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Colas, Tessie Rose D.

IV-21 BSE Biology
January 14-20, 2015
Another week passed and we’re on the eighth week of the daily food and activity log.
This week, my calorie-intake is lower than last week’s amount but is still near the appropriate
calories in sustaining my weight. The water I took in ranges from 5-7 glasses. My activities were
as sedentary as before and this time I have no exercise.
For this week, I took 1820, 2441, 1410, 1327, 1424, 1612 calories respectively. The
highest was last Friday, January 15, where I took 2441 calories. This day was one of the days
where I took more than 2000 calories. The lowest was last Sunday, January 17 with 1327
calories. These calories were still on the range appropriate for my body and my daily activities
but were lower than my previous week’s calories.
The foods I ate were again meats and vegetables. I have more desserts this week like
saging con yelo and drinks like iced tea. I ate less this week because of three-day sickness. This
week, I took a range of 5-7 glasses of water.
My activities this week were sedentary. I am as inactive as I was before. I lent no time in
exercising. I have range of 6-10 hours of sleep. I have 30-75 minutes walks and 1-2 hours of
surfing the net. These activities do not balance my food-intake. Walking is the only activity I
could be proud of. Walking is part of my routine in going to school. On weekdays, I spent more
than an hour of walking. However, although it is helping me burn my calories, it still has its
backlash. In walking, there will always have pollution. Even if you have with you your
protective gear such as handkerchief or mask, pollution will still have its place on your skin
especially on your face. Without proper taking care of your skin, you’ll get acne and other skin
problems eventually. I, myself, consider this as a challenge whenever I go to school. Even
though I am washing my face every night, acne is still present. The good thing is with proper
food and hygiene activities, we are assured of good skin. To get rid of acne, I always make sure
to clean my face every night. I ate fruits that could help me take care of the skin and make sure to
have proper sleep. I also used skin products sometimes but if money fails, I turn to natural