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ET AL. LORENZO SUMULONG 119 SCRA 16/ G. Evidently. BONILLA deceased. the ph copy . ARANZA PETITIONER: IN THE MATTER OF THE PETITION TO APPROVE THE WILL OF RICARDO B. ISSUE 1.R. INTERVENOR: ATTY.RODELAS V. or witnesses attesting that the handwriting indeed belongs to the testator. 1997 Marcela Rodelas filed a petition for probate on the holographic will of Ricardo B. if there are other written documents showing. authentic document personally written by the deceased. 1982 FACTS On January 11. and should not be admitted as the material proof of authenticity. The appellees opposed the petition because the said holographic will is just a photostatic copy. Such copy will not take the place of the original document. L-58509 December 7. MARCELA RODELAS OPPOSITORS: AMPARO ARANZA. Yes. and not the original. A photostatic copy or xerox copy of the holographic will may be allowed because comparison can be made with the standard writings of the testator. which was already lost. No. Bonilla and the issuance of letters testamentary in her favor. Can a photostatic copy of the holographic will be probated in case the original document was lost or is not found? HELD 1.

.of the lost or destroyed holographic will may be admitted because then the authenticity of the handwriting of the deceased can be determined by the probate court.