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Originator of Wild West Art Movement

New York Died: December 26th. 1909 (aged 48)  Ridgefield. 1861   Canton. Connecticut .Frederic Remington 2  Born: October 4th.

   Sent to military school. Married his childhood sweetheart. he moved to Brooklyn .Biography 3   Started drawing cowboys and soldiers at a young age Was a poor student   After dropping out of the Yale University art school he went on to work many odd jobs. in 1884 After finding significant success with his art. Eva Caten. because father was a colonel Including owning a saloon and ranch and reporting the news.

Biography 4  He was hired by Harper’s Weekly to be an art correspondent   Then he did a book with Theodore Roosevelt     Traveled the US to document current events Boosted his career and made a life long relationship As he gained fame he attended many celebrity banquets. Honored by having two of his painting reproduced in US Postal stamps . causing him to gain a lot of weight Throughout the 1890s he traveled the US to find inspiration.

1900-1902    The Bronco Buster The latter being a complete disappointment Created his only large-scale bronze sculpture in Philadelphia Died in 1909. The Way of the Indian and John Ermine of the Yellowstone.Biography 5  Began to sculpt in 1895   He wrote two books. when an appendectomy (removal of the appendix) led to peritonitis (inflammation of the inner abdomen)  Complicated by his extreme obesity .

Timeline 6 1886: Started work with Harper’s Weekly 1879: Dropped out of Yale Art school 1861: Born 1872: Sent to military school 1888: Paintings reproduced for US postal stamp 1884: Married Eva Caten 1887: Worked with Roosevelt 1895: Made his first sculpture .

Timeline 7 1898: Becomes a war illustrator for Spanish-American War 1902: Wrote/illustrated second & last novel 1900: Wrote/illustrated first novel 1900: Harper’s dropped him as their star artist. 1901: Collier became his primary buyer 1909: Died 1908: He created his only large scale bronze sculpture .

Notable Works 8 .