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**Complete one sheet per drug

Generic and trade (product) name of drug: Trazodone Hydrochloride
Classification and sub-classification of the drug: Antidepressant
Are there any dosing considerations related to the clients age? No
Is this drug within the safe dose range? : yes
1. Why is the client receiving this


2. How does this medication work in the
body? How can you evaluate the

Absorption: Readily from GI tract.
Onset: 1–2 wk. Peak: 1–2 h.
Distribution: Distributed into breast
milk. Metabolism: In liver (CYP2D6).
Elimination: 75% in urine, 25% in
feces. Half-Life: 5–9 h.

3. What are the major side effects of this

Drowsiness, light-headedness,
tiredness, dizziness, insomnia, headache, agitation, impaired memory and
speech, disorientation. CV:
Hypotension (including orthostatic
hypotension), hypertension, synco- pe,
shortness of breath, chest pain,
tachycardia, palpitations, bradycardia

4. Are there any food interactions?


5. Are there any special considerations
(administration, teaching, nursing
etc) when giving this medication to
the client?

Consult prescriber if drowsiness
becomes a distressing adverse
effect. Dose regimen may be
changed so that largest dose is
at bedtime.
Limit or abstain from alcohol

Do not self-medicate with OTC drugs for colds. . The depressant effects of CNS depressants and alcohol may be potentiated by this drug. Many of these drugs contain CNS depressants. Comments use. or insomnia treatment without advice of prescriber. Misc. allergy.