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In recent years, the society’s evolution and the rapprochement among cultures had
defined a new way for freedom of speech and in arts we have found freedom through
the expression.
Nowadays, we are in a society where everyone can “supposedly” to delimit their owns
expression limits. Painters, writers, composers, musicians…all of them they have two
tools to create: their ability and their freedom.
After French Revolution in 1789, it arose a new way to think, a news values, a new
conception of life that it was reflected in arts.
However, at the same time, always the censurationship had existed for every field.
Ther’re exemples the politic repression ( Cuba, Spanis dictatorship…) or moral
repression ( values, mores, traditionalism….)
In 1830 (eighteen thirteen), during Napoleon third’s government, it was opened “ Le
salon des refuses) in Paris, a space where they were accumulated all the pictures
non-accepted. They were considered inappropriate because of the nakes or a
provocative technique.
In literature area, along the history, a lot of books have been restricted. There’re some
examples of works considered morbid. They were judged by immorality and their
writers too.

Youtube received many complains for Pereza’s videoclip and the company removed the video of their top 20 songs We have other examples of censurationship: famous people who were modificated their appearance ( for the Spanish TV. - For Beatles’ lovers. . elision or values and moral rules. today they aren’t walls to limit our ideas in an art freedom. that’s why we have to be careful whith what it’s really freedom. so. as a representation of demureness requested Madonna to remove - their song. the most important radio in England.We have some songs that were banned or censured in their time. The Vatican. why we have go back? [ ther’re are the most sweet pictures I founded *] And… TODAY > _________________________ 6 Supposedly. But sometimes. the censurationship didn’t exit. Classical civilizations dindn’t refused to express the art of natural. I have to tell you that one of their songs was banned in the - BBC. PARTICULARLY). so. this censurationship still being with us dressed like a politic. a cover of children film that it that he has communist symbol…) __________________________________ 5 BUT we don’t must forget that in the Antiquity’s art. We can paint or we can write that we want without repression.