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Use the first, second or third conditional to fill in the gaps

1) If it

(to rain), the children

(not/to go) for a

2) If you

(to check) the car, it


break) down in the middle of the desert.

3) If she

(not/to read) the novel, she

pass) the literature test.

4) If they

(not/to wear) pullovers in the mountains,
(to be) too cold during the night.



I (not/to correct) it. (to have) more friends. 13) If Dick (not/to buy) the book.5) If the police (not/to stop) me. we (not/to arrive) in time. 10) If we (to take) the bus. 12) If I (not/to switch off) the radio. his friends be) angry with him. he (to lend) me his motorbike. 6) If I (not/to argue) with my father. 9) If he (not/to print) the document. 8) If she she (not/to bully) her classmates. 7) If we (to use) the town map. I (to reach) you in time. I (to know) about the second goal. 11) If Fred teacher (not/to cheat) at the test. 2 (to . his (not/to phone) his father. we (not/to get) lost.

3 (not/to . he buy) her an ice-cream. (not/to crash) into the other car. (not/to help) him with the muffins. (not/to lose) all data. (not/to tidy up) his room. (to eat) too much junk food.14) If his older brother he 15) If Tom Victoria (not/to drive) so fast. the (not/to come) to the football pitch. (not/to lose) weight. (not/to be) so late. we (to play) a game of chess. 16) If she she 17) If it (to buy) a new hard disk. 18) If Jeff (not/to like) Jessica. 19) If the boys girls 20) If you you (not/to play) football.