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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Mrs. Mathews Health Education course. This semester I will be implementing a blended learning
environment. CCSD has the goal of 100,000 students in an online or blended learning environment by August
2015. A blended learning environment is different in three ways:

Student-Focused creating Student Ownership and Control: Blended programs revolve around the needs
of individual learners—not cohorts, systems, or adult interests. Like fully online learning, blended learning
gives students ownership and control of their education.

Differentiated Customized Learning: By harnessing online learning, blended programs can diagnose a
student’s learning level, style, etc. and differentiate instruction. Students work at a customized level and
pace, instead of moving through school in age-based cohorts regardless of their comprehension.

Data-Driven Teacher Attention: Blended learning is data-driven, with teachers receiving regular updates
on student progress. This empowers teachers by equipping them with the information to immediately
intervene when students are struggling or adjust instruction based on student learning.

What will the classroom look like?
Students will use electronic devices and the internet to watch video lessons, access content through Canvas (a
learning management system) as well as Students will complete assignments and quizzes through
Canvas and Edmodo and work on group projects within class. Students that are falling behind will have one on
one or group interventions with the teacher. The teacher will spend her time reviewing, checking for
understanding and facilitating project based learning assignments and discussions.
How will this effect homework?
Students will be given time in class to complete assignments but if a student falls behind, he/she will need to
have internet access to be able to access content and assignments from home.
Students will need an electronic device to use in class such as an iPad, laptop or cell phone as well as ear buds
or headphones. If students do not have a device, one can be provided for them during class but cannot be taken
home. Outside of class, students must have access to the internet, either at home or a different location such as
the library before/after school or during lunch.
I am excited to implement a blended learning environment for your student. If you have any questions or
concerns, please email me anytime.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like my student to be in a blended learning classroom
 I do not want my student to be in a blended learning classroom
Student Name (Printed): _________________________________________ Date:_____________
Parent Signature:_________________________________________ Phone:__________________
Parent Email: ____________________________________________________________________
Do you have Internet access at home: YES or  NO
*If no, can your child access the internet in a different location? YES or  NO