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Ashlee Bendeich

Bachelor of Education (Primary)

University of Notre Dame Australia

Ashlee Bendeich
DOB: 06/10/1995
Mobile: 0468510084
Home: (08) 94562207
Student ID: 20132442

Units studied


Intro to ICT for Teachers
Developmental Psychology
English 1: Functional Literacy
Introduction to Teaching and the
Curriculum Framework
Psych Principles of Classroom
Mathematical Foundations
Mathematics 1: Intro to
Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Health and Physical Education
Intervention for Learning Difficulties

Introduction to Teaching Skills
English 2: Reading and Viewing
Mathematics 2: Number & Algebra
Society and Environment
Mathematics Learning for Early
Environmental Science Technology
& Enterprise

I am currently undertaking a Bachelor

of Primary Education at the
University of Notre Dame, Fremantle.
Teaching has been a long life dream
of mine.
I am currently specialising in
My hobbies include; Tennis, travelling
and swimming.
I volunteer at the Animal Protection
Society as well as deliver meals on
wheels to the elderly in my local
My career aspiration is to graduate
with a Bachelors Degree in Primary
Education in 2018.
I hope to one day live in Japan
teaching students the language of
English. I in exchange would like to
learn the Japanese language as well
as learn about their unique culture.