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Date: 26 February 2005



Mr.Bedri Rama

Dear Bedri,
I would like to offer my congratulations to you on the dropping of the
criminal investigation against you.This must be a great relief to you.
It is now 10 months since you were suspended from PTK due to the
investigation.During that time considerable restructuring and reorganisation
has been planned and implemented leading to the incorporation of PTK later
this year.
The provisional board of directors of PTK have recently approved the
organisation structure that will take PTK into the final stages of of
incorporation.In that organisation structure the position of Director of
Telecommunications no longer exists,reflecting the actual situation that has
existed since May 2004.
I therefore have to inform you that your position is redudant with immediate
You are entitled to severence pay in accordance with UNMIK regulat5ion
No.2001/27,section 12.2(f).Arrangements will be made to pay this to you and
collect any items of equipment,documents,electronic files and software
belonging to PTK that are in your possession.
There will be announcements of new positions in PTK in the coming months for
wich you are entitled to apply.
Yours sincerely,
gavin Jeffery
Managing director