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Jimmy Robinson v

A Block
Ms. Hunt
Pro gun control

The right to protect a love one is always priority. The reason why the gun
control is so important is since the columbine shooting many parents are looking
more in the schools and where they are and how close the school is from their house.
Also because parents dont want there loved ones to die. One day in Michigan two
students changed the way people looked at schools and how high their security is
because these two students walked in the cafeteria and shot and killed 12 students
and injured 20 faculties. Citizens in the United States have a right to bear arms as
laid out by the second amendment, which should be protected because restrictions
will not prevent violence.

History and the facts clearly show that strengthening our gun control laws will
better protect us from unneeded tragedies. When five states had a concealed law
and it was made in 1980 and it became a sensation because so many less murders
happened since the law was made. Also Florida made a Stand your ground law, which
means that a citizen can use deadly force when confronted by an assailant and 24
other states have done the similar laws like stand you ground law. The school
shootings through the states happened because of rather careless parenting or
careless employees letting kids have guns and the new law will help with longer
waiting days and other restrictions. These restrictions were not met when the
columbine shooting happened because of how many people were killed and injured
the laws and controls must go up and people should make that massacre never
happens again. Also people shouldnt allow kid or little children play or see the gun
ever because if they do and the parent says no most times when the parent isnt

watching for a second the child will take the gun and play with it. At last the reason to
have a gun is to protect and that person does have the law on his or her side.

Having a stricter gun control law will not actually prevent the violent acts that
happen in America. The second amendment reads, A well regulated militia being
necessary to the security of a free state will not be infringed, the right of the people
to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Interesting fact in the olden days if you
were not above gentlemen then you were convicted of being stolen. If the
government has any more control of guns then they might be violating the second
amendment, which could lead into actually being free or just being told we are free
but really being told what we can do or cannot do. If people are so nave with guns
why have others with not killed our whole country guns and why hasnt been there a
ban on guns on citizens.

The second amendment is outdated and America needs a stronger gun

control laws to protect us from the epidemic of mass shootings. While pro gun control
advocates argue that greater restrictions will stop non criminals from using guns, this
will actually be more dangerous because oftentimes gun owning citizens have
prevented tragedies. Since the school shooting in Michigan schools all over the
country have been putting higher security and more metal detectors. In conclusion if
we have more laws then than yes we will have less deaths but have more riots, which
can lead to shootings and deaths.