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Group 5 -Toxicology Lab - B.S.

Pharmacy - 4A
Boiser, Gaebrelle Anne
Cagas, Dianna Feb
Davocol, Dahna Laiza
Kasid, Sittie Namraida
Malabarbas, Albert
Masaya, Julyka

Chemical Composition: Malaoxon

Mechanism of Toxicity: Malathion is a cholinesterase inhibitor, a diverse family
of chemicals. Upon uptake into the target organism, it binds irreversibly to
several, random cysteine residues on the cholinesterase enzyme, with peroxide
as the leaving group, the resultant phosphoester group bonds to cholinesterase
and denatures proteins.
Uses: Pesticide; 0.5% preparation are used for head lice and body lice
Toxic Effects:
Airways and lungs: Chest tightness and difficulty in breathing
Bladder and Kidneys: Increased urination
Heart and blood: Low or High Blood Pressure; Slow or Rapid Heart Rate
Nervous System: Agitation, Anxiety, Coma, Confusion
Treatment for malathion poisoning consists of thorough decontamination,
cardiorespiratory support and administration of the antidote atropine and
pralidoxime. In cases of severe poisoning, diazepam should be administered.