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THE STATE OF TEXAS ba.LoG NuMBER.t8677 vs CilS TRACKING NO DAVID ROBERT DALEIDEN sex: 0269389 BY:SC DA NO: 050785416 a 5034 EL CEMONTE Dow: WMT 19 AGENCY.HPD Davis, cA DATEPREPARED: 1252016 —OMRNO- I0S37371S ARREST DATE: DIRECT NCIC CODE: 4802 29 2F RELATED CASES: S, MERRITT - FELONY FELONY CHARGE: TAMPERING WITH GOVERNMENTAL RECORD CAUSE NO: / Yy. BAIL: $10,000 HARRIS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT NO. 7 O35; PRIOR CAUSE NO: fnST ser DATE av IN THE NAME AND BY AUTHORITY OF THE STATE OF TEXAS: The duly organized Grand Jury of Harris County, Texas, presents in the District Court of Harris County, Texas, that in Harris County, Texas, DAVID ROBERT DALEIDEN, hereafter styled the Defendant, heretofore on or about APRIL 9, 2015, did then and there unlawfully, with knowledge of is falsity MAKE, PRESENT, AND USE a governmental record, attached hereto as Exhibit A, namely LICENSE, TO WIT: CALIFORNIA DRIVER'S LICENSE and with the intent to defraud and harm another. Ghrs Oete 6 JAN 25 208 65 Timer Coury, as By. Doe AGAINST THE PEACE AND DIGNITY OF THE STATE. FOREMAN OF THE GRAND JURY INDICTMENT ROBERT paOuD siRCrO..”. Sebo cEanbo ave