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How to set up

An Intern’s Guide to basic
WMS 2011 setup in just 8 easy

By: Livi Erickson

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Step 1: Download ISO file FamilyID=3188a587-3542-4dda-99b3-551cdabe581f .microsoft.

Step 2: Burn ISO file to disk / flash drive .

Plug USB hub into host computer .Keyboard .Monitor .Mouse Repeat for each station .Step 3: Set Up Hardware To set up a station: .USB Hub .Plug in monitor to computer Each station: .

Step 4: Boot MultiPoint computer from disk / flash drive .

Step 5: Go through software setup Select Local Settings Accept License Terms Choose Install Location .

Step 6: Configure MultiPoint Settings Choose options and continue with install .

Step 7. Install Display Drivers (if prompted) • Log in as administrator (WMS will be in maintenance mode) • Search on internet for the 64-bit display driver for your graphics card(s) • Download and install • Restart in normal mode .

Step 8: Map stations Each station connected should have this screen displayed .

youtube.facebook.aspx?FamilyID=501b a465-382f-41cb-bbea-b9bf580e2bb2 • Windows MultiPoint Server Planning Guide: http:// 62ce6-562d-449d-be0d-52c0103edf60 • MultiPoint Online: • Home page: • Twitter: @msmultipoint • Youtube: • Facebook: www.Additional Resources • Windows MultiPoint Server Planning Guide: http:// .com/windowsmultipointserver • Ask a Question: http://