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Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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Japa must be done until it becomes natural. At first it requires effort; later it happens
automatically. When it becomes natural, that is realization. Japa may be done even while
engaged in other work. Bhakti, vichara and japa - all finally resolve themselves into that
one single Reality. They are only different tools to keep out the unreality.
The unreality is an obsession at present. Reality is our true nature. We are wrongly
persisting in the unreality, namely, thought and worldly activities. Cessation of these will
reveal the truth. Our attempts are directed towards keeping them out. It is done by
thinking of the Reality only.
Although it is our true nature, it looks as if we are thinking of Reality. What we are doing
really amounts to the removal of obstacles for the revelation of true Being. The practice
of vichara is thus a reversion to our true nature.
Q: Is there any harm in my continuing japa, or is it essential that I should do only the bare
'Who am I?' enquiry?
M: No, you can trace the root of any thought or japa or mantra, and continue to do so
until you have an answer to your question. That is a meditation which will lead you to the
same goal as the 'Who am I?' enquiry.
What is mental repetition if it is not meditation? Vocal japa becomes mental which is the
same as meditation.
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