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Rachel Sydney Konig | (713)-560-1316
Pan-Hellenic - Recruitment Counselor; Austin, TX
Advised in-coming freshman women into their first semester of college
Mentored 70+ women in decision-making processes

Summer 2015

Toga App - Social Media Ambassador; Austin, TX

Update and post calendars for Greek events at UT Austin
Compile pictures of events for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media mediums to connect
Greek students on and off-campus
theSkimm Skimmbassador; Austin, TX
Attend and help organize events to connect with other local Skimmbassadors
Spread the word about theSkimm in Austin, utilizing social media and networking skills


American University: Discover the World of Communications - Student; Washington D.C.

Participated in Flash Fiction and Film Critique classes
Wrote briefly yet effectively to create fiction stories
Analyzed films and examined film techniques

Summer 2012

Cyc Fitness Studio Staff Employee; Austin, TX

Managed front desk for a cycling studio
Advertised promotions on social media in addition to custom fliers
Greeted customers, made phone calls, completed studio emails, and ensured that the studio was presentable
and organized
Susan G. Komen Foundations
Race for the Cure - Team Member/Volunteer; Houston & Austin, TX
Participant on Team Eugena Skarke, Team Kinkaid, and Team Zeta Tau Alpha to raise funds for breast
cancer research
Advertised for breast cancer awareness by passing out ribbons and posting about the race on social media
Computer Skills: Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro, Audacity
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr
Language: Intermediate Proficiency in Spanish
Interests: Music, Singing, Writing, Movies, Volleyball, My Dogs, Traveling
The University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Journalism
Minor: Rhetoric and Writing
Liberal Arts Deans Honor: Cum Laude
College of Communication Deans Honor List

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

UT|GO Barcelona Study Abroad

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Recognized for outstanding academic

achievement among first and second

Summer 2015

year college students