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Assistant Manager Operation,
FESCO, Divison-I
Sub-Division _______,
City name
Subject: Application for replacement of meter
Respected Sir,
Most respectfully, it is submitted as under:1. That my reference No. 0000000- 1263500 and meter with
number sp-xxxxx installed, namely with ___________City.
2. My meter has stopped working and MR has written over charged,
so please change my meter.
3. That I have received an over charged units bill for January, 2016
by placing either bogus reading / Irresponsible duty or by mistake.
4. That today dated ____the current reading at the meter is xxxx
while the meter reader has taken it xxxx that really shows his
irresponsible demonstration.
5. That I am a responsible citizen of Pakistan and pays my all dues
in-time and it is my duty to bring under you notice so that the
company's performance remains good as usual.
I therefore make a request on the compassionate ground,
please correct the over charged bill and take necessary action
against the meter reader so that he would able to perform his
duties properly in the future and please be registered my
complaint in the office.
Thanking you very much.
Yours most sincere
Dated:- _________

S/O xxxx
Address and City
No. 00000- xxxxx500

Photo copy of bill is attached herewith application.