Alternates Luis Bautista Republican 3767 /Mary Cronin Republican 4784 John Herlihy, Jr Republican 4274 Luis Bautista independent 391 [Mary Cronin lindependent 687 \John Herlihy, Jr Independent 622 Constables [Emil Coladarei Democrat 2985 [Francis Kieras [Democrat 3107 Henry Hall [Democrat [2862 Michael Halas [Republican \4228 [Louise McMahon [Republican 13763 Michael Safranek Republican 3512 ‘Michael Halas Independent 413 ‘Louise McMahon Independent 381 Michael Safranek independent 335 ‘Include write-in votes cast for candidates for any office, provided the write-in vote on any single ballot doesn result in ‘Wo votes being cast for the same candidate for the same office. BI -ED-C06 [Rev.10/07, \forms'ED-600'] Head Mod, Resum, Municipal Part IV - Official Check List Report A. Total numter of names B. Total number of names on official check list checked as having voted, (include only the active by machine and by absentee registry list and names ballot (as counted on restored to it on election day): official check list): 1, Entire Municipality: DANBURY 34105, 8560, (Town, Borough, City) 2. Political A. Total numter of names B, Total number of names Subdivision on official check list checked as having voted, if epplicable (include only the active by machine and by absentee (eg, Council registry list and names ballot (as counted on District, Ward, etc.) restored to it on election day): official check list): Ward I 5368__ 1591 Ward2__ 5024 1239 _ : Ward 3 5910 1510 Ward 4 4835 877 Ward 5 4097 391 Ward 6 4829 1036 Ward 7 4442 1036 Total EDR Ballots Issued 38 Thereby certify that the foregoing are the returns of the municipal election in the above-named municipality, legally wamed and held on_NOVEMBER 3, 2015 SIGNHERE: x Date Albert S. Mead, Jr printed name | Head Moderator [-check one-] 1 Moderator Head Moderator’s/ Moderator's Telephone Numbers: (Work ) (4)

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