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Cadillac Area

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January/February 2016 Volume 22-NO. 1

Business Magazine

Investment floating
a profit
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Mission Statement

The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce is

a visible business leader that advocates and
drives business opportunities. Through business
alliances, we are a catalyst for our membership
and provide a persuasive regional voice
benefiting our communities.

2015/2016 Board of Directors

Kelly Smith, Executive Director
Baker College of Cadillac
Dave Cox, Vice Chair
Wexford Missaukee ISD
Trent Mulder, Treasurer
Baird, Cotter & Bishop, PC.
Kelly Cater, Past Executive Director
Rec Boat Holdings
Doug DeYoung,
Consumers Energy
Don Schepers,
Schepers Agency, Inc.
Kyle Hogg,
Dental Health Professionals
Melody Hurley,
Walmart Superstore
Stephen King,
Law Office of King & King
Tim Knaggs,
Fekete Knaggs & Burr Insurance
Karl Marcusse,
Dan Minor,
Cadillac Castings, Inc.
Pete Stalker,
Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Brian Williams,
Blue Heron Caf & Bakery
Bill Tencza, President

Mike Acosta, Great Start Consultant
Deb Gillies, Leadership Director/Accountant
Amanda Hamilton, Administrative Assistant

Paula Jasper, Director of Membership Services
Kent Wood, Director of Government Relations
Printer:Pleasant Graphics
Publisher:Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

The Cadillac Area Business Magazine is a publication of the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce. The
Chamber reserves the right to edit or refuse articles
and advertisements submitted to the Cadillac Area
Business Magazine and reserves the right in its sole
discretion to accept or refuse inserts and other materials to be distributed through the publication.

We all play a part in enhancing

the Cadillac experience

ur cover story captures the importance of collaboration, specifically

the Pure Michigan campaign coupled with the vision and leadership
of the Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau. That
collaboration and blueprint, quite noticeably has generated economic stimulus in
the greater Cadillac area.
The Cadillac Area Chamber recognizes the effort and success of the CAVB.
Independently, the Northern Michigan
Chamber Alliance, which includes the
Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce, will
continue to advocate for consistent funding for Pure Michigan on the Legislative
front. Tourism is economic development
and tourism-based industries are not the
only beneficiary, as outlined in our cover
The return on investment is tangible and
the Pure Michigan brand is an investment
that now includes success in international
markets highlighting why Michigan is a
very special place. The early fight for tourism funding was anything but easy and
why our Alliance advocates for consistent
funding as the operative, especially with
success. Michigan has three winning economic sectors, agriculture, manufacturing
and tourism. However, all have benefited
from Pure Michigan and the efforts of the
tourism industry.
I believe it is important to affirm, all of
us have some ability to support tourism or
visitor-related interactions in meaningful,
but diverse ways. Visitors via tourism or
business-related travel, which does comprise lodging occupancy in the Cadillac
area, certainly will evaluate on what
they see and personally experience. The
Cadillac area is a welcoming area, which
is an important brand, and all of us can
collectively assist with simple, positive

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

222 Lake Street

January/February 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

outreach when interacting with a visitor.

However, equally important is area residents recognizing the wonderful assets in
our area that were forged by collaboration, benevolence, nonprofit focus, volunteerism and significant local investment. It
is important not to lose perspective on why
we have advantages people travel to see,
use and enjoy beyond physical beauty and
natural resources, that did not materialize
by happenstance.
From a macro standpoint, promoting our
region has a very big upside when recognizing that investment can directly translate into talent attraction, business relocations, start ups and population growth.
The Cadillac area has sustainable jobs,
often not known, to job-seekers in our own
state. I lament every time I hear a random
Detroit area resident say, If there were
jobs there, I would move there in a minute. That is painfully short-sighted, but
understood and in part, why the Cadillac
Area Industrial Group put the resources
behind a Live Cadillac micro site: http:// The impetus for
creating Live Cadillac was: talent will
select areas that they will enjoy living,
working and playing, so why not the greater Cadillac area. Tourism efforts certainly
augment that strategy very well.
Lastly, and independently, we welcome
Paula Jasper to our Chamber team as our
new Director of Membership Services. I
would ask our member organizations to
reach out as part of the welcome, but with
the thoughts of how we can serve you better. I also want to thank Doreen Lanc for
her decade-plus service of hard work, contributions and dedication. Our entire team
wishes Doreen nothing but success in her
new endeavor as Cadillac Area Community
Foundation, Executive Director.

Bill Tencza,
Chamber President

Attention Chamber Members:

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Go to and click on the
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These benefits are part of your chamber membership and are found on the home page
at Please contact the Chamber with any questions or assistance.

Business Directory


Tuxes & Tastings

Cadillac Hospital

Tuxedo, llC
Fax 231-468-3061

Walkley Agency of Cadillac

919 N. Mitchell -Ste. B
Cadillac, MI 49601

209 N. Mitchell St., Cadillac

Renee Walkley
Agency Principal

Membership Travel
Insurance Financial Services




Cadillac Winery
Tasting Room
Tuxes & Tastings


(231) 775-1773 (231) 775-0703 FAX

9051 E. 48 1/2 Road Cadillac Shop Junction of M-115 & US-131

Craig Johnson, CEO 231-878-3550 Bonded & Insured

Concrete Construction


Edward Dracht

Build Contracting
Serving the greater Cadillac area since 1972.


Commercial Industrial Institutional Agriculture Churches
Offices Rubber Roofs Concrete Flatwork Complete Turnkey Projects
23350 100th Ave. Marion, MI 49665

office: (231) 825-0035

fax: (231) 825-0038
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11014 S. Morey Rd., McBain, MI 49657 231-825-8051

Christopher Schepers, Owner

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Our mission is to learn more about your business
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Options include: Newspaper Marketing, Niche
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Commercial Printing.


Trusted. Local. Connected.

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Leadership Partners:
Belle Oakes Living Center Inc.
BorgWarner Thermal Systems
B&P Manufacturing
Cadillac Area Public Schools
Consumers Energy
DTE Energy
Fekete Knaggs & Burr Insurance Agency
FIAMM Technologies LLC
Fifth Third Bank
Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Michigan Rubber Products, Inc
Rexair LLC
Walmart Supercenter Store
Wexford-Missaukee ISD

Call Katheryn Kidder, Senior Sales & Marketing Specialist at (231) 779-4142.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2016 3

Great Start Collaborative

promotes investment
in the future of our community

By Mike Acosta
Director, Great State Collaborative

There is an extensive body of research showing that children, families and the community all benefit from the investment in quality
early childhood experiences for all our children. The most famous is a 40-year study by
the HighScope Foundation here in Michigan.
Sometimes known as the Perry Preschool
Project, the study followed a group of at-risk
4-year-olds who were offered a quality preschool program and a matched control group
of similar socioeconomic and at-risk status
who did not have benefit of the program. The
two groups have been followed for 40 years.
The study demonstrated the outcomes of
quality early childhood education include:
Children are less likely to be in special education
Show higher achievement scores at age 14
Demonstrate higher graduation rates and
increased likelihood of going on to college
Delayed childbearing
Less likely to be in poverty
Increased earning capacity which equals
increased taxes paid
Decreased involvement with criminal justice system, both as a juvenile and as an adult
This translates into a more productive
Business needs qualified workers and the
US is falling behind global competition. It is
projected that 63% of all American jobs will
require some form of college education in the
next 8 years, but the US lags behind our global competitors in both high school and college graduation rates. By 2018 it is predicted
that our workforce will fall short of employer
needs by nearly 8 million workers with at
least some post-secondary credential.
Children cultivate 85% of their intellect, personality and skills by age 5. The first months
and years of life set the stage for lifelong
achievement. According to the HighScope
study, a $1 investment in high-quality early
childhood programs will return as much
as $17 to the community in later savings. A
2003 study by the Federal Reserve Bank of

Minnesota demonstrated an annual real rate

of return which exceeded 16%.
The Great Start Collaborative is working,
through the leadership of the Cadillac Area
Chamber of Commerce, to improve outcomes
for children in the Wexford Missaukee area.
Improving the readiness of children entering kindergarten is one of our targeted goals.
Among other successes over the last several
years, we have succeeded in getting the state
legislature to increase funding for preschool
for low income families.
The Wexford Missaukee Great Start
Business Engagement Committee wanted to
do more and wanted to focus on all the communitys children. Out of that desire came the
Wexford Missaukee Imagination Library.
In April 2013, we began signing up children
and in June of 2013, the first 148 children
began receiving books. Since then, 2,621 children have received books through the Wexford
Missaukee Imagination Library. A total of
more than 42,200 books have been delivered as of December 2015. Funded by Dolly
Parton in 1995 in Sevier County, Tennessee,
where she grew up, the Imagination Library
has been replicated across the country. The
program provides a book in the mail each
month to children from birth until their fifth
birthday. These are high quality, colorful
books meant to build a love of reading in the
child. But much more than that, each book
includes a letter to parents telling them what

January/February 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

to do before reading the book, while reading

the story and how to follow up afterwards to
build on the childs learning experience.
The books are offered to all families regardless of income at no cost. The program is
funded 100% by donations. Businesses, individuals and others have provided the funding
to allow the program to be offered locally.
But we need your help! The first thing you
can do is to encourage employees and the
public to sign up their children, grandchildren and neighbors. Children can be enrolled
in the program at You can pick up paper forms at the
Chamber office, at local libraries or schools.
You can also pick up business cards for your
office front desk or reception area which tell
parents how to sign up.
Secondly, you can help by providing financial support through a direct designation at
the United Way or by sending a contribution
to the Cadillac Area Community Foundation
with a notation for the Imagination Library.
Any questions and for more information go
The Imagination Library is just one of the
ways that the Great Start Collaborative is
working to improve outcomes for all of the
children in our community. Quality early
childhood experiences matter and make a difference to the future of our community, making it a more attractive place to live, work and

Cashing in on an investment
Cadillac areas Pure Michigan partnership
dividends include increasing hotel room occupancy
The greater Cadillac area is reaping the benefits of the Pure Michigan
campaign after teaming up with the state in 2012.
The Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau started linking with the Pure
Michigan campaign, funding $35,000 annually to help promote the
Cadillac area on the states Pure Michigan website.
The CAVB targets the Indiana, Ohio and Illinois metropolitan areas.
The campaign is geared toward two- to four-person families that have
a household income of $55,000 and who are looking for outdoor recreation.
The campaign appears to be paying off. Joy VanDrie, of the Cadillac
Area Visitors Bureau, said Cadillac area hotels had its highest occupancy rate ever for October 2015, as well as the highest revenue
through the month of October at $39,942.
Besides Cadillac, the CAVB also covers areas north to Buckley, south
to LeRoy in Osceola County, east to Merritt in Missaukee County, and
west to Wellston in Manistee County.


The higher occupancy is also felt by downtown businesses, VanDrie

Increased occupancy has been noticed on Mitchell Street by our
downtown stores, she said, who all gained revenue this past year
from traveling tourists to the area.
VanDrie said the downtown is an attraction to travelers, just like the
lakes and trails. A positive and full downtown can help enhance the
travelers experience.
When I started with the CAVB five years ago the downtown would
gain three businesses and lose four businesses every year, VanDrie
said. Now, with the increase in traffic and revenue in our downtown
brick and mortar we are still seeing some close, but more open than
close and more are changing ownership rather than close.
Improvements to the park as well as the downtown will continue to
help spur the economy.



AT: CadillacM


5 49' 36.1884
4 21' 5

'' W



Shake out the

tee N
art of the Manis
ing trip to Cadilla
100+ miles of hik
and pla
winter cobwebs

(800) 22-LA

Above is one of the many ads that the Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau has used to promote the area to potential visitors in other states. This was a half-page ad that ran in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2016 5

The Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau doesnt promote just Cadillac, but also places like the Merritt Speedway in Missaukee County.

Pure Michigan has helped expand northern Michigans reach

The future changes in the city park are exciting because we will be
removing the physical barrier of the parking lot between the downtown and the city park festivals, and making it fluid and friendly,she
said. We have new investment in our downtown properties and future
new second floor living spaces all good for downtown and the area
business economy.
The return on the Pure Michigan investment has been reported at 6 to
1, said Kent Wood, Director of Government Relations for the Cadillac
Area Chamber of Commerce and Northern Michigan Chamber
Alliance. Wood said that for every dollar spent on advertising on the
Pure Michigan campaign generates $6 in tourism spending in the state.
The Pure Michigan campaign has been a major boost for the economy in northern Michigan by showcasing our region and the natural,

cultural, and agricultural amenities we have to offer, Wood said. It

has been probably the most effective way to reach across our state borders to tell people how to experience northern Michigan.
The return on investment is already being reinvested in the area,
VanDrie said. She said three area hotels have already spent $5 million
on upgrades, and more than $2 million has been spent on upgrades to
Merritt Speedway, Caberfae Peaks, new restaurants and trails.
The spin-off effect is that when we reach a certain percentage of
occupancy, the hotels start making profits to re-invest in capital projects and additional staff, or wage increases, VanDrie said. If our
hotels are doing well, the trickle down means more visitors are on the
streets downtown shopping, filling up their gas tanks at service stations, eating at area restaurants, golfing and attending our attractions.

January/February 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Increase in tourist interest

and traffic is creating
a need for certain providers
The increasing traffic is also generating an increase in need, such as
the need for guide companies.
We could use a few guide companies focusing on taking people out
and showing them how to experience our trails, lakes, rivers, VanDrie
said. Not fishing guided, but someone who can help organize outdoor activities like biking, hiking, etc., and show newcomers how to.
There is potential for kayak/personal craft rentals on lakes, also boat
tours on Lakes Mitchell and Cadillac.
Many live here and have never been on the lake and boomers just
want a slow tour of the shoreline, VanDrie added. We really need
more experiential providers, if you own a full farm, open it up and
offer farm tours and let us know. We have a lot of best kept secrets, we
need the information so our visitors can experience them, too.
Currently there are questions on what the state funding levels will be
for the campaign. Wood said the state is looking at a projected $300
million deficit in next years budget.
Time will tell what the Governor and legislature have in store for
the Pure Michigan campaign during next years budget debate, he
said. We were pleased with the bump in funding to $33 million for
the campaign last year, and we will be happy to see it stay put at $33
million next year.
We would like to see the consistent funding for the program continue, but it will also be important for stakeholders like the Alliance to
know what the long-term plan is for the campaign, and for any additional money it might receive, Wood said.

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Back to the Bricks in downtown Cadillac is one of several events the Cadillac Area Visitors
Bureau helps to promote bring in tourists into the area. The work with Pure Michigan has
helped spur additional economic activity throughout the area.

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2016 7

November 2015

Rise Up! Cadillac

Hosted by:

Anytime Fitness

Sponsored by:

Wexford Community Credit Union

Sponsored by:

Sponsored by:


Cadillac Tuxedo &

Cadillac Winery Tasting Room

Deadline for the March/April 2016

Cadillac Area Business Magazine
is February 5, 2016. Share your
business/organization news!

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

23rd Annual Briefcase

Open Golf Outing

Your Chamber is now on Social Media! Find out

what weve been up to and join our upcoming
programs by visiting our Facebook Page.

Find us on

Friday, May 20, 2016

Evergreen Resort (Host Course)

& Cadillac Country Club
*Proceeds benefit Chamber programs,
services and legislative advocacy.

January/February 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Save t

he Dat

Save the Date

Lecture Luncheon
January 22, 2016

Variety Show

Terry Vandercook, M

Michigan Buyer Deve

Pure Michigan Busin
ess Connect
Baker College of Ca
dillac at Noon-1:15PM

Saturday, April 16th

in business
Save the Date

Cadillac Community Schools Auditorium

February 05, 2016

se Trainer
Chad Boolman, Self Defen
Lakeside Charles at Noon

January/February Health Tip:

Staying Active in Cold Weather - Get started

There are plenty of ways to be active in fall and

winter, even if the weather turns cold. You can stay
in shape and have fun while youre at it. Here are
some ideas:


Go for walks at the mall with a friend. Local schools

and churches may have indoor gyms where you
can walk. You may want to buy a pedometer from
a sporting goods store. You can use it to count your
steps. This will help motivate you to walk more.
Get some hand weights or stretch bands to use at
home for resistance exercise. You can get fit while
you watch your favorite TV show or listen to music.
Try doing a little more each week. Use cans of food if
you dont want to buy weights.
Buy or rent an exercise DVD, or borrow one at the
library. If you have an MP3 player, you can download
audio routines from the Internet. This can be a fun
way to stay in shape at home.
Take the stairs and fit in walk breaks whenever you
can. This will give you extra activity, even on a busy
Do active housework like sweeping, mopping,
vacuuming, doing laundry, or washing the windows.
You can stay active while you keep your home
looking good.
Join a gym or health club. You can use machines
like treadmills, stair-climbers, or exercise bikes. Try

a fitness class or a new indoor activity, like dancing

or water aerobics. Many cities have community
centers that offer affordable fitness classes.
Get involved in sports leagues in your community
or at work. Many cities offer indoor sports like
indoor soccer,
or swimming.


Rake leaves
or other yard
Bundle up,
and take the
dog for a walk. This can help you make walks part of
your daily routine.
Shovel snow. This can be great winter exercise. But
if you have heart problems or other health concerns,
be sure to ask your doctor if shoveling snow is okay.
Overdoing it can put dangerous strain on your body.
Try a new winter activity like skating, crosscountry skiing, or snowshoeing. When you do outdoor
activities in less populated areas, be sure to plan
ahead. Let people know where you will be, and take
the right gear for the conditions.
WebMD Medical Reference from Healthwise

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2016 9








New Pa

Decorative Plaza &

Ice Rink Area
rking Lo

New Pa

rking Lo




City of Cadillac

Heritage Plaza Concept Plan

2015-2016 Cadillac Leadership Class Announces

Community Service Project ... Cadillac Splash
Article submitted by Kathy Cress

This being the 25th anniversary of the

Cadillac Leadership Class, our goal is
to make a big splash with this years
project. We are pleased to announce the
selection of our community service project for 2015-2016. Class members have
spent multiple weeks in group discussions and idea sharing. One idea that
kept coming to the forefront was chosen
by a unanimous vote. Our group has
elected to fund a community splash pad/
ice rink as a part of the City of Cadillacs
Heritage Plaza Project. The project is
scheduled to commence this spring with
the goal of a fall completion.
This is why we chose a combination splash
pad and ice rink. Our project will support
the community as a whole, provide an added
incentive for visitors to spend time in the
downtown/lakefront area and increase the
ambience of the Heritage Plaza. We want to
make this project a pillar of the community
and support the City of Cadillac in this exciting
addition to our park system.
The splash pad/ice rink will be oval in shape,



Simply the Best

40 feet by 50 feet. During the summer months,

it will operate as a fountain-type splash pad.
Water will spray upward at different heights,
angles and intervals through holes in the base
of the pad. In the winter months, an enclosure
will be installed around the pad, allowing it to
be used as an ice rink. This project is unique
in that it can be enjoyed by the public all year
Each years leadership class is responsible
for choosing a community service project, fun-

January/February 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

draising for that project and also

ensuring the project is completed.
During our nine month tenure,
we will have the opportunity to
enhance our leadership skills and
strengthen our understanding of
the community and its needs.
Our fundraising efforts are underway. Please mark your calendars for
the Leadership & Friends Dinner to
be held at the Cadillac Grill, Friday,
March 11, 2016. Details and other
events will be announced soon.
For more information regarding
our class project, please contact
Lucas Dent, 231-942-2760, Brittany Hunter
,231-878-2397 or Kathy Cress, 231-884-0217.
If you wish to support our community service project, please visit the Cadillac Area
Chamber of Commerce website at to make an online donation. Checks
may be made payable to Cadillac Leadership,
Cadillac Splash and mailed to:
Kathy Cress, Class Treasurer, Avon Protection
Systems, 503 Eighth Street, Cadillac, MI
49601. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Energy and Detroit schools bailout package

are issues Lansing faces in 2016
The new year brings new issues facing the state legislature.
Kent Wood, Director of Government Relations for the Cadillac
Area Chamber of Commerce and Northern Michigan Chamber
Alliance, discussed pending issues for 2016 and potential ballot
proposals on tap for Election Day 2016.
The Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerces Lecture Luncheon
was held at Baker College of Cadillac December 11.
Among the major issues discussed were the energy package, as
well as a legislative package focused on reversing the financial
struggles facing Detroit Public Schools.
The issue with DPS is that they have more than half a billion
dollars in debt and the state is on the hook for that, Wood said.
Those are the parameters that our Legislature is dealing with.
Wood also discussed the expansion of the Health Insurance
Claims Assessment tax.
The legislature is working on a proposal to extend the current
HICA tax sunset from 2017 to 2025. This is a tax on employers
who offer health care and is used to fund Michigans Medicaid
The proposal also calls for an elimination of the current statutory cap imposed upon revenue generated through HICA and
Michigans Medicaid HMO Use Tax, which means that businesses
could be paying more in HICA tax assessments in the future.
In addition to Woods legislative update, State Rep. Phil Potvin
R-Cadillac, said a collaborative effort is underway between himself and Wexford-Missaukee Superintendent Jeff Jennette to provide area employer training.
I want to open the opportunity up for our intermediate school
districts to promote education for our employers very similar to
what our community colleges are already doing, Potvin said.
There is a $50 million fund that has been set aside for community colleges and were trying to mirror that but with a whole new
fund created by the employers.
Workforce and talent development will be a priority for the
Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance in 2016, Wood added.
Training is a key component to the talent and workforce issues
were facing, Wood said.
We are very fortunate to have a place
like The Lakeview in our community.
Highly skilled medical professionals,
caring upbeat attendants, and committed
therapists make the facility one I would
recommend to anyone. I cant say enough
about the terrific care I received.
~ Don Samardich
Longtime Attorney & Cadillac Resident

Cadillac Plant


Our products lead the commercial diesel industry.


Gracious Rehabilitation, Memory Care

and Skilled Nursing Services
by Lutheran Social Services of Michigan
th l k i
f dill
| (231) 775-0101
460 Pearl Street | Cadillac, MI 49601


Thermal Shutter


Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2016 11

New Members
Authority Accounting Inc
317 N Mitchell
Cadillac, MI 49601
(231) 846-7959
Eva Piana
Cadillac Mortgage
201 N Mitchell St. Suite 202
Cadillac, MI 49601
(231) 468-3333
Candice Vickery
Friends to elect
Michele Hoitenga for State Rep
226 Roberts Street
Manton, MI 49663
(231) 878-3888
Michele Hoitenga
Keystone Retirement Service LLC
512 N Mitchell St
Cadillac, MI 49601
(231) 878-7074
Ryan Cicchelli
Northern Truck Service
6170 W Gerwoude Drive
McBain, MI 49657
(231) 825-6008
Jennifer Schierbeek
Roaring 20s Saloon
210 S Mitchell
Cadillac, MI 49601
(231) 775-8411
James Feister

Peggy Bazuin joins

Walkley Agency
The Walkley Agency of Cadillac has announced that Peggy
Bazuin has joined the AAA Insurance team. Bazuin has been
an insurance agent for 16 years. Bazuin was previously with
AAA Paul Bulger (retired). The Walkley Agency opened in 2015.

Paula Jasper named

Director of Member Services
at Cadillac Area
Chamber of Commerce
The Cadillac Area Chamber of
Commerce welcomes Paula Jasper as
Director of Membership Services. Paula
will be responsible for membership
growth, retention and services, as well as
program and committee oversight. Jasper
is excited to support and assist Cadillac
Area Chamber of Commerce member
businesses and organizations.
Jasper is a Cadillac native with a background in sales and media. She may look
familiar to you, as she has spent the last five years working as a
Northern Michigan reporter for MiNews 26 television.
Please feel free to welcome Paula at
or 231-775-9776.

Sit Back & Enjoy the Ride!

2016 Jeep Cherokee

Stop In &
Latitude 4x4
Check it out!

Summit Restaurant Managment

(McDonalds Cadillac)
6231 M-115
PO Box 589
Cadillac, MI 49601
(317) 847-3322
Barb Taylor
The Landing Dance Academy
114 S. Mitchell St.
Cadillac, MI 49601
(231) 468-2999
Lindsay Rumohr


Honesty and Integrity are the Foundation of Our Business!

1110 N. Mitchell, Cadillac, MI 775-2413
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 AM-5:30 PM, Sat. 8 AM-2 PM, Other by Appt.

January/February 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

Technology is helping all of us efficiently

stand strong in crime prevention
By Todd Golnick
City of Cadillac Chief of Police

Wow! As we start 2016, it is

amazing to think of the changes
that Silent Observer has gone
through during the past year. With
the support of the community,
the tireless members of the Silent
Observer Board and the Cadillac
Area Chamber of Commerce, we
have managed a full grade technology implementation this year.
Thats the power of volunteerism.
More than 40 tips have been submitted using the new technology
over the past 5 months. That number will grow as word continues to
get out. But what is most impressive is the quality of the information being received and the ability
for law enforcement to dialogue
with tipsters. It is clearly evident
that tipsters are far more comfortable utilizing the mobile app

or the webpage-based
reporting system.
A recently submitted tip is an excellent
example of the new
technology at work.
After seeing a disturbing post on Facebook,
a tipster went into
action. The post showed a disturbing photo of a man who had been
recently beaten and the poster
bragging about it. Knowing the
people involved were from the
area, the tipster took a screen
shot of the Facebook post, went
to their mobile app, P3 Tips, and
uploaded it to Silent Observer.
Within minutes the Michigan
State Police teamed up with the
Cadillac Police Department.
Officers dialogued with the tipster
asking clarifying questions about
what else they may know. Before

the afternoon had passed, police

identified the victim, lodged the
suspect in jail on an unrelated
charge, and continued to pursue
the assault investigation. Its safe
to say that a picture is worth a
thousand words.
As we move through 2016, Silent
Observer has launched a membership base to continue supporting
this technology. If your business is
interested in Standing Strong in
Crime Prevention, please email
Mike Paulin, board president, at

Local Investment.
Local Faces.

At Mercantile Bank weve assembled a team whos invested in the growth of the
Northern Michigan communities and the vibrant businesses that thrive here. The people
you see here every day understand your banking and business needs because they live
and work here too. Local decisions, local investment, local faces, thats how Mercantile
Bank is here to get you there.

Cadillac Downtown

Cadillac North

Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2016 13

New Executive Director

at the Cadillac Area
Community Foundation

Thirsty Thursday YP mixers

are held the first Thursday of every month at alternating locations.

Please keep an eye on the chambers facebook page as we will
share the events when the dates become available.

Doreen Lanc was been named the Executive

Director of the Cadillac Area Community Foundation
in November 2015. She worked as a Co-Executive
Director with Linda Kimbel, Executive Director, until
December 30, 2015, when Kimbel retired.
Lanc has served as a board member of Cadillac
Oasis Family Resources, President of the Cadillac
Area Womens Giving Circle, member of the Cadillac
Area Health Coalition, and is currently the President
of Rotary Club of Cadillac. She also volunteered for
many other organizations and events.
My position at the Cadillac Area Community
Foundation fits right into my passion for working to
improve the quality of life in our community, said
Lanc had been employed at the Cadillac Area
Chamber of Commerce, providing services for members, prospective members, and planning chamber
events since January 2005.


24/7 Emergency Service.
We make it our responsibility
to keep you dry!

Home of the Springfield SmartRoof

Phone 231.263.5300 Toll Free 888.469.0059
Fax 231.263.5723 6509 M-37 Kingsley, MI 49649


January/February 2016 - Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce

An Authorized Duro-Last Contractor

Hervey is named partner

at Baird, Cotter and
Bishop P.C.

Nick Jacqmain
appointed President of
Springfield Inc.

Baird, Cotter and Bishop, P.C. is pleased to announce

that Corinna K. Hervey has become a partner of the firm.
Hervey has both CPA and CFE credentials and provides
tax, audit, and consulting to individuals, businesses, not
for profit entities and governmental units. From northern
Michigan, she currently resides in Reed City.
When not working she enjoys camping, traveling, and
doing projects with her husband and two children.

Nick Jacqmain has been appointed President of

Springfield Inc. Jacqmain earned his bachelors
degree in Business Administration and Sports
Management from Central Michigan University.
Jacqmain joined the Springfield team in 2009. As
President, Jacqmain will work closely with CEO
Terry Umlor to manage all corporate activity.

Data track 2014-2015

Wexford County Jan. 15 Feb. 15 Mar. 15 April 15 May 15 June 15 July 15 Aug. 15 Sept. 15 Oct. 15 Nov. 15 Dec. 14
Labor Force
14,613 14,603 14,575 14,523 14,979 15,003 14,850 14,598 14,386 14,370 14,412 13,277
13,379 13,483 13,465 13,628 13,891 13,990 13,830 13,805 13,637 13,599 13,679 12,293

Unemployment 1,234 1,120 1,110 895 1,088 1,013 1,020 793 749 771 733 984

8.4% 7.7% 7.6% 6.2% 7.3% 6.8% 6.9% 5.4% 5.2% 5.4% 5.1% 7.4%
Missaukee County Jan. 15 Feb. 15 Mar. 15 April 15 May 15 June 15 July 15 Aug. 15 Sept. 15 Oct. 15 Nov. 15 Dec. 14

Labor Force
7,131 7,140 7,226 7,014 7,344 7,400 7,337 7,217 7,095 6,972 6,887 5,817

6,534 6,583 6,666 6,560 6,856 6,915 6,862 6,851 6,752 6,632 6,575 5,388

Unemployment 597 557 560 454 488 485 475 366 343 340 312 429

8.4% 7.8% 7.7% 6.5% 6.6% 6.6% 6.5% 5.1% 4.8% 4.9% 4.5% 7.4%
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2016 CadillaC SRX CRoSSoveR

Challenge youR peRCeptionS.
eXpeRienCe a CadillaC foR youRSelf.



2016 CadillaC SRX

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Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce - January/February 2016 15

Chamber of Commerce
222 N. Lake St.
Cadillac, MI 49601-1874