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1. Goalie may stop the puck with hands, feet, or stick. Hands in the goal box only.
2. One center who is the ONLY player who is allowed to move full court.
3. 2 guards who can not go past center line into the offensive area.
4. 2 forwards who work with the center on offensive play and can not go past centerline
into defensive area.
1. Rock, Paper, Scissors for first possession of the puck. The team that is behind in the
score at the end of the time period will be given the puck. If tied, RPS again.
2. Play will start when the whistle blows. Penalty for starting before the whistle loss
of possession.
3. Center starts play with forward pass from center lane can not pass backward.
4. Can not score directly from first pass must touch another player or be played by
another player (offense or defense).
5. Teams rotate every 4 minutes.
6. No time outs.
1. Goal scored any time the puck touches or crosses the goal line or is above the goal
line 1 pt.
2. Goal will not count if an offensive player is in the goal box or if there is an offensive
3. Puck deflected off a player or stick will count, but if deliberately kicked or hit by hand
into goal will not count.
4. Goal does not count when puck hits off front frame of goal and rebounds out.
5. If goalie moves net or net is not square goal will count if puck goes into the net.
1. Goalie can not score.
2. May use hands or stick to clear the puck.
3. Misconduct foul by the goalie if a puck thrown or cleared with the stick crosses the
center line.
4. Goalie has 3 seconds to play the puck from the box. Penalty is loss of possession.
5. Shots that go out-of-play will be given to the goalie to be put back in to play.


1. Deliberately holding puck or placing foot on the puck.


Playing the puck when on the floor.

Guards and forwards crossing center line.
Players other than the goalie in the goal box.
Minor contact with opposing player with stick above the shoulder.
Two hands on the stick at all times.


1. Slashing opponent is hit with stick that had no chance to play the puck.
2. Contact with the goalie while in the goal box.
3. Pushing
4. Blocking with the body
5. Tripping or hooking with the stick
6. High stick (blade must remain in contact with the floor before shot)
1. Center line furthest yellow line from the puck
2. Center lane area between the two yellow lines. Play starts here at the beginning of
the game, after each score and each foul.
3. Goal net
4. Goal box area occupied by the goalie only. Defined by the basketball keys white
lines on the side and out from the net to the white blocks.