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Cooking workshop with Chef Dekura

Mr Dekura is continuing his popular school incursion in 2016. This is a wonderful opportunity for
your students to learn the values, traditions and history of Japan through hands-on cooking
lessons with Mr. Dekura.



Fee per

Matsu course

Sakura & Take course

(Sushi rolls, wagashi
and Matcha tea)

2 hours

From $25 + GST

Take course

Flower roll and insideout roll

1 hour

From $18 + GST

Ume course

Chu-maki and Hosomaki rolls

1 hour

From $15 + GST

Sakura course

Wagashi and Matcha


1 hour

From $15 + GST

Tsuru course

Kaku-maki and mini

inside-out rolls

1 hour

From $18 + GST

Minimum 20 students per booking, up to 100 students on a day depending on venue and
Ingredients will be changed depending on market in season.

No travel fee will be charged to schools located within 20km from Chatswood. Schools
outside this area will be charged $50 up to 80km. Other than that please inquire.
His workshops include: School events, such as longest sushi roll. Wide variety of makisushi styles, background culinary history, Japanese ingredients, utensils, plats/bowls, table
manners, calligraphy in Japanese cuisine, tea ceremony, Shojin-ryori (zen cusine), regional
cuisine, and Chakai-seki ryori (tea ceremony cuisine).

Hideo Dekura
Hideo was born in Yotsuya, Tokyo. His father was a playwright and owns Japanese restaurants,
Kihei of Tokyo and Mitsuji, where he commenced his training, whist still at school at Shinjyuku
High School and through to Nihon University. Hideo learnt from his parents the principles of sushi
and kappo-ryori food preparation, cooking and presentation. These methods have been passed
down through generations of his family. At the same time, he learnt the philosophy of Chakaiseki
(tea ceremony cusine), Teikanryu Shodo (calligraphy), Ikenobou-ryuseiha (flower arrangement)
and Hocho Shiki (the cooking knife ceremony) under the tutelage of Shijyo-shinryu by Iemoto
Shishikura Soken sensei.
Hideo received Japanese government awards in 2007 and 2015.
Mr. Dekura is a published author of culinary books in several languages. Below books are
available on the market or at Culinary studio Dekura.

Find Out more about Mr. Dekura at Culinary Studio Dekura .