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Carson O’Connell
English 12, period 5
Senior Project Research Paper
For my senior project, I am going to write a science fiction book involving a story of my
own creation. Like most teenagers in America, I have never written a full length novel in my life.
Meaning that I don’t know certain aspects of writing that I will need to learn about. In this essay,
I will talk about my various findings on what actually goes into writing a sci-fi story. Like
developing characters or an interesting world within my story. For the purpose of emersion, I
needed to find inspiration from scientific fact, historical inspiration and mythology to make the
story better. And then finally, I would look into how to publish the book like how much it costs if
Research Section
The genre of science fiction is a genre of writing that takes place in worlds or scenarios
that don’t exist (Orson Scott Card, p 18). Its also called speculative fiction because the works can
present possibilities of the future or “what if scenarios?” of the past (Christopher McKkitterick).
Although sci-fi is a highly creative field there are 3 rules to largely consider; Know your thesis,
do research on topic, and don’t be afraid of trying new things (Rober Wood). Usually a sci-fi
story has a main question or questions that drive the main story and explore possible answer of
said question, like “what if we could go out in space?” (Christopher McKkitterick). Having a
central theme or idea throughout the story keeps the story itself consistent as well as focused.

In Germany during WW2 german politicians started implementing an extreme interpretation of Darwin’s theory of evolution called eugenics were people with disabilities or “useless eaters” would be isolated and eventually killed off (Park P.000 ethnic Jews and Germans in regions under military rule (Terry Martin ). During WW2. Russia was getting rid of various social and ethnics groups in order to habilitat more favorable groups to gain economic control (Palgrave Macmillan). but will also implied the existence of a bigger entity or organization like the corporation in Alien (A. The natzis whernt the first ones to kill off disabled people for during the 1200-1700’s people with mental disabilities were thought to be possessed by the devil and killed off for that reason (The University of Arizona). one of Darwin’s cousins named Sir Francis Galton published a book called “Hereditary Genius” which started the eugenics movement which . Its also really important to give the character flaws to make them more believable and connectable to the readers (Mandy Wallace).Oconnell2 Another way to make a sci fi story better is by looking at facts. to make the world itself more believable (Rober Wood). practice of ethnic cleansing started to spread when Ottoman Empire departed and killed Armenians from the North eastern frontier while the Russian army departed about 800. scientific or historical. Moster). George). was the time that the practice known as ethnic cleansing when warring states were killing rival minorities to gain more territory. Prior to this. Writers will often use the myer briggs type indicator to give their characters the most realistic personalities if used correctly. But in 1869. during 1912-13 Balkan wars. During WW1. When creating a world writers will only explain enough about how the world works for emersion without confusion audiences.R. When developing a character it is important to give them a personality that determines how they are going to act by themselves and with other characters (tvtropes).

Oconnell3 is about controlled breeding of people in order to keep the human race strong (Catherine k. but through the process of continental Another factor is whether an individual bases their choices off of hard facts and strict rules of logic or based on how the individual feels about how the choice will affect them or someone else (calpoly. In chinese and japanese mythology. like grabbing something (National Eye Institute). Extroverted thinkers are more logical and think in an orderly fashion. Harbour). a .cpp. Shar chi is chi that harms or kills. Originally all of the continents were of one landmass called pangea. is made up of plates that “float” on top of the Earth’s upper mantle and are always shifting (Dylan Prentiss). pangea split apart and the continents drifted into the locations they are in today (Ahern. or crust. In the Islamic faith. The Earth’s outer layer. introverted thinkers can internalize problems and come up with the best way to solve a problem efficiently (CognitiveProcesses. ch’i or ki is the life energy that exists within everything and is the driving force of everything we do like martial arts or art (Stefan Stenudd). or MBTI. The Myers-Briggs Type Current technology prosthetics devices use signals sent from the brain to the muscles to control the prosthetic joint motors which corresponds to muscle movement activity (Aubrey Baily). There are three kinds of Chi which includes Shen chi or positive energy. is a tool used to determine the psychological type an individual belongs to (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instructions). and Si chi which is negative or dying energy (Kuan Loong). The brain signals themselves are called parietal reach region which helped the brain decide what the body should do. allowing them to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently (personality growth). Judson L). On the other hand. One factor that determines the type is whether an individual is an introvert or an extrovert. introvert meaning that the individual thinks internally while extrovert thinks externally (

late afternoon. after sunset. the second pillar is praying 5 times a day for ten minutes each at dawn. things like prayer aren't necessarily required but whenever one does prey they should do it not for glory but for God (Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry).gov). water. The definition of an element is different from the chemistry definition of elements because the elements are fire. one . Alchemy is an ancient form of pseudo science with the main goal of turning other material substances into gold through magic and science (Benjamin Radford).cn. an author would have to fill out an application online that basically says that the author is distributing the work and that the info given is not a bunch of lies as well as a payment of $140 ( and finally visit Mecca at least once in their lifetime (www-pub. When self-publishing an ebook an author would rarely have to pay upfront unless he/she gets a 100% net value (Jane Friedman).Cox).naz. fourth pillar being fasting for 29-30 days Ramadan. The first is Declaration of faith which is stating in front of other believers that they believe in god in order to be saved from The most a author should spend on self-publishing a book is a little under $500 for copy editing for $300 and $30 for cover art (Kelsye Nelson).edu). In christianity. To register. and air in medieval alchemy (web.afternoon. Each element has specific characteristics and properties that defined how the elements reacted with each other (Fathi Habashi). During the rise of self-publishing the office of copyright decided to create a pre-registration for independent authors so that their creative works doesn’t get stolen (David A. An alchemist uses special circles called alchemy symbols to explain chemical processes using symbols to represent different elements like mercury and iron (library. the author would have to register their book. and at night. After pre registering the book. The third is charity which is to give money to the poor.Oconnell4 believer would have to fulfill the five pillars of islam which are the foundations of the islamic faith (www.

Thanks to the discovery of the Myers Briggs type indicator. The world that I have created will be much more immersive thanks to the various historical inspiration and realistic thanks to scientific facts. I will be able to create realistic and interesting characters more effectively. Of Course there is also the fact that I learned how to actually get the book self published and how to make sure that no one else steals my idea and makes money off of it. Conclusion Through extensive research. Taking inspiration from mythology will give the world I have created a much more interesting but dangerous place as well as looking at religious practices in order to have the religious characters within my story will perform certain practices according to his/her faith. I have a better understanding of the genre of science fiction and how to write my story. Getting the book published online is a simple matter of uploading the manuscript to KDP and the book will appear on amazon (Ian Lamont). .Oconnell5 method being through the electronic copyright office which will cost him/her $35 for registration (Joel Friedlander).

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