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JQA essay
On July 1, 1841 John Quincy Adams was a lawyer for the people who were
being prosecuted. The slaves made the owners a ton of money that they could buy
anything they want. Adams is trying to say that people of the US are being very blind
because of what they are doing to their own kind and what they are doing is putting
people in shackles and is that what we want people think of us. Adams shows in his
speech that Americans are hypocrites. The American Identity Slavery in the colonies was
very important role because it says to be people that you have money and authority.

John Quincy Adams fought for the slaves freedom because in the trials they
were being accused of being property and not as people. Adams first shows us this
when he reads the Declaration of Independence, which says that everyone has equal
rights. We again see how Americans are hypocrites when Adams shows us the
Declaration of independence which states that All men...created equal," "inalienable
rights," "life," "liberty," and so on and so forth but yet America has slaves and everyone
is not treated equal. Now, if he were white, he wouldn't be standing before this court
fighting for his life Adams said to the court. Cinque and his men are being told that they
are not people and being illegally sold. Cinque is us but from the past and we are acting
exactly like the British would act making no room for anything. Cinque told the people of
the court when a member has a situation they go back to their ancestors and try to
handle the situation similar to them. These people are taking a journey blindly and
wanting freedom.

These men have faced so much torture and fear and that is not the American
Identity nor the Dream because the Declaration of Independence states that people are
to be treated equal and that should always be in the American dream and Identity. This
shows Americans as being cowards, hypocrites and non human beings for making
others pay for their own faults. In Adams Speech he says that if civil war has to come
before we treat everyone equal then let it come he says because if we say that we rather
let people torture other humans then have a civil war than we are terrible people. The
American Identity was having slaves at your house and if you had a lot of slaves then
you had power, which back then everyone wanted in the south.

The American Dream is to have everything perfect like a utopia and if people are
fighting or blaming others than we cant have a utopia where everything is perfect. The
Declaration of Independence says that every man should be treated equal, even if they
are considered a slave. Adams view of America was that we were cowards and people
that did the talking but when it came to the fighting thats when we would back out. The
perfect place in peoples eyes is always America and its because people are always
saying what a great country it was back then and it stayed in people from other countries
thoughts but if people really see what its like or heard what Adams said then they would
not come. In his speech Adams makes the south look ignorant and he made the queen
look like a baby and he showed how confident he was with the slaves treated as regular

In conclusion Adams made a very good and eye opening point toward who
Americans and how we represent our country. The speech shows how Americans can be
fake and how Americans looked as people who just lie. Adams made some valid points
towards time of slavery and that it should be dead because its not human to do and the
labor hits the slaves hard and in the head and physically which makes them no right.
Finally if people in America can make other countries want the dream can we also make
other countries want a civil war.

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