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In Brave New World, chapter 17, we read about a conversation

between John and Mond. Their discussing religion and religious experiences,
which have been banned from the World State Society. Mond, being one of
the high ranking men within the World State Society, argues that with the
treatment humans receive there, there are no losses, and there for no need
for religion because people feel no pain, hurt, or sadness. John (just the
visitor), believes that everyone needs God in their life, no matter what the
situation. John asked Mond “if it was natural to feel the existence of god”
(234). Mond’s response is very simple, “People believe what they have been
conditioned to believe” (236). This, to me, is a pretty clear statement, saying
that these people under this “treatment” are being brainwashed to believe in
what a few people think is right, there for not being able to be their own
person, like God intends for us to be. In this week’s main discussion, we are
discussing the difference in religion and how different minds can interpret
the same story very differently. This is interesting to me, because we have
the power and freedom to do so, without having to answer to anyone other
than God himself. After learning more about Mond, I do think he just wanted
what he thought happiness is for everyone. “But people never are alone
now” said Mond to justify the ending argument (235).