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Light & Shadows Unit Exam

Multiple Choice
Instructions: There are 20 multiple choice questions. Answer them to the best of your ability by
selecting either A, B, C, or D. You may write all over this test.
1) Sam is playing outside and wants to protect his eyes from the sun. What is one way that
Sam can protect his eyes?
a) By staring at the sun
b) By wearing sunglasses
c) Not wearing any sunglasses
d) Wearing transparent goggles
2) Karly loves learning about the solar system and wants to know when it is safe to look
directly at the sun. When is it safe?
a) Only at sunset or sunrise
b) Only if it is cloudy
c) If you wear sunglasses
d) You should never look at the sun
3) Danielle is working on a poster to show different sources of light. Which of the following
should she include?
a) A door
b) A cup containing water
c) Bright yellow construction paper
d) Stars in the sky
4) Bronte is going camping and will need to use an object that does not require an external
source of light. What can she use?
a) Waterbottle
b) A flashlight without batteries
c) Match
d) Tent
5) Bridgets power went out at home. It is very dark in her house and she cannot see
anything. Which of the following objects is Bridget LEAST likely to bump into?
a) A lit candle
b) A chair
c) A lamp
d) A table
6) Tony put a golf ball in front of a flashlight. What will he observe on the wall behind the
golf ball?


The whole wall will be bright from the flashlight

Part of the wall will be a dark ball-shaped shadow
Part of the wall will be a triangular-shaped shadow
A prism will appear on the wall

7) Alex went outside on a sunny day in the early morning to observe her shadow. How
would her shadow look different if she went outside to observe it at lunch time?
a) Her lunch shadow would be bigger than her morning shadow
b) Her morning shadow would be bigger than her lunch shadow
c) The shadows would be the same size
d) No shadows would be seen at either time
8) You are at the zoo looking at the giraffes. When the sun is at this location, where will the
giraffes shadow be cast? Use the diagram below to answer the question


To the left of the giraffe

To the right of the giraffe
Above the giraffe
No shadow will be cast

9) When Kelsi shines a flashlight at a small piece of opaque paper, she notices a shadow
on the wall. Why does this happen?
a) Opaque materials do not allow light to pass through them
b) Opaque materials allow light to pass through them

c) Any object will always have a shadow no matter what

10) Maria is 2 steps away from the light source. Carlos is 10 steps away from the light
source. Who has the bigger shadow?
a) Maria
b) Carlos
c) They are the same
d) No shadows are made
11) Timothy is explaining to his grandmother, the difference between transparent,
translucent and opaque. Which one of his statements is true?
a) Opaque allows all light to pass through
b) Transparent does not allow any light to pass through
c) Translucent allows some light to pass through
d) Opaque allows some light to pass through
12) Tyrell holds up his clear tupperware container and a granola bar to a source of light.
Tyrell notices the granola bar casts a shadow while tupperware container does not. Why
is this?
a) Both objects are transparent
b) Both objects are translucent
c) The tupperware container is opaque
d) The tupperware container is transparent
13) Tamara holds up a colourless glass and a metal thermos in front of a lamp. What does
she observe?
a) The colourless glass produces a shadow, the metal thermos does not produce a
b) The metal thermos produces a shadow, the colourless glass does not produce a
c) Neither objects produce a shadow
d) Both objects produce a shadow
14) A student needed a good reflective surface to see if they had food stuck in their teeth.
Which of the following materials would be the best reflector?
a) A metal spoon
b) A ziploc bag
c) An aluminum foil wrap
d) A juice box
15) In the water and straw demonstration we saw that the straw looks
broken. Why does it appear that way?
a) Light is reflected
b) Light is refracted

c) The straw is actually broken

d) Light travels through the water

16) When Sandra shines a light onto a reflective surface, as shown in the diagram below,
where will the light bend?


The light will bend to the left

The light will pass through the reflective surface
The light will bend to the right
The light will reflect back towards the light source

17) Charles receives a prism for his birthday. What would happen if he shone a light
through the prism?
a) Light shines through with no change
b) Only blue light will appear
c) All colours of light but blue will appear
d) Light is broken into different colours of light

18) Sally wants to look at a spider up close. Which device should she use?
a) Kaleidoscope
b) Telescope
c) Camera
d) Microscope

19) George used a device to create this image. What device did he use?


Digital Camera
Pinhole Camera

20) Denise used the following device. What is this device called?
a) Telescope
b) Hand lens
c) Light-sensitive paper
d) Kaleidoscope

Short Answer
Instructions: There are 5 short-answer questions. Answer them to the best of your ability by
following the directions provided. Be clear and be sure to support your answers.
1) a. Draw a diagram of a light source hitting an opaque object and the shadow it creates. Label
the opaque object, the light source, the shadow cast.

b. Explain why you drew the shadow in the direction and size you did.

2) Explain why opaque materials cast shadows.


3) Classify the following materials as either transparent, translucent or opaque:

a. Glass ____________________
b. Paper ____________________
c. Tissue Paper ____________________
d. Wood ____________________

e. Towel ____________________
f. Frosted window ____________________

4) Label the following devices:


a) _________________________


b) __________________________


c) ________________________________


d) ____________________________

5) Name 4 sources of light.

1. ______________________

3. ______________________

2. ______________________

4. ______________________