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The PRogressor

Fall 2015

How to Gain Meaningful
Experience while still
being a student
Need advice aboout what to do with
your communications degree? Look
no further!

Learn all about a local
small business!

Contents Letter from the Editor Letter from the Director How to Gain Experience Without Being a Professional by Sigrid Brus PRogressing through the Ranks By Trey Roosa Crisis Communication: A Useful Tool in the Field By Tabitha Fisher Uptown Tots: A Children’s Boutique By Miranda Stewart Sr. .

We have accomplished some outstanding professional work that will be beneficial to ourselves and the organizations we worked with for years to come. Erin Morgan Legacy PR Editor Fall 2015 . PR Legacy. I dove right into this organization with little clue as to what it entailed and am elated I did so. We even had the opportunity to help out a fellow student organization here at UNI. This semester’s edition also includes helpful information for students in need of guidance for their future with their degree in the field of communications. Everything done thus far by our team has been nothing short of exemplary experience which is thoughtfully elaborated in an article written by one of our executive members. Here’s to 2016 and many more rewarding semesters! Sincerely. Finally. Marketing minor. I would like to thank the executive board for all of their help and direction this semester. I would like to congratulate the rest of the team for all of the hard work put into our respective projects this semester. Our list of clientele ranged from our local Historical Society to a one of a kind children’s boutique downtown Cedar Falls. This edition of the PRogressor is nothing short of unique and enlightening and I hope you enjoy what has been created. We have been hard at work this semester fulfilling a variety of projects for our clients. and new member of UNI’s student run Public Relations firm. I am thrilled to be writing you as the editor of the PRogressor for the Fall of 2015! I am a sophomore Public Relations major. Thank you to our Director Alyssa Jones for leading confidently and successfully and to Sigrid Brus for all of her technical support.Fall 2015 Dear Reader. Sigrid Brus.

and expansion of professional skills. We then added Cedar Falls Historical Society. We were able to meet potential clients prior to the beginning of the fall semester. Uptown Tots. using Photoshop. Last year’s Legacy PR rebranding got us off to a great start this fall. press releases. We aim to gain new members by promoting Legacy PR to all PRSSA members and communication department students. and Cedar Valley Friends of the Family. It brings me great pleasure to see how hard our small but mighty student firm has worked this semester. posters. We have some new and some returning members. This enabled us to have a couple clients interested right away. Our first client was an on campus student organization called Recycle UNI. Thank you to all the members and executive board. and Publisher. and business cards. After working with this client we were able to spilt into smaller groups and add more clients. This client work included creating logos. We also plan to maintain relationships with current clients to do more work for them in the spring semester. Facebook Advisements. -Alyssa Jones . We created them a logo that enabled us to learn how to work as a team and find each other’s strengths. I am writing to you as the 2015-2016 Legacy PR Director. This learning was done through using campus assets and group members teaching each other. All of you have stepped up and taken new challenges. Next semester’s goals include gaining new members. Each group was able to learn new skills including writing press releases. recreating digital versions of previous material. continued learning of programs.Dear Reader. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish next semester.

Once again. That is. PSA writing. social media management and strategies. In my internships. I have also created brochures and other marketing materials for local nonprofits. volunteer management.’ As I have gone through my own job search. local events! In Legacy PR. I joined Legacy PR in the fall of 2014 not knowing what I was getting myself into. and website development. I decided to give it a try. That doesn’t sounds like ‘no experience’ to me! My internships have been great. and. maybe most importantly. story board writing. I have contributed to a re-branding campaign by creating client contracts. I have developed professional contacts in the community and worked with others who have different creative and organizational styles than I do. I have networked with professionals around the Cedar Valley and can say I have been a part of great. I am learning in what I would consider a safe environment. until I realized I DO have experience! My experience comes in two parts: internships and Legacy PR. I have gained experience in fundraising. he was there just to ask how my day was going. I have also learned to work with people who lack or have different organizational styles than myself. Legacy PR has also help me develop a professional realtionship with a professor who has helped me not only in class and in Legacy PR but also professionally by critiquing my online portfolio and resume. and each other to bounce ideas off of or help with certain parts of a project. the Digital Media Hub in Rod Library or the Production house in the Innovative Teaching and Technology Center. He helped me in the job application process when I had no idea what I was doing. We have plenty of resources at our fingertips including online Lynda tutorials. programming. and informational postcards as well as designing a new logo. and boy am I glad I did…I only wish I had joined sooner! Legacy PR has given me the opportunity to practice what we learn in class (or learn new skills) by partnering with local organizations who are looking for help with their public relations materials. Join a professional student organization. a faculty advisor ready to help. I only knew the President of the organization at the time and she told me that Legacy PR is the student-run PR firm and that they were looking for more students to join. but I want to focus on Legacy PR because it is an organization I CHOSE to be a part of and wasn’t required to in order to graduate. build a network. I shared this frustration.How to Gain Experience Without Being a Professional By: Sigrid Brus A common frustration I hear from many students my age looking for a post-graduation career revolves around one line on a job description: 4 + more years of experience We discuss how we can’t ‘get experience’ if no organizations or companies are looking for ‘no experience. organization business cards. and gain experience! .

creating promotional/ recruiting materials.PRogressing through the Ranks By: Trey Roosa Every college student ever can tell you how annoying it is to constantly be bombarded with questions about your major. Eight months ago I joined the Iowa National Guard. A 46A or a Public Affairs officer does the same sort business that a normal public relations personnel does but you are working with Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO’s). What is your major? What do you do in that major? Can you find a job with that? We have been bombarded with these questions since before we were actually even in college and finally after four years and 130 credits later I finally know what I am doing with my life after I graduate. On the domestic side you work side by side with journalist and reporters to help better the image of the United States Army. While there I met different types of people and met someone who had worked in the Public Affairs branch of the Army. After college the plan will be to pursue an Active Guard Reserve job. The fun really begins on the foreign side of things in the position. which is a full time position with a reserve branch in the Army. In a war where we are constantly practicing counterinsurgency and attempting to win the hearts and minds of the citizens over there a Public Affairs officer is someone helps with the day to day interactions with foreign journalists. Whether it be through press releases. Finally though I had gathered the courage to enlist and a month later I was gone to Fort Leonard Wood for Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training. I had always been into the idea of joining the Armed Services and performing my American duty but had never taken the first step. At that moment I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Hopefully get to see the world a little and enjoy what all the Army has to offer me. . Dealing with other cultures can be a challenge and it is something that can be incredibly fun and challenging. The biggest thing that domestic Public Affairs Officers do is advise those people who may not be as aware of the journalistic spotlight as others.

Crisis Communication: a Useful Tool in the Field By: Tabitha Fisher Crisis Communication is the management of a potential crisis that can hurt a company. Providing a response quickly will save the company’s face. Having pre-drafted messages not only saves time in getting the information out to the public. “Crisis Management and Communications | Institute for Public Relations. With every release of information involving a crisis. The crisis plan must include pre-drafted messages that can be used during the crisis. The pre-crisis stage is focused on prevention and preparation. accurate and consistent. industry. This stage is an important part of any company’s communication department. There will be no shortage of jobs in the future for crisis communication. This stage focuses on getting back to normal day to day activities. Crisis communication is an ever growing field.there is no crisis. It is important to have one voice speak for the company in order to keep consistency.crisis. 30 Oct.” Institute for Public Relations. it provides the company with the time to look into the crisis and to provide that information. crisis response. which is where crisis communication comes in.the crisis management team confronts the person or group that is stating there is something wrong. After the crisis the management team looks at the crisis as a learning experience and changes the crisis management plan for future use. 2007. 17 Nov. denial. A crisis management plan has three steps to it: pre-crisis. Not only are the threats to companies getting more complicated and changing. By providing a quick response.. for example: attack the accuser. finance and human resources employees. A crisis can happen at any time and a company must be prepared for whenever disaster strikes. Crisis response has two stages: the initial response and the reputation repair and behavioral intentions. A crisis management team should typically be made up of public relations. Creating an outline for a plan and creating a team of people that will be in charge and specialize in the management. 2015. The crisis is no longer on the front stage but is still part of the play. .the company takes full responsibility for its actions and asks for forgiveness etc. N. In the initial response the team must be quick. but it also helps to get the right information out. the information must be accurate and consistent.p. In this step a company must think about the possible problems that could arise at any given time and think about the ways they could prevent that problem from happening or getting worse. injuries or death of the public will cause financial loss and reputation loss while loss of reputation will also contribute to financial loss. There are a number of strategies that a company can use to repair its reputation. a company eliminates the opportunity of inaccurate information being passed on to the media. the ways companies can communicate and control their problems are changing. legal. A company crisis has three different threats: public safety. stakeholders etc. and post. Although a quick response may not have all the information the media is looking for. So companies must create a crisis management plan. financial loss and reputation loss. apology. After a company addresses the crisis and starts to repair its reputation comes the post-crisis stage. Web. These messages are written in template form so the team can access them quickly and modify them to the problem at hand. All of these threats are interrelated. operations.

The baby registry program brings more awareness to Uptown Tots. Small Business Saturday is national small business shopping day. . sales. swaddlers. organic toys. Main Street events. bibs. This boutique features unique one of a kind children’s clothing ranging from newborn to school aged. cute. One of the main forms of connecting with their public is through social media. a commercial. They have reached their demographic using several public relations techniques. Twitter. Uptown Tots is a new and upcoming Children’s Boutique that connects with its demographic using social media platforms. An upcoming event for Uptown Tots is Holiday Hoopla and Small Business Saturday. One page is directly for loyalty program members and has exclusive offers. Ruth and her husband Terry own Uptown Tots and opened their boutique October of 2013. Uptown Tots currently has a Facebook. and baby gifts. The main Uptown Tots page features new items. Currently Uptown Tots is focusing on expanding their baby registry. Each message is crafted to attract the audience and gear them to coming into the boutique or shopping the online store. advertisements. Uptown Tots has a variety of children’s products including.Uptown Tots: a Children’s Boutique By: Miranda Stewart Sr. Uptown Tots thanks much of its business and image to good customer service. They will do this through creating Facebook ads. Ruth has over 25 years of retail experience and Terry has a background in marketing. excellent customer service. high quality products. Holiday Hoopla is held by Community Main Street every year and brings people from across the state. and quality products. and general information about Uptown Tots. On this Saturday Uptown will have deals similar to Black Friday. cloth diapers. and exciting place for customers to shop. and by informing customers verbally. word of mouth. Their online store is another focus in order to reach publics throughout the US. Uptown Tots offers a baby registry program as well. I personally have had the opportunity to work on projects for Uptown Tots directly with Ruth and Terry. bows. store events. The use of social media and the #shopsmall tag are public relations campaign strategies related to supporting local business. and Instagram. contest winners. They currently are expanding on their outreach by providing a baby registry program. baby carriers. Together the two have opened a new. It makes Uptown Tots post more random and less predictable. Events such as Small Business Saturday and Holiday Hoopla provide an opportunity for their business to gain acknowledgement and to build on their success. the main social media account being Facebook.This small business is making a big name for itself throughout the Cedar Valley and their reach is expanding across the country. The Facebook page is organized and posts are scheduled at various times on various days of the week to keep the audience guessing. Uptown Tots is a children’s boutique located on Main Street in downtown Cedar Falls. and word of mouth.