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JANUARY 29, 2016

In New Hampshire - Bath, Benton, Bethlehem, Bristol, Campton, Canaan, Dalton, Dorchester, East Haverhill, Easton, Franconia, Glencliff, Groton,
Haverhill, Hebron, Landaff, Lincoln, Lisbon, Littleton, Lyman, Monroe, North Haverhill, North Woodstock, Orford, Piermont, Pike,
Plymouth, Rumney, Sugar Hill, Swiftwater, Thornton, Warren, Waterville Valley, Wentworth, and Woodsville.
In Vermont - Bradford, Corinth, Fairlee, Groton, Newbury, South Ryegate and Wells River

Northcountry News PO Box 10 Warren, NH 03279 603-764-5807

Proposed Television Docu-Series

Featuring NH Fish And Game
In The Works_________________________

The proposed New Hampshire series would feature New

Hampshire Fish and Game Conservation Officers and other
Department staff in the course of their daily duties enforcing
wildlife and fisheries laws, stocking fish, managing and conserving resources, search and rescue, snowmobile and off-road vehicle enforcement and safety, conducting coastal marine enforcement, responding to calls from the public, taking part in outdoor
education program work, and more.

"This program is an exciting opportunity to increase awareness

and recognition of the complex duties of Department staff and the
positive impact they have on natural resources, tourism and the
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The State of New Hampshire bird is the Purple Finch. A great picture of one here!
- Duane Cross Photo (

C.M. Whitcher
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Roll Offs

1 to 40 Yard
58 Whitcher Hill Rd.
Warren, NH


The area's
first choice, for
furniture and

u Broyhill
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A new television series featuring New Hampshire Fish and Game

Department Conservation Officers and biologists is in the works.
Engel Entertainment, Inc., a film and television production company based in New York City, is interested in producing the series
and has signed a contract with New Hampshire Fish and Game
Department to develop the project. Engel Entertainment produces the hit series "North Woods Law", featuring the Maine
Warden Service, now in its fifth year on Animal Planet, as well as
a new series about Texas Game Wardens, "Lone Star Law", which
will premiere this year, also on Animal Planet.


Connecticut River Valley

Beekeepers News_____________________

The Connecticut River Valley Beekeepers resumed meetings for


At the Jan meeting one of their members brought a Slovenian

hive. It is different from a Langstroth hive in that the beekeeper
examines the frames from the rear.. Frames can removed like
books from a shelf. This eliminates the heavy lifting of hive
boxes. All the members were very interested and curious about
this different hive.. So much that Suzanne Brouillette is coming
to their Feb 11 meeting to give a demonstration of the Slovenian
AZ hive.
All levels of beekeepers, anyone interested in learning about beekeeping are welcome. We meet at the Grafton County Extension
Office building, 3855 Dartmouth College Hwy, North Haverhill,

Proposed Television Docu-Series

Featuring NH Fish And Game
In The Works_________________________
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states economy," said Col. Kevin Jordan, Chief of New

Hampshire Fish and Game Law Enforcement. "The show has a
lot of promise for improving community outreach, keeping youth
and others involved in outdoor recreational traditions, and boosting interest in careers with Fish and Game."

Dr. Alan Kennell and his staff at Kennell Orthodontics are pleased to announce the winner of
the 2015 Refer-a-Friend contest Sophia Joyal! Kennell Orthodontics realizes the greatest
compliment received is when one of their patients refers a friend or colleague to its practice. In
an effort to show appreciation to patients for these referrals, Dr. Kennell developed the Refera-Friend campaign. This campaign, which focused on new patient treatment plans from qualified referrals, awarded Refer-a-Friend participants with a Visa Cash Card and an entry into
Viewers could be seeing episodes filmed in New Hampshire the grand prize drawing. A patient since 2011, Sophia had multiple entries from her multiple
within the next year, but there are lots of variables in the televi- referrals this gave her a greater advantage on having her name picked as the Grand Prize
sion production business, so, as they say, "stay tuned."
As the Grand Prize winner, Sophia received four 3-day hopper passes to Walt Disney World!!

Dr. Kennell thanked Sophia for being a valued patient family and for recommending Kennell
Orthodontics to her family and friends. We are honored to have such loyal patients who continue to refer to us and share their positive experiences here at Kennell Orthodontics with others. We are looking forward to Sophia sharing some fun pictures of Mickey Mouse with us!!

Rte 302 (WesTOF,ISBON s,ANDAff, NH 03585


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Haverhill Recreation has Senior

Stretch and movement classes
Monday, Wednesday and
Fridays 11:00 12:00PM
through March 2016. Only $
1.00 per class!


Haverhill Recreation has

Preschool Playgroup Monday
and Fridays 9:30 10:30
through March 2016. Only $
1.00 per class per child per session.
Haverhill Rec is offering
Drums Alive classes on
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00 at
the James R. Morrill Building
in North Haverhill. Burn calories, decrease stress have some
fun at only $5 per class. No
The 5th Annual Half Moon

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Shop Local,
Eat Local,
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Fiesta Snowshoe Event will be

held at Blackmount Country
Club on Saturday, January 23rd
from 6-9 PM. Bring your headlamp and either your snowshoes or cross-country skis and
dont forget to stop in the lodge
for some cocoa, cookies and
conversation. This event is free
of charge but donations are
always welcome. If there is not
adequate snow, our alternative
snow date will be March

Haverhill; three children, Troy

Dodge and wife Penny of
Littleton, Kim Blowey and husband Steve of Haverhill, and
Charles E. Hanson, Jr. and wife
Melissa of North Woodstock,
NH; eight grandchildren,
Jessica Miller-Dodge, Christen
Savannah Hanson, and Corbin
She was born in Littleton, NH, Avila; three great grandchilJune 29, 1941, the daughter of dren, Brooke and Cooper Loud,
Alden and Pauline (Sherman) and Brayden Riggie.
A calling hour was held on
Sandra attended St. Rose of Friday, January 22, with a
Lima School and graduated funeral service followingat
from Littleton High School. Ricker Funeral Home, 1 Birch
She also graduated from hair- Street, Woodsville, NH, with
dressing school in Manchester, Pastor Clint Brake officiating.
Spring burial will be in the
She married Charles E. Hanson, Horse
Sr. on August 14, 1971. Sandra Cemetery, North Haverhill.
worked as a hairdresser in
Littleton at Childs, in In lieu of flowers, memorial
Woodsville at Chases, and later contributions may be made to
operated her own beauty shop the Humane Society of ones
in North Haverhill. She loved choice.
hand work such as sewing, crocheting, and plastic canvas For more information or to sign
sewing. Sandra also enjoyed an online condolence please
gardening, canning, and caring visit
for her animals.
Ricker Funeral Home &
Surviving family members Cremation Care of Woodsville
include her husband of 44 is in chare of arrangements.
years, Charles Hanson of North
N o r t h

S a n d r a
J e a n
Hanson, 74,
d i e d
M o n d a y,
January 18,
2016, at the Cottage Hospital,
Woodsville, NH.

table! Donations needed!!

Haverhill Recreation will partner up with the Mountain Lakes

Recreation and the American
Legion to host Winterfest 2016
at the Mountain Lakes Lodge
off of Valley Road. Join us on
Sunday, February 28th from 124:00 PM at the lodge for sliding
on the mountain, tug-o-war,
obstacle course race, ice skating
and of course start your decorating because our CARDBOARD BOX RACE is on!
Haverhill Recreation is holding Boxes will be judged on speed,
Penny Sale on March 5th at the design/color and judges choice.
Robert E. Clifford Building 65
South Court Street Woodsville For any questions on our winter
from 10-2. Our first ticket is programs call the Recreation
drawn at noon. Concession Department at 603-787-6096.
stand, bake table and raffle

Northcountry News

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Hampshire using recycled paper and 100% water based inks!
We are printed by the Concord Monitor, Concord, NH

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Haverhill Recreation News________________________________



Bermans Bits
Incessantly scouring the universe (and my back yard) for
the weird, the wacky, and the
thoughtful so you dont have

If you are reading this, I didnt

win the Powerball. With the
recent Powerball frenzy, I had a
thought (no, it wasnt lonely):
with well over a billion-dollar
jackpot, it is disheartening to
think a few people became
multi-millionaire where if
things were somehow altered,
we could have a well over a
thousand people becoming millionaires. FYI, the odds of winning any Powerball drawing are
292.2 million to one. By comparison: (1) Odds of bowling a
300 game: 11,500 to 1. (2)
Odds of being killed by lightning: 2,320,000 to 1. (3) Odds
of winning an Olympic medal:
662,000 to 1. (4) Odds of injury
from shaving: 6,585 to 1. (5)
Odds of getting away with murder: 2 to 1.

by Dave Berman

In a related Bit, a GoFundMe

account set up for a woman
who claimed to have blown her
entire savings on Powerball
tickets has been shut down
despite raising more than
$800 in seven hours. A person
by the name of Cinnamon
Nicole set up a campaign
page saying she expected to win
the $1.58 billion prize when she
and her family spent a fortune
on lottery tickets last week,
despite the odds as listed above.
Please help me and my family
as we have exausted [sic] all of
our funds. We spent all of our
money on lottery tickets
(expecting to win the 1.5 billion) and are now in dire need
of cash, her since-removed
GoFundMe page read, according to Pix11 News. (O-kay,
then, are there any really, really
rich people reading this? I could
use a financial infusion!
GoFundMe please....)
Sheeple or thug wannabees?
The Los Angeles creators of a

"Inspiring Healthy Choices For Life"

Route 25 Hatch Plaza
Plymouth New Hampshire 03264

shirt made famous by Joaquin

El Chapo Guzman said sales
are skyrocketing since the
drug kingpin donned the garment. Shawn and Sam
Esteghbal, the Iranian brothers
behind the Barabas boutique in
Los Angeles, said they decided
to use the drug lord in their
advertising after he was photographed wearing one of their
shirts in Rolling Stone photographs of El Chapo prior to
his being recaptured. MOST
WANTED SHIRT, the garment is now labeled on their
website. Its not about that hes
an international criminal,
Shawn Esteghbal told the
Guardian. But were excited
because he could buy anything,
he could buy Versace, any other
brand, but to choose our brand,
our designs! The brothers said
it wasnt clear what attracted
Guzman to their $128 shirt. I
dont know. People just always
look for something unique, and
theyre probably thinking this is
unique because that guy wears
it. He could wear a $10,000
shirt or a $3,000 shirt, but he
wears Barabas. [UPI]

I am taking someone to Small

Claims Court in NH, but I
recently received a letter asking
me to consider going on Hot
Bench, a Judge Judy-type
show in Los Angeles. After a bit
of thought, I decided not to
apply. Was I wrong? (And just
how did they find out about my
(Dont Axe me about this.) A
British teen who was found collapsed on the landing outside
his room at a childrens home
died from using too much
Telegraph reports. He sprayed
it all over himself and succumbed to the effects of the
gas, Kent Online quotes the
coroner as saying. A doctor says
16-year-old Thomas Townsend
died from circulation collapse
caused by butane gas inhalation. He would not take
showers but would stand there
with a deodorant and spray half
the can on him, says the teens

Enjoy The Benefits of a Fabulous & Comfortable Smile!

Northcountry News Picture Of The Week

A beautiful mountain photo taken back in the fall.

-Harry Wright Jr. Photography

If you have a photo which you think could make it as our picture of the week, let us know. Email it to
mother. Then he would spray and many, many others. Those
aftershave to cover up BO. firmly committed to Trump will
Police found 42 cans of deodor- obviously vote for him, but all
ant, hair spray, and other prod- the other votes will be spread
ucts in Townsends room at the out enough to make sure Trump
childrens home. (Newser) emerges way on top. Where a
vote will be more meaningful is
(If Steve Harvey changed jobs!) on the Democratic side. (2) As I
York University issued apolo- have said before, this time I will
gies to over 500 prospective be declaring Democrat and votstudents after they received ing for Bernie in the primary as
acceptance letters in error. a vote against Hillary (if others
This occurred immediately did that, I believe Bernie will
after the university had sent come out comfortably on top).
emails to acknowledge their Afterward, I will return to
been Undeclared. Once the field is
received. The university is still set, the choices will be clearer.
in the process of reviewing the (As an FYI, I dont believe I
students applications and Jock have voted for a Republican or
Phippen, director of student Democratic Presidential candirecruitment and admission, date in the November election
clarified that the correction in the past 40 years
emails were sent to clarify the
mistake and did not imply the
students applications had been Finally, did you hear all the
rejected. Students will learn yelling and screaming across
whether or not theyve actually NH? No, it wasnt the Patriots
been accepted into the universi- beating the Broncos; no, it wasty sometime in the coming nt Boston beating Montreal;
no, it wasnt the Second
Coming (but close)! Sarah
With the NH Primary looming, Palin endorsed Trump! I dont
a couple of predictions from know whether to laugh or cry
yours truly: (1) On the (or both)!
Republican side, theres Trump


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Alan F. Kennell, DDS, MS
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Attorney Steven B. Goss

Certified Provider

Northeastern Society of Orthodontists

Kaitlin ~ Northfield, NH

Smile with Confidence!

Ask about treatment options available for ALL ages!

524-7404 Laconia | 536-7404 Plymouth | 444-7403 Littleton

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Thompson Mill Building

40 Canal Street Lancaster, NH
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Section B Pull Out

- Tom Ryan Photo

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Classifieds Puzzles & Comics Business & Church Director y Events
Soon after, we met a sweet old
lady who was very active.
When she found out that I fed
the squirrels and the chipmunks, she visibly shuddered.
Why on earth would you do
that? She demanded. I
couldnt help but think of dear
old dad, especially when she
went on to tell me how she
coped with them during gardening season.

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Unique Gifts
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page of the newspaper and the

first story on the evening news,
there are millions of us in the
world doing something so simple as feeding birds (and squirrels) in the bleak midwinter.

Im not sure about you, but I

believe in a world were millions
perform these random acts of
kindness. Something as simple
as filling a birdfeeder is reason
for hope, there is reason to
believe in kindness, and there is
proof that our hearts can be as
active as our heads and our
Such is the light of day in the
darkest and the coldest of the
four seasons. Hope exists,
sometimes anonymously.
Quality Building Products At A Discount!

Harmans Cheese & Country Store

1400 Route 117 Sugar Hill, NH 03586 823-8000
Open 9:30 am 4:30 pm, Closed Sun. until May

1139 Clark Pond Road

North Haverhill, NH



I take a big metal pail and fill

it up halfway with water. Then I
take a narrow piece of wood
My father used to sit at his and lay it across the top. After
kitchen window, a cup of tea in that, I lined that wood with sunfront of him, the smoke of a cig- flower seeds.
arette spiraling into the air, and
cuss at the squirrels raiding his Im not sure I follow, I said.
birdfeeders. They drove him
crazy. Hed bang on the win- She smiled. Not a kind smile. It
dow, or open it up and yell at was a cunning one. The chipmunks loved the sunflower
seeds and would go up on that
It didnt matter. They always piece of wood to retrieve them,
but the wood was so narrow
came back.
theyd fall in the water and
Hed think hed come up with drown.
some new contraption to fend
them off, to keep them away Thats when it was my turn to
from the seeds he put out for his shudder. Thats also when I
beloved birds, but it never decided Id always feed our
worked. Not for long, anyway. chipmunks and squirrels.
Such is the ability of squirrels
I dont feed our local bears and
to solve puzzles.
dont put out anything when the
You could say that in those last bears are active. But the rest of
years, when he lived alone, he the year I take comfort in havwas cursed by squirrels for they ing a kinship of kindness with
became the bane of his exis- all other wild things. I put out
seeds and fruits for the various
souls that visit our yard. Its
When Atticus and I first moved become a regular thing, one that
to Jackson, it was in the spring. is quite popular with our

The Adventures
of Tom & Atticus

winged and four legged neigh- feeder and a sunflower seed

feeder. The way they are set up
and designed, they are marketNearly every morning, soon ed as squirrel-proof. This
after the sun is up, three crows would please my dearly-departbalance on the lone tree that ed father. But then hed howl at
floats in the middle of our back- me for the way I take a small
yard. Its not well and every bucket of seeds out nearly every
year there is some talk about morning, and spread them
removing that old black ash. across the top of the snow.
But I dont dare, for while its These, as you might have
the last tree to dress herself in guessed, are for the squirrels.
leaves in the spring and the first
to drop them in September (and Each morning, just before I
even then they are not very refill the feeders, I find myself
pretty), the local wildlife take reading either poetry or essays.
comfort in that tree.
Today, I read an essay bemoaning what was going on in the
One night, when I was taking world today from the hatred of
Atticus out one last time before terrorists, to the hatred of presiwe went to bed, I saw two sets dential candidates, to the hatred
of eyes about five feet off the of militiamen, and I was
ground in the black ash. I reminded to hold onto hope.
walked over next to the tree,
those four eyes transfixed by Todays essay, written by Omid
my beaming headlamp, and Safi on the On Being website,
came face to face with two curi- contained the following: A few
ous baby raccoons. They sat in days ago I was reminded when
that tree looking at me from just a friend posted a note on social
two feet away, and they were media about an old tradition in
just as interested in me.
Ottoman societies (todays
Through the past six years Ive Lebanon, Egypt, Bosnia,
seen all kinds of life in that tree Greece, etc.). Whenever it
from the regular visiting birds snows, people go to the top of a
to hawks and owls. Ive also mountain and scatter seeds for
seen bears who were comical in birds. The reason is as simple as
the way they seemed to think it is immediate: birds are creathey could hind behind narrow tures of God. And as the
branches as if they were invisi- Prophet said, if you want the
All-Merciful God to show you
mercy, show mercy to the creHere it is, the middle of winter ation of the All-Merciful.
again. There are a couple of
feeders on the tree, both loaded And there I had it. In a world
with a variety of seeds. On our where terror and hate often take
second floor deck, I have a suet over center stage and the front


Ovide Lamontagne To Keynote Pemi Baker Valley GOPs Annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner_____________
New Hampshires Leading
Conservative to speak in
on Friday, February 5, 2016

The Pemi Baker Valley

Republican Committee is
pleased to announce that one of
New Hampshires leading conservatives, Ovide Lamontagne,
will be keynoting the committees upcoming Annual Lincoln
Reagan Dinner on Friday,
February 5th at the Woodstock
Inn, Station, and Brewery in

We are very excited to welcome Ovide Lamontagne who

has been the standard bearer of
the Republican Party when it
comes to conservative principles, said State Senator Jeanie
Forrester, co-chair of the
Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner.
Last year we had a sold-out
event with U.S. Senator Kelly
Ayotte and I expect this year
will be just as successful, said
Representative Steve Darrow
(R, Grafton-District 17), Chair
of the PBVRC.

General Counsel for Americans

United For Life.
He has
returned to New Hampshire to
practice law full time with the
regional law firm of Bernstein
Shur. Prior to that, he was the
Republican nominee in 1996
and 2012 for governor for New
Hampshire. In 2011 Ovide was
recognized as Americans For
Prosperitys (AFP) conservative of the year. Ovide has also
just recently joined the Carly
Fiorina for President campaign
as the State Director.

less efforts on behalf of the

Republican Party in New
Hampshire, and Im honored to
keynote this years Lincoln
Reagan Dinner, said Ovide.

Tickets for the dinner are $50

per person and sponsorship
opportunities are available.
RSVP by January 23rd and get
your name entered into the
early bird raffle.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please contact

Jeanie Forrester at (603) 279Ovide most recently served as I appreciate the PBVRCs tire- 1459 or

North Country Dining Guide

Gillys Restaurant

Exit 28 Pizza

Serving Breakfast & Lunch

With That Homemade Touch

Wed - Sun
Hours: Mon - Thurs 11-9 Fri & Sat 11-10 Sun 12-9
Campton Corners 25 Vintinner Road Campton, NH


St. Bristol, NH

Pizza Subs Dinners

Homemade Calzones

Biggest Subs In Town


Please Visit Us Online For The

Latest Specials, Entertainment &
Goings Ons!

Station & Brewery

Route 3, Main Street North Woodstock


Summer Patio Area...

Pizza Subs Salads

Dinner Menu
Eggplant & Chicken Parmesan
Fish & Chips

Open Every Day

M-F 6am-2pm Sat 6am-1pmSun 6:30am til Noon

Now Accepting




We Deliver...

Hours: Mon-Thur 11am-9pm Fri & Sat 11am-10pm Sun 12-9pm

Make Us Your Sweet

Spot for Valentine's
Week-end, Sat & Sun!

Saturday February 13 5-9pm

Regular Menu Not Available

Prime Rib .. cooked to your liking $19.99
Baked Stuffed Haddock.. crabmeat stuffing $18.99
Chicken Cordon Bleau .. w/cranberry chutney $16.99
Roast Loin of Pork.. homemade apple stuffing $16.99
(tax &gratuity not inc.)

Complete dinner starting with an appetizer of veggie dip

w/crackers, choice of whipped or baked potato or rice pilaf,
winter squash, dinner roll, a sweetheart sundae dessert!

At The Common Warren, NH 764-5288

Beer & Wine & Full Liquor Lic. M/C & Visa
Wed & Thurs 6am-2pm Closed Mon. & Tues.
Fri day & Saturday 6am - 8pm Sun. 8am -2pm

Special Sweetheart
Dinner For Two
and choose from our
HUGE Chocolate
Dessert Buffet
Pair with
wine or cocktail!
Call & make your
reservation today.
We also have vegan,
vegetarian & gluten free
Live Music
Fri - Leah Cordero
Sat - Sky King
Wed-Sat 11-9 Sun 11-8
Closed Mon-Tues

27 Main Street
Rumney, NH


NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS| January 29, 2016 Page B-2

We Have
Beer &

Going To
Love Our
(While Supplies Last - Served Until 7:30pm) Chowder!

All-U-Can-Eat Days!

MONDAY - Shrimp & Cup of Chowder

TUESDAY - Hickory Smoked Barbecue Ribs
WEDNESDAY - Haddock & Cup of Chowder

Right off Exit 26 in Plymouth, NH. Only 20

Min. South of The Kancamagus Hwy.

Tuesday is SENIOR CITIZEN DAY 15% Off

(Age 60 or over excludes all you can eat & other specials)

FISH FRY FRYDAY - Golden Fried Haddock

Inc. cup of chowder, salad, potato & veg.

Tenney Mtn. Highway Plymouth, NH

Gift Certs. 536-6330 or 536-9869 (yumy)


The Outside Story by Carolyn Lori _______________________________________________________________

In January, Owl Courtship


Im an enthusiastic, if laid-back,
bird watcher. One of the things I
love most about spring and summer is the effortlessness with
which I encounter a wide variety
of birds. Sitting in my backyard,
Ill catch sight of an indigo
bunting in the apple tree or watch
a pair of phoebes flying to and
from their nest. On an afternoon
hike, I might spot a Baltimore
oriole or hear the sweet sounds of
a wood thrush.

But January is far too early to

dream of spring, so Ive decided
to put thoughts of seasonal songbirds out of my mind and focus
on some of our regions yearround residents, namely owls.

If any species of bird takes effort

and fortitude to observe, it is the
stealthy, nocturnal owl. Of the
134 species in the world, five are
year-round residents of the
Northeast: the great horned,
barred, eastern screech, longeared and saw-whet. Despite the
number of species and their constant presence, is the dead of

2956 Dartmouth College Hwy.
North Haverhill, NH

500 New & Used
Firearms In Stock


In business for 41 years

Selling hunting accessories,
fishing tackle, archery,
kayaks, scopes, binoculars,
Goex black powder

Were so much more

than a gun store!

Tues Fri 9 to 6; Sat 9 to 3

& Monday

For great horned owls (Bubo virginianus), the process starts just
as the Northeast is settling into
the deep freeze of winter. Young
told me that by early January the
birds, which range in size from
18 inches to just over two feet,
start calling to each other. Its
even possible to distinguish the
female versus male calls, as the
females have a higher pitch and
an extra note in the beginning of
their call.

In addition to owls being more

vocal in winter, the other advantage to starting my search now is
that I might even come across a
snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus).
Residents of the Arctic Circle,
these large birds sometimes
irrupt into the lower 48 states,
most likely driven by a search for
food. Birders were treated to one
of the largest irruptions in history
during the winter of 2013-2014,
when snowy owls were spotted
en masse all over the country,
By February, most great horned including one that ended up at the
owls are incubating their eggs Honolulu International Airport.
and have grown quieter, though
their calls can still be heard as While it would be spectacular to
they defend their territories. But see a snowy owl or stumble upon
as they grow quiet, the barred a parliament of long-eared owls,
owls (Strix varia) pipe up. The Ill be pleased just to hear the
familiar who-cooks-for-you- calls of a great horned or barred.
calls The return of the songbirds may
become more frequent from late be months off, but this winter
February into April, which is will have plenty of moonlit,

windless nights, and I will be out by Adelaide Tyrol. The Outside

Story is assigned and edited by
there, looking and listening.
Northern Woodlands magazine
Carolyn Lori lives with her res- and sponsored by the Wellborn
cue dog and very large cat in Ecology Fund of New Hampshire
Thetford, Vermont. The illustra- Charitable Foundation: welltion for this column was drawn


This one
owner home is ready for you to
move into. The 3 bedroom 2 1/2
bath home has a master bedroom
& large bath on the first floor. and
2 large bedrooms and a full bath
on the 2nd floor. New carpets
through out the house along with
some fresh paint. Full length deck on the back for entertaining. Wood stove in the full walk out basement

Cinderella home. The old home was
completely taken apart and a beautiful new home constructed. Located
in the low tax town of Holderness
with White Oak Pond across the
street and Big Squam Lake minutes
away. Excellent thought and craftsmanship went in to this home.
Everything has been very well thought out. Home has 2 car
garage attached and a second building in the back for whatever
you would like it to be. An office, craft room., exercise area or
whatever appeals to you .Full unfinished basement .There is
storage over the garage. Room for vegetable and floral gardens
..Add to all this the low tax town of Holderness with easy
access to I93, four season attractions and shopping just minutes away..Town Library , Squam Lakes Natural Science
Center, Post Office and local shopping five minutes away. This
beautiful home is located in Central NH , a short drive away to
all the Lakes and Mountains have to offer. Don't miss this one.

44X80 garage on 16.8 acres.
Large open garage for working on
& storing large equipment. Easy
access off route 118 (Dorchester
Road) in Rumney. Excellent property for any one in the trucking or
construction business. $237,500.


This One !!! Ten unit motel, three
bedroom year round home , two
bedroom rental home, inground
swimming pool and 24 seat restaurant all for one price. Nestled in the
foot hills of central New Hampshire
surrounded by lakes and mountains
with easy access to I93.Four Season community with lots
of ski areas, lakes and mountains nearby. This is a "turn
key" operation with many updates. Current owner is a NH
licensed Realtor $695,000.

Barbara Currier - Broker

2015 Realtor Of The Year for Lakes

Region Board of Realtors

Clinton Clay, Assoc. Broker

Bill Waldrip, Assoc. Broker
Joan M.Clay, Sales Assoc.
Kim Gould, Sales Assoc.


Corner of Rte. 3 & 175 Holderness, NH

Mon-Fri 9-4 Sat 10-3 Sun by apt.

Page B-3 January 29, 2016 |NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS


Not so in winter, when the cold

curtails my outdoor activities and
so many birds have departed for
warmer climes. The dearth of
birds and walks leaves me feeling
doubly deprived, and I count the
days until red-winged blackbirds
will again greet me on my morning stroll.

winter a reasonable time to seek their breeding season.

them out?
While knowing the breeding seaTurns out it is.
son of particular owls increases
the likelihood of hearing them, I
The first weeks of January is asked Young if there were tips
when the action starts, according that might further increase my
to Matthew Young, who works at chances of seeing one. He sugthe Cornell Lab of Ornithology. gested that I venture out between
Owls generally make their pres- sunset and sunrise when the
ence known through their vocal- moon is bright but the wind is
izations, which peak two times a still ideal hunting conditions
year. One is in summer, when for owls.
fledglings depart their parents
territory and search for their own. Long-eared owls (Asio otus) tend
Most young owls have staked to roost during the winter in
their claims by September or small groups (known poetically
October, making November and as parliaments). I was excited
December relatively quiet in the about the prospect of discovering
owl world. But the chatter not just one but several owls
increases again during the winter roosting, until Young told me that
breeding season, when mates are long-eared owls are one of the
courting each other and defend- most secretive and least known
ing their territory.
birds in North America.

- Notices, Letters, Politics, Opinions, Help Wanted, & More! -

Letter To The Editor______________________________________

More grant money

Once more into the wide

breach... here we spend again.
That is the new battle cry we hear
from Washington and Concord.

Another $150 million of federal

taxpayer money has been awarded to the state for mental illness
and addiction prevention.

The $150 will be spread out over

five years. $30 million a year on
top of what we are already
spending, but the catch is, that
this is fed tax "Grant" money,
which means that the state will
have to cough up another $30
million a year.

As this money will be funneled

through DHHS (Department of
Health and Human services) and
in order to be a recipient of the
services, you will have to be eligible and enrolled in Medicaid.
That will shove NH up over the
$200 million mark for the next
biennium! I fear that this is a
conservative number, I regress.
Cant wait to see how much more
bacon Annie brings home for
more beds.

The large lack of services

statewide and with all of the red
tape, it will take years to even
allow or establish facilities to
operate. This money will be long
spent before anything of value is
provided. How is this program
going to be implemented and to
what measure are these programs going to be held accountable is the real question.

going to be transparent enough

to inform the people of the state
as to where all of this money is
going and the misinformed public who do not question why law
makers can and will spend millions of taxpayer moneys to fight
personal problems, there is no
need for accountability. What a
scam. I question if these psychiatric / drug rehab centers will be
located across the street from all
of the schools and community
centers that distribute Narcan in
the state.

Five years from now, if and when

DHHS has built up another $300
million in failed policy programs,
guess who will be left holding the

I've stated a number of times that

you can't cure stupid, come next
November, we can, and hopefully
will, vote stupid out, before we
end up filing for bankruptcy like
Michigan did, for years of building up state government, or for
raising taxes to the point where
our economy will be unsustainable for all of these services.

Isn't it amazing how the Northern

Pass, Wind towers and Gas pipe
lines are not the big red button
topics any more. When you fail to
prevent what the majority do not
want, it just isn't worth mentioning any more, is it?
Just more failed campaign promises by our generic politicians
who willfully spend millions on
more failed policies. There are no
historians in Concord.

Oh yeah, there is a bill in the

Whereas the geriatric ward house this session to increase the
under the gold dome are not yearly pay to the State


Supervisors of the Checklist
Will Meet
January 30, 2016
11:00-11:30am at the
Warren Town office Building
for the purpose of
corrections of Checklist

Presidential Primary Election Day

February 9, 2016
Donna Bagley
Donna Hopkins
Janice Sackett


Representatives and Senators,

Second Location Set for Bobcat Season Hearing
from $100 for each member to
$2500 a year! Here comes a bipartisan vote. Any one want to The New Hampshire Fish and Game Departments public hearing
bet it passes?
on proposed rules to establish a bobcat hunting and trapping season in New Hampshire will take place in two locations:
Eric T. Rottenecker

The first part of the hearing will take place on Monday,

February 1, 2016, at 6:00 p.m. at Representatives Hall in the N.H.
State House in Concord, N.H.
USDA Expands Microloans to
Help Farmers Purchase Farmland The public hearing will be continued on Tuesday, February 2,
2016, at 6:00 p.m. at Fish and Games Region 1 Office at 629B
and Improve Property
Main Street in Lancaster, N.H.
Producers, Including Beginning
and Underserved Farmers, Have The hearing is being continued on the second day to ensure that
a New Option to Gain Access to North Country citizens have an adequate chance to participate.
The N.H. Fish and Game Commission is proposing to issue a total
Agriculture Deputy Secretary of 50 bobcat permits through a lottery process. The timing and
Krysta Harden today announced attributes of the draft season would be similar to New
that the U.S. Department of Hampshires fisher season, with December trapping and January
Agriculture (USDA) will begin hunting. If adopted, the proposal would take effect in December
microloans, creating a new of 2016.
financing avenue for farmers to
buy and improve property. These States and provinces neighboring New Hampshire all have bobcat
microloans will be especially seasons, including Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and Quebec,
helpful to beginning or under- although none limit their take using a permit system as proposed
served farmers, U.S. veterans by N.H. Fish and Game.
looking for a career in farming,
and those who have small and Following a multi-year collaborative bobcat research study carmid-sized farming operations.
ried out by Fish and Game with the University of New
Hampshire, the N.H. Fish and Game Commission directed the
Many producers, especially new Department to assess whether the states bobcat population could
and underserved farmers, tell us sustain harvest without adverse impact to the population. Fish
that access to land is one of the
biggest challenges they face in and Game concluded that the population could sustain modest
establishing and growing their harvest while still accommodating slow growth.
own farming operation, said Commission subsequently asked the Department to formulate a
Harden. USDA is making it eas- conservative season proposal consistent with those findings. A
ier for new farmers to hit the draft framework was presented to the Commission in April and a
ground running and get access to final proposal was adopted by the Commission in December of
the land that they need to estab- 2015.
lish their farms or improve their
The complete rulemaking notice, with proposed rule language for
this proposal, can be viewed at microloan program, which posed-rules.html.
celebrates its third anniversary
this week, has been hugely successful, providing more than Written comments regarding this proposal must be received by
16,800 low-interest loans, total- the Department by February 10, 2016.
ing over $373 million to producers
country. Send comments to: (use the rule
Microloans have helped farmers name in your subject line); or write to Executive Director, N.H.
and ranchers with operating Fish and Game Department, 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH
costs, such as feed, fertilizer, 03301; or fax to 603-271-5829.Learn more about New
tools, fencing, equipment, and Hampshires
living expenses since 2013.
Seventy percent of loans have
gone to new farmers.


Now, microloans will be available to also help with farm land

and building purchases, and soil
and water conservation improvements. FSA designed the expanded program to simplify the application process, expand eligibility
requirements and expedite smaller real estate loans to help farmers strengthen their operations.
Microloans provide up to
$50,000 to qualified producers,
and can be issued to the applicant
directly from the USDA Farm
Service Agency (FSA).

This microloan announcement is

another USDA resource for
Americas farmers and ranchers
to utilize, especially as new and
beginning farmers and ranchers
look for the assistance they need
to get started. To learn more
about the FSA microloan program
or contact your local FSA office.
To find your nearest office location,

NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS| January 29, 2016 Page B-4





The Town of Warren and the
Warren School District
will hold a Budget Hearing on
Wednesday, February 3, 2016 6:00 PM
at the Warren Village School

The school budget will be discussed first with

the town budget immediately following.

North Country Happenings...

On-Going Events

Warren Masonic Hall - breakfast

from 7-9 on the first Sunday of
each month. Hope to see you
----------------------------------------The Warren/Wentworth Food
Pantry, serving residents in
Warren, Wentworth and Glencliff,
is located behind the Warren
Wentworth Ambulance Service
building and is open every Friday
from 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. For eligibility
information or to make a donation, stop by or call 764-5265. The
pantry gratefully accepts food or
monetary donations as well as
donations of personal and household care items.
----------------------------------------Nightly Entertainment Indian
Head Resort, Lincoln

----------------------------------------For all upcoming events at D

Acres - (D Acres is located at 218
----------------------------------------Beginner line dancing - Starr
King Fellowship, Plymouth, NH.
Sundays 4-5pm ($5.00 donation
requested) Contact: George @

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or e-mail"
----------------------------------------Tuesdays - T.O.P.S. (Take off
Pounds Sensibly) Weigh in - 5 PM
- 5:45 PM; Meeting - 6 PM at
Horse Meadow Senior Center,
North Haverhill.
----------------------------------------Anxiety Umbrella is a new Peer
Support Group for people with
Anxiety related disorders. These
include: Generalized or Social
Anxiety, Panic (attacks), Obsessive
Compulsive, Phobias & fears.
This group will meet the 1st & 3rd
Thursday of each month at the
Cottage Hospital Occupational
Therapy Waiting area at 6: PM.
For more info. or call
Lurette @ (603)838-5595 or
Robin @ (603) 747-2527. You are
not alone in your struggle!
----------------------------------------Connecticut River
Beekeepers Assoc meets every
second Thursday 7-9 PM at the
Grafton County Extension Office
Building, 3855 Dartmouth College
Hwy, North Haverhill, NH.
----------------------------------------The Summertime Marching Band
warmly invites YOU to join us as
we get ready for our 2nd season!
All ages - all players of marching
band instruments are welcome.
You can get back into the swing of

playing again. Join us! We practice

one Sunday a month at 6pm in
the Monroe Town Hall. Call Mary
Choate 638-4903 for details.

Upcoming Events

Appalachian Mountain Clubs

Pinkham Notch Visitor Center

January Evening Programs start at

8:00 PM

Saturday, Jan 30 Stars Above the

Notch: Astronomy at Pinkham
Notch with Doug Arion

Schedule subject to change without notice.

AMC Outdoor
Explorations are sponsored in part
by LL Bean and the William T.
Morris Foundation.
Programs are free and open to
guests and the general public.

Discover WILD New Hampshire

Day. Saturday, April 16, 2016. 10
a.m. to 3 p.m. at the N.H. Fish and
Game Department, 11 Hazen
Drive, Concord, N.H. Fun family
day features live animals, big fish,
hands-on activities, and exhibits by
outdoor and environmental
groups. Admission is free. Visit

Call Now 800-267-6917

Their Price


dinator, at 764-5839, or the Joseph

Patch Library at 764-9072.
----------------------------------------Wentworth Historical Society
meets monthly, 7:00 p.m, every
third Thursday, April - Dec. at
the Historical Society Museum in
Wentworth. Join us for historical
topics and stimulating conversation.
----------------------------------------For on-going programs, concerts
and events at COURT STREET
ARTS, Haverhill, please visit or call 603989-5500. Classes, art shows,
Shakespeare in the Valley, Music,
wide variety of programming.
Join us!
----------------------------------------The Baker's River Grange meets
the 2nd and 4th Friday every
month, 7:30 p.m., Grange Hall,
Rte.25, Rumney. Visitors welcomed!
----------------------------------------Gentle Yoga - Saturdays 8:309:30; Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm
at Starr King Fellowship,
Plymouth,NH. Contact Darlene
Nadeau 536-1179.
----------------------------------------Scottish Country Dance Lessons,
Fairlee Town Hall, Wednesday
evenings from 7 - 9 PM. Cost
$3.00 (first time free). All dances
taught. No partner necessary.
Beginners welcome. For more
information, call (802) 439-3459

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Use of these services is subject to the Terms of Use and accompanying policies at

Page B-5 January 29, 2016 |NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS


Woodstock Inn, Station &

Brewery 745-3951, Lincoln.
----------------------------------------Haverhill Memorial Post 5245 and
their Ladies Axillary hold their
regular monthly meeting at 7pm
on the third Thursday of each
month at the VFW Post in North
Haverhill. All members are invited
to attend.

Franconia Heritage Museum

Events & Exhibits - Fridays &
Saturdays, 1-4pm (and by special
request) at 553 Main Street (Route
18), Franconia (603) 823-5000. The
non-profit Council operates the
Franconia Heritage Museum and
the Iron Furnace Interpretive
Center. Work continues on a scale
model of the Brooks and Whitney
Bobbin Mill. The Brooks family
exhibit will be displaying artifacts
and items throughout the museum's 1800s farmhouse and outbuildings.
----------------------------------------To find out the on-going happenings at the Squam Lakes Natural
Science Center in Holderness,
NH. You can call 603-968-7194 or
visit them online at:
----------------------------------------To find out the on-going happenings at the AMC Pinkham Notch
Center where programs are free &
open to the public: AMC Pinkham
Notch Visitor Center, Route 16,
Pinkham Notch, NH. For more
information contact the AMC at
(603) 466-2727 or
----------------------------------------For on-going events at WREN
(Women's Rural Entrepreneurial
Network) of Bethlehem, please
visit or
call them at: 603-869-9736.
----------------------------------------For ongoing schedule at Silver
Center for the Arts, Plymouth,
NH, call 603-536-ARTS or visit
them on the web at:
----------------------------------------Friends of the Library have establishing a Conversational French
group at the Joseph Patch Library
in Warren. We meet on Monday
mornings, 9-10. Join us! All skill
levels are welcome. For questions
or sign up: call Luane Clark, coor-


Northcountry News For The Fun Of It!

Its What The
Locals Read!

NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS| January 29, 2016 Page B-6


2000 HONDA CIVIC - 4-door, auto

power windows, AC, runs well, no rust.
COmes with 4 extra tires. $1,200. Call
603-869-3271. (2/15)
--------------------------------------------------2010 TOYOTA CAMRY LE, - 97k
miles, great condition, new snow tires
plus summer set. $8500. Pictures
603-764-9089 (2/15)
--------------------------------------------------BLUE 2009 SUBARU LEGACY
2.5ISE PZEV; 62,500 miles; automatic
AWD; sunroof; no rust; recently
inspected; Carfax available; $9,500;
603-764-9356 Ask for Joe. (rts 2/28)
--------------------------------------------------GM TRANSMISSIONS - 2-350 TH
transmissions, $450 each. 2-400 TH
4x4 Transmissions, $500 each. 34L60E 4x4 Transmissions, $750 each.
Need transmission in exchange. 802584-3299. (rts 2/28)
1994 FORD RANGER - $500. For info,
call 603-726-3552. (1/15)
--------------------------------------------------2011 HONDA ACCORD EX-L, 4 door,
leather, heated front seats, sunroof,automatic with great gas mileage
27 to 32 mpg. 69,500 miles, one owner
with all maintenance records, plus
extra set of winter tires. Price $14,500,
call Rebecca at 1-603-353-4555. See
car on (
click on Inventory, then Honda. (tfn2/28)
SKATES...".CANSTAR" made in
Canada, size 8, $50. Please call 603764-9979 eves (TFN-PW)
--------------------------------------------------BAUER MENS ICE SKATES - Vapor
7.0 Limited Edition. Size 9D. Paid
$750, used six times. Will sell for $200,
firm. Call Jon at 802-384-1916. (2/15)

Central Boiler wood and pellet
furnaces. Save up to $1,600.
Call 866-543-7589



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--------------------------------------------------MONROE,N.H. HOUSE TO RENT- 3

Bedroom, Two Baths, 2 car garage,
Snow removel ,garbage removal, very
LONELY 72- honest, caring, non- clean, $1,200.00 a month. Call 603smoking, non-drugs gentlemen, seeks 638-2200 days or 603-236-1095
a nice lady for friendship & companion- evenings. (TFN-JD)
ship. Please phone after 8pm.603795-2742. (1/24)

14 X 70 MOBILE HOME AND - two

12x16 add ons with porches.
Completely and professionally refurbished, 8x8x8 heavy duty, tight, vented, quality storage building, on 1.5
acres. In exceelent location in
Thornton, NH and central to lakes and
mountain skiing. A good retreat!
$112,000. Call 603-726-3552. (6/15)
--------------------------------------------------RUMNEY NH LAND - 79
commercial/residential acres with river
and valley views. Also, timber and
1050 of frontage with double access
on busy Route 25. $296,000. (603)
726-3552. (rts (6/17)


One large bedroom apartment. Electric
& hot water. Private parking in clean
new apartment. No pets. No smoking.
Heat supplied by tenant. $700 plus
security. Call 603-787-6942. (1/29)
--------------------------------------------------RANDOLPH NH CABIN- charming
and well insulated, in a glorious location on 13 acres with spectacular
views. Woodstove, backup electric.
Minor caretaking duties pertaining to
main house on property. $395 monthly.
Available October 1. Reply to (rts 2/28)


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Northcountry News

Over 10,000 birds a year die from s

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Northcountry Puzzle Answers

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North Country Classifieds & More!



Adventures in

Root Cellar Update

Though the overnight snow had

only blanketed our homestead
in a couple inches of fine, light,
powdery snow, I stepped outside our cabin door, reached for
the snow shovel, and set about
making rounds.


tic covering, shovel sides. If

one is feeling ambitious theres
shoveling to be done around the
wood pile and in front of the
shed, or, as I did on this particular day, shoveling our commonly tread pathways. And,
new for this year, clearing the
entrance to the root cellar.

Just beyond the eastern side of

the greenhouse, this new stop is
easy to incorporate. Plus, the
cellars terraced position is easy
to shovel snow from. Though
the door is the obvious point of
attention, keeping snow away
from the vent is equally essenTheres nothing too demanding tial. Without some airflow,
about shoveling here, especially wed risk quick ruination of the
with such light snow. Scrape vegetables therein.
snow from the uneven granite
that comprise our front stoop, Thus far, though, things are in
brush off the solar panel, shovel good shape. Our many potatoes
free the front door to the green- are firm and fresh, much as if
house, rake snow from its plas- they were harvested just a few

Breakfast and a leisurely morning were behind me, a full day

ahead of me with only my own
choosing to direct it. The light
was bright with shimmering,
blowing snow despite the
clouded skies.

weeks ago. The cabbage as

well is continuing to be hard
and juicy. Though outer leaves
are accumulating mold, the
inner heads are firm with no
deterioration. The onions, too,
are storing fine, as are the many
canned goods. While were
onto lists, Ill mention that our
carrots, beets, and turnips are
done for this season - so a goal
is clear for this coming growing
year. As to the produce stored
inside the cabin, the squash,

garlic, and dry beans are all persisting in fine quality. Things
are working as we hoped! The
harvest is lasting! Were excited by this modest feat.

er - around 34 degrees or thereabouts is my preference - but

considering that we went into
this project not quite believing
we could keep vegetables from
freezing...well, we are ecstatic
with this initial success. No
doubt well be fine-tuning with
future seasons - but our starting
point is an encouraging one.

We are also encouraged by the

consistency of the root cellars
temperature. For the last two
months, it has hovered between
38 and 42 degrees, without
more variation than that. We feel so grateful, and invigIdeally, it would be a little cold- orated.

NH Offers Variety Of Courses For Women To

Learn Outdoor Skills in 2016______________________________

purify water, as well as what to

take along in your survival kit.
This course is taught by NH
Fish and Game Conservation
Registration opens April 25,

New Hampshire's Becoming an

(BOW) is offering an exciting
lineup of courses in 2016 for
women interested in learning
outdoor skills. Application
forms and brochures are published at when registration opens. Sign up as soon
as possible after registration
opens, as these courses fill
quickly. New Hampshire
Becoming an Outdoors-Woman
programs are sponsored by the
New Hampshire Fish and Game
Department and the New
Hampshire Wildlife Federation.
Participants must be age 18 or

Fishing Weekend -- June 2426, 2016, at Coleman Estates,
Stewartstown, NH. This weekend is a chance for women who
have basic fly-fishing skills to
become independent flyanglers. Learn the finer points
of casting, reading the water,
picking a fly and landing a fish.
Participants bring their own flyrod. Cost: $275 (includes 5
and 2 nights lodging).
Winter BOW February 20, meals
opens May 9,
2016 Course full; registration 2016.
is closed. Offered every year,
this one-day workshop allows BOW Fall Weekend -women to experience ice-fish- September 9-11, 2016, at
ing, snowshoeing and tracking, Rockywold-Deephaven Camps
winter outdoor survival, or in Holderness, NH. This is NH
Shoe and Shoot (woodland BOWs biggest event of the
target shooting on snowshoes). year. Participants choose four
to take during the
BOW Wilderness Survival -- workshops
include fishJune 4, 2016, at Owl Brook ing, shooting sports,
HunterEducation Center in outdoor cooking, hunting,
Holderness, NH. Learn how to and compass, kayaking map
handle an emergency and sur- more. Cost: $335 (includesand
vive in the outdoors. Youll gain meals and two nights lodging,
tips on what to do if you are plus instruction and equipment
lost, how to build a shelter,
Registration opens June 6,
make a fire, signal for help, and use).

Please Tell Our Advertisers That

You Saw It In The Northcountry News!
We Are Thankful To Be A Part
Of The Local Communities We Serve.

Deer Hunting Basics -October 1, 2016, at Owl Brook

Hunter Education Center in
Holderness, NH. If you are a
hunting the elusive whitetail
deer, this introductory workshop is for you! Learn the seasonal habits of deer, hunting
techniques, how to identify
sign, game recovery, and choices of firearms. Cost: $55.
Registration opens August 15,

Navigational Workshop -October 15, 2016, at Owl

Brook Hunter Education Center
in Holderness, NH. Learn how
to navigate in the woods, use a
compass, read a topographic
map and use the map and compass together. Also covers use
of simple hand-held GPS unit.
Compare the two methods of
navigation on a moderate
woods course. Cost: $55.
Registration opens August 29,

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North Country Church Directory

Warren United Methodist Church
On The Common Warren, NH

Open hearts
Open minds
Open doors

The people of the

United Methodist Church


Pastor David J. Moore
North Haverhill, NH 787-6887

Morning Worship for July & August

9:30 AM Regular Worship


Dear Friends, God is our Hope! There are

scriptures to help you to understand that. To read
and remind ourselves, that our hope IS in Him.
Ps.62:5, Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope
comes from him. Ps.27:14, Let your hope be in
the Lord: take heart and be strong; yes, let your
hope be in the Lord. Ps.43:5, Why are you cast
down, O my soul? and why are you disturbed
within me? hope in God: for I shall yet praise him,
who is the health of my countenance, and my
God. Ps.130:7, O Israel, hope in the LORD; for
with the LORD there is unfailing love. His
redemption overflows. Ps.31:24, So be strong and
courageous, all you who put your hope in the
LORD! And there are so many more! You don't
need to live without hope! God is our hope. God
bless you.
~Submitted by Jeannine Bartlett


Adult Bible Study ................ 10 a.m.

Sunday School ..................... 10 a.m.
Sunday Morning Service ..... 11 a.m.
Evening Service ................... 6 p.m.
Wednesday Night Prayer ...... 7 p.m.

Calvary Baptist Church

20 Elm Street
(603) 747-3157

Woodsville, N.H.
= Pastor Alan Morrison

North Country Business Directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

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Animals / Feed / Grooming

Lloyd Donnellan

239 West End Rd.

Landaff, NH 03585

Mobile Grooming Shop For Dogs And Cats


Animals / Feed / Grooming

Starting At Only $20/month

Can You Actually Afford
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Call Today! 603-764-5807

Starting At Only $20/month

Can You Actually Afford
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Quality grooming for all breeds...

Call Today! 603-764-5807

Appliances & Repair



Over 16 Years
Of Service...

We Promptly Service All Brands

Authorized Servicer of
Maytag Whirlpool Crosley GE

224 River Rd. Piermont, NH


Serving New Hampshire & Vermont

Factory Authorized Service Provider

Whirlpool Maytag Frigidaire Sub Zero Wolf
Bosch Dacor LG Thermador Fisher Paykel

Don Bowman, Owner

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8:00am Early

Inspiring Words for You!

Your Church Can Be Here

In Full Color For Only $15
an Issue! Or Only $10 for
A Black & White Ad!
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Honest Pricing..
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Helping Our Local
Churches Save!
Give Us A Call Today!


North Country Business Directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

Auto Detailing

Have your vehicle looking like

new again - inside & out:
Hand wash, waxing, windows,
interior and upholstery
Mark Pollock Owner


Auto / Truck Care


Expert Auto - Lt. Truck Repairs

All Makes and Models
Complete Line Of Accessories Avail.

Specialize in Muscle & Performance

Authorized Amsoil Dealer

Official NH Inspection Station

Kevin Patten - 603-764-9084

1243 Mt. Moosilauke Hwy. Wentworth, NH

Brush Hogging - Mowing

Where Else Can You

Advertise Your Small
Business For Only
$20-$24 per Month?
Northcountr y News
Auto / Truck Care

Sales & Service

Building - Const. - Drywall

Starting At Only $20/month

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Building - Const. - Drywall

Call Today! 603-764-5807

Additions, Decks, Remodeling,
Roofing, Vinyl Siding,

Snow Plowing, Etc..

Gagnon Builder

Where The Customer Counts!!!

Automotive Repairs A-Z

State Inspections Used Car Dealer

Chainsaws Trimmers
Brush Cutters Blowers

Gary Gagnon


Authorized Jonsered Dealer

458 Buffalo Rd. Wentworth, NH
Owner, Jeff Ames 603-764-9992

257 Pettyboro Rd. Bath, NH


Concrete Foundations Floors Slabs

Foundations Under Existing Houses
Ph: 802-626-8763 Cell: 802-535-5860

Fax 802-626-9350
931 Buchler Rd Wheelock, VT 05851

Starting At Only $20/month

Can You Actually Afford
Not To Advertise?

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Call Today! 603-764-5807

North Country Business Directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

Building - Const. - Drywall


Framing Roofs Finish Decks Siding

All Your Building Needs...

89 Howe Hill Road Benton, NH 03785


Cleaning - Carpets - Etc...

Where Else Can You

Advertise Your Small
Business For Only
$20-$24 per Month?
Northcountr y News
Chair Caning

Woven Memories

Melanie Miller 802-467-1326

Chamber Of Commerce

Starting At Only $20/month

Can You Actually Afford
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Call Today! 603-764-5807


P.O. Box 447, Rumney, NH 03266

Serving the Baker Valley

for Over 35 Years
If you are planning a visit or are interested in
moving to the area, contact the BVCC at
to request a brochure.

Visit us on the Web at:

Dennis Gilpatric

, LLC.

Buying Selling Appraisals

Tues-Fri 10-5 Sat 10-3

Tel: (603) 536-2625

Fax: (603) 536-1342

64 Main Street
Plymouth, NH 03264

Computers & Service

Paige Computer Services

Custom Built Systems, Repairs, Parts,
Accessories, Software, Training
For All Your Computer Needs

50 Smith Street
Woodsville, NH 03785
(603) 747-2201

Mon-Fri 10-6
Sat by appt.
Closed Sunday

PO Box 1017 - Lincoln, NH 03251


Business Services Marketing

A. Berman
Justice of the Peace

Personalized Advertising Products

I guarantee I can save you money!*
(*Ask for details)

(603) 786-9086
PO Box 280 Rumney, NH 03266
Lower Cohase Regional
Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 209, Bradford, VT 05033

Mark J. Nielsen - Exec. Director


For Local Information Go To

Community Calendar,
Business Directory, Area
Maps, Information on
Local Events

Computers & Service

Jared S. Field

PC Repairs, Custom Built Systems & More!

10% Off First Time Order!
Free Pickup & Delivery within 50 miles
Free Assesment & Consultation
Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819

NH 603-638-3008
VT 802-424-0588

The PC For Me

If I cant fix it, then you dont pay!

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Handwoven Caning
Splint - Rush Seating
Shaker Tape - Baskets
& Minor Repairs
Competitive Pricing~ Quality Work

Wally Morabito



North Country Business Directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

Concrete - Excavation - Trucking

Foundations, Floors, Slabs, Retaining
Walls, Curbings & Sidewalks
Sanding & Plowing
54 Clifford Drive
North Haverhill, NH


Gils Construction

Crushed Ledge Products


Selling Crushed Ledge Products

Repair your driveway today
Competitive Prices

Delivery Available Serving VT & NH

7:00 4:00 p.m. M-F

(802) 222-5570

107 Rock Quarry Dr. Bradford, VT


Foundations & Floors

Free Estimates

Gilman LaCourse / Chris Cass

802-748-9476 or 603-455-7567

2085 New Boston Road St. Johnsbury, VT



97 Monroe Rd.
(Rte 135 on the
Woodsville &
Bath Border)

Wed., Thur., Fri. 8-5 Sat. from 8-2

Appointments can be scheduled by
calling during those hours. Messages can
be left any time.

Dr. Ralph M. Faluotico, Jr.



Septic And Water Systems,

Cellar Holes, Driveways, Roads,
Landclearing, Stumping

We Are Your Total

Excavating Company

Maurice Horne 787-6691 Kevin 787-2378

776 French Pond Rd. N. Haverhill, NH

Septic Systems Bush Hogging
Driveways Foundations
Land Clearing
Sewer & Plumbing License
Over 30 Years Experience




Roland Clifford
Lic. NH 8085 VT EM-3119
Fully Licensed & Insured
New and Old House Wiring
Underground Service Installations
Upgrade Service Installations
Residential Commercial No Job Too Small
N. Haverhill, NH


Starting At Only $20/month

Can You Actually Afford
Not To Advertise?

Call Today! 603-764-5807

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Farrier - Horseshoeing

Farrier Service
Hot & Cold

Gregory Nourys

Warren, NH 603-764-7696
Fireworks Displays

North Country Business Directory - Support Your Local Businesses....


Garden Design & Services

Heating - Stoves - Restoration

Foot Care


House Painting

Dave Heater, Gunsmith

254 Lost River Road (Rt.112)
Woodsville, NH

Forestry Equipment
Wed. to Sat. 10 am-2pm or by appointment

Hair Salon & Services

Joans Hair Design

Justice of the Peace

Rte. 10
Haverhill, NH


Professional Care ...

...Is Best For Your Hair

Joan Wiggins ~ Stylist


Hardware & Home Supplies

Ryezak Oil & Propane

Bulk & Bottled Propane Service
Home Heating Oil

Residential Commercial

1536 NH Route 25 Rumney, NH

Heating Oil, Diesel & Gasoline

24-Hour Burner Service

(For Customers Only)

W.E. Jock Oil Co., Inc.


Wells River, VT 05081

802-222-5280 800-455-5280
Largest Marvin Integrity window
and door showroom in the area.

Exit 16 on I-91, Bradford, VT

Visit our website:
Health Centers

Landscaping - Design & More

Your Community Health Partner for 40 years 1975-2015

ACHS = Integrated Health Care

Primary Care Behavioral Health Pharmacy
Dental & Oral Health all under the ACHS roof!
ACHS opened in 1975 with 2 employees. 40 years
later, ACHS has 5 sites, 110 employees and over
10,000 patients! ACHS accepts most major insurances,


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Fully Licensed FFL

Repair and Maintenance of all types of firearms
Appraisals and Transfers
Specializing in AR15/M4 Platforms and Customization
Hunting or Home Defense


North Country Business Directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

Meat & Food Products

tt ay !
Nu lider
Ho ff




Packed in this gorgeous
snowflake box is 4 pounds of
deliciousness, including salted
almonds, butter toffee pecans,
mint chocolate espresso beans,
peppermint malted milk balls,
and much more.

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*Offer valid for new customers only, with $25 minimum order. See website for full details.

Plumbing / Heating / Duct Work


Radio - Local

Plumbing, Heating & Gas Piping

New Construction - Renovations - Remodels
Residential - Commercial
Need a weekend appt? No problem give us a call!


Serving Thornton/Campton and surrounding areas

Dean Peterson - Owner Licensed & Insured NH#4326

Power Equip. & Outdoor Fun

Real Estate

Happy Family Celebration

2 (5 oz.) Filet Mignons
2 (5 oz.) Top Sirloins
2 (4 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops
4 Boneless Chicken Breasts (1 lb. pkg.)
4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers
4 (3 oz.) Gourmet Jumbo Franks
16 oz. pkg. Omaha Steakhouse Fries
4 Caramel Apple Tartlets
Omaha Steaks Seasoning Packet

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Lynne Tardiff


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2015 OCG | 510B120 | Omaha Steaks, Inc.

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Pet Aquarium & Supplies


Roofing / Standing Seam




79 Union St.
Littleton, NH 03561

Prescription Services Canada

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Our Price



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Print & Design

Use of these services is subject to the Terms of Use and accompanying policies at

Call Today! 603-764-5807


Nicholas Kendall

Specializing in
Standing Seam Roofing
Colors, Copper & Galvinized Steel
Free Estimates

Tropical & Marine Fish Corals

Inverts Birds Reptiles
Small Animals Supplies
Dog & Cat Supplies

PO Box 128 South Ryegate, VT 05069

Plumbing / Heating / Duct Work

Rubbish / Salvage / Trucking

(802) 584-4065

594 Tenney Mtn. Hwy. Plymouth, NH

Open 7 Days 603.536.3299

Support Your Local

Small Businesses!

Use This Directory To

Assist In Your Search.

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North Country Business Directory - Support Your Local Businesses....

Rubbish / Salvage / Trucking






Solutions For All Of Your Disposal Needs

Servicing Residential & Commercial
Customers With Curbside Pickups
Containers For Cleanouts & Construction
Projects Of Every Size




Pike, NH 989-5300



CELL 603.454.4980

Television Services


Hours: Mon. - Fri. 7-4

Septic Services

Services Stonework


Granite Work
Stone Walls Patios
Mini Excavating & Loader Work
Fully Insured Free Estimates
Donny Sharp Sr. Alexandria, NH


Senior Services

Storage Facilities

Formerly, Home For The Aged

14 Maple Street
Woodsville, NH 03785

Conveniently Located o of
Rt. 112 and Rt. 302 in Bath, NH

A Senior Residence

Residential Home with private rooms,

24 hour supervision, home-cooked meals,
housekeeping and laundry included.
A non-profit organization
serving people since 1921


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Best Deal
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Timber Harvesting - Logging


Larger Unit - 9 W x 145 +- $ 65.00
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ATV, Camper and Boat outside storage available
call for details
DAVIS REALTY OF NH & VT, INC 603-747-3211


Harry J. Burgess

192 Hibbard Road Bath, NH

Ph: (603) 838-5260 Fax: (603) 838-6692

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405 South Main St., Lisbon

Buying Copper, Brass, Alum. Etc..


Choosing The Perfect Tomato Variety______________________ Winter Arrives With Signs Of Spring____
By Heather Bryant, Regional
Field Specialist, Food and

If you are like most gardeners,

you are already looking forward
to next season. The holidays
are over, your seed catalogs
have come in the mail, and you
are poring over them trying to
decide what to plant next year.
Now is actually a good time to
get your order in if you havent
done it already. If you wait too
long your preferred varieties
might be sold out.

Choosing tomato seeds is for

me the most fun and the most
difficult part of any seed order.
The diversity out there is amazing, and every year there are
new varieties. If I tried everything that looks promising Id
be overrun. Where to start?

First, I strongly recommend

you decide before opening the
catalog how many plants you
can fit into your garden.
Otherwise its a little like going
into the grocery store hungry
and without a list. To prevent a
disappointing season, plant
something that you know you
like and that will do well for

Do you mostly use tomatoes in

salads, sandwiches, sauces or
all of the above? For salads, I
like cherries and saladettes.
Saladettes are a relatively new
term for tomatoes that are larger
than a cherry but not large
enough to make sandwich
slices, usually 1.5 to 2 inches in
diameter. For sauces, I actually
like anything with flavor, but
many people prefer romas
because they tend to have less
juice and therefore make a
thicker sauce. For sandwich
slices beefsteaks are the best.
Also what are your flavor preferences? I personally dont like
sweet tomatoes, I like firm but
juicy tomatoes with some acidity and the kind of flavor that
reminds me of the tomatoes my
grandfather used to grow. I am
also a sucker for colors; orange,
yellow, purple, green, pink,
white, red and multicolored,
just about everything imaginable is out there. The important
thing is theres no wrong
answer as long as you know
what you like. And I firmly
believe in a good system for
labeling your plants so when
you find a variety you like,
youll know what it is and you
can order it again.

complaint I hear is that diseases

wipe out the plants just as the
fruit are starting to ripen. The
second biggest complaint is that
the first frost comes too early.

Careful variety selection can

help a bit with both of these
problems. There are a number
of good disease resistant varieties on the market. Thanks in
part to the unfortunate late
blight event of 2009 many are
marketed as late blight resistant, but keep in mind that late
blight is not the only disease out
there. Having a disease resistant variety can also give you
some protection against other
less dramatic but more common
diseases. Just remember that
resistant and immune are not
the same thing and our humid
climate creates a favorable
environment for diseases.
Also, unfortunately while heirlooms tend to have the flavors
that remind us of childhood,
they do not tend to have as
much disease resistance as
more modern hybrids, so you
have to strike your own balance
between the risk of disease and
flavor. As for the frost issue,
most catalogs and seed packets
will list a days to harvest number. While those numbers
arent exact, the lower the number, the more likely the variety
is to ripen early.

By Jim Frohn,
UNH Cooperative Extension
Grafton County Forester

Though I do not believe that a

plant will spring up where no
seed has been, I have great faith
in a seed. Convince me that you
have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders."
~ Henry David Thoreau

I was reminded of this quote on

a recent walk in the woods. I
was walking with another
forester and two loggers to look
at a timber harvest that will be
starting up again on the county
farm. This particular harvest,
which is part of the long-term
management plan for the forest,
is designed to regenerate parts
of the forest through patch cutting. As we walked, we noticed
thousands of seeds lying on top
of the snow covered ground.
This past year was a tremendously productive seed year for
many species of trees, and we
noticed yellow and white birch
seeds in particular abundance.

Seed dispersal typically occurs

in the fall and into the winter.
Both yellow and white birch are
prolific seeders, producing 1 to
5 million seeds per acre during
good seed years, and up to 35
million seeds in a bumper year!
Good seed years occur on average every 1 to 4 years in yellow
birch and every other year in
white birch. Many seeds never
germinate and mortality is high
in seedlings, so an abundance
of seeds is necessary. Seeds are
eaten by many songbird species
including red poll, pine siskin,
and chickadees, and ruffed
grouse feed on the catkins and
buds. Deer, moose, and snowshoe hare browse on the
seedlings and small saplings.

The most successful regeneration for both species takes place

on mineral soil enriched with
humus in openings at least 50
feet wide or in patch cuts of an
acre or so in size. Other tree
species also germinate well in
these conditions, which is why
the regeneration cuts on the
timber sale area we were walking were designed as patch cuts.
If the logging is done before the
snow gets too deep, enough disturbance to the leaf layer will
take place to expose mineral
soil. Then when the snow melts
there will be moisture in the soil
and the seeds will start to germinate when the soil warms up

While winter has finally arrived

with snow and single digit temperatures, these seeds are a sign
of spring. I received my first
seed catalog in the mail this
week, and nature has already
ordered its seeds, as we saw
displayed before us on the
Next, ask yourself what you Finally, ask yourself what probsnow, ready to germinate as
lems youve had growing tomawant and what you like.
soon as the snow melts and the
toes over the years. The biggest
soils warm up. Timing the
Getting your order in wont regeneration harvest for this As the seedlings gradually
make the growing season get year will take advantage of this grow into saplings, they will
here any sooner of course, but it abundance of seed.
provide food and cover for
can get you starting to think
wildlife. Eventually some of
about your plan for 2016s The process of birch seed the trees will grow to maturity
crops and that can create a wel- development starts in the sum- and provide seeds for the next
come distraction!
mer when catkins form; these generation; these seed trees will
stay on the tree over the winter, eventually be harvested for a
then mature the following year. variety of products including
furniture, cabinetry, veneer, and
firewood or pulpwood; then the
cycle will begin anew.

So the next time you take a

walk in the woods, look around
for the presence of seeds- either
on the ground or still in the
trees in the form of catkins,
cones, nuts, or acorns. If youre
in your own woods and are considering a regeneration harvest,
the abundance and the kinds of
seeds present can help guide
your decision-making process.
And remember, if there are
seeds, then you can expect

In This
New Year,
Think Local,
Shop Local,
Eat Local,
Support Local!
Its The Right
Thing To Do..
NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS| January 29, 2016 Page B-16

Additional Moose To Be Collared For New Hampshire Study ________________________________________

on the verge of disappearing

from the New Hampshire landscape, but they are declining,"
said Rines. "The fact of the
matter is that we don't know
what the future holds, but were
hopeful that a combination of
research and management
efforts will allow us to do all we
can to understand what the
The study is funded by federal future may have in store for
Wildlife Restoration Program moose."
dollars, with the support of
matching funds from the Read an article about the moose
University of New Hampshire. research by Kristine Rines from
The research may help answer a the November/December 2014
question on the mind of many NH
Granite State residents and visi- What's in store for New ments/samples/whats-buggingour-moose.pdf
Hampshire moose?

weather patterns and different

moose densities may be affecting both the causes and rates of
mortality in our moose herd,"
said Rines. "What we learn will
help our moose management
team anticipate and respond to
changing moose mortality and

Residents in northern New

Hampshire may spot a helicopter overhead in the coming
weeks as approximately 45
moose cows and calves are collared for the third year of a sixyear study of moose mortality
and productivity.

fering tick loads and moose

densities, as well as multiple
years of information on adult
mortality," explained Fish and
Game moose biologist Kristine
Rines. "We hope that this data,
coupled with that coming out of
Maine, will help us determine
the weather patterns and moose
densities that lead to increased
tick mortality."

Approximately 45 moose cows

and calves were collared during
the first year of the study
(2014), and researchers recorded 64% mortality for moose
calves and 5% mortality for
adult cow moose. In 2015, 44
additional cows and calves
were collared. That year, 74%
of calves and 5% of adults died
due to winter tick. This year,
NH Fish and Game hopes to
collar another 45 animals,
maintaining 35 adult cows and
"When this study is done, we the rest calves.
will have seven years of information on calf moose mortality "It's clear that we need to learn
and how that is affected by dif- more about the causes of moose
mortality and how our changing


603-747-3389 or 603-747-3380

Good Selection of Program and Pre-owned Vehicles

2015 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT, white, loaded, 18,000 miles...

2015 Chrysler 200 Limited FWD,
white, loaded, clean, 17,000 miles...
2015 Jeep Gr. Cherokee Laredo 4x4
blue, loaded, roof, clean, 4,000 miles...
2014 Jeep Compass 4x2, white, clean, 29,000 miles...
2014 Jeep Patriot Sport AWD
deep cherry, loaded, clean, low miles...
2014 Jeep Compass Sport AWD
loaded, clean, white, 18,000 miles...
2014 Chrysler 200S, gray, loaded, one owner, 28,000 miles...
2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4x4
2-dr, 6 spd manual, hard top, one owner, 35,000 miles...
2013 Ford Escape Titanium 4x4
maroon, loaded, one owner, 31,000 miles...
2013 Dodge Gr. Caravan SXT, white, loaded, 43,000 miles...
2013 Dodge Dart SXT, white, auto, one owner, 52,000 miles...
2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4
white, loaded, sunroof, 18,000 miles..
2012 Dodge Avenger SXT
4-dr, loaded, one owner, 34,000 miles...
2012 Honda Accord 4-dr, blue, one owner, 55,000 miles...
2012 Volkswagon EOS Lux
2-dr, white, loaded, clean, 48,000 miles...
2012 Ford Fusion Sport AWD
black, loaded, one owner, 50,000 miles...
2011 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4 SLT
blue/silver, loaded, one owner, 33,000 miles...
2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4x4
black, auto, soft top, clean, one owner, 26,000 miles
2011 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab SLT 4x4 PU
maroon, loaded, clean, one owner, 34,000 miles...
2011 Jeep Patriot Sport 4x4
maroon, clean, one owner, 55,000 miles...
2010 Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab 4x4
standard transmission, diesel, one owner, 75,000 miles...
2010 Chrysler Town and Country Touring
black, loaded, one owner, 74,000 miles..
2008 Subaru Forester AWD, 4-dr, black, clean, 78,000 miles...
2008 Jeep Libert Sport 4x4, silver, clean, 75,000 miles...
2007 Dodge Nitro SLT 4x4,
4-dr, black, loaded, clean, one owner,76,000 miles...
2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4
tan, loaded, clean, 52,000 miles...


Page A-5 January 29, 2016 |NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS


The New Hampshire Fish and

Game Department and the
University of New Hampshire
(UNH) have contracted with
Native Range of Elko, Nevada,
to collar the moose. Activity
will be weather-dependent and
will begin once 107 cows and
calves have been collared in
Maine. Collaring in New
Hampshire could begin as early
as January 8. During this time,
residents of Success, Berlin,
Milan, Cambridge, Dummer,
Millsfield, Second College
Grant, Wentworths Location,
and Errol may notice a low-flying helicopter. Residents with
questions can call Fish and
Game's Wildlife Division at
(603) 271-2461.

The collaring will take place in

Wildlife Management Unit C2
and the eastern side of WMUs
B and C1 and southern A2. The
Native Range capture crew will
use net-guns and tranquilizer
darts to capture the moose so
they can be collared. Blood and
other samples collected during
collaring will help evaluate the
health of the moose. The collared animals will be monitored
for as long as the collars keep
transmitting. For the next two
years, students from UNH,
which is partnering with Fish
and Game in the study, will
track the moose, documenting
how long the individual moose
live. When a moose dies, the
collars transmit a special signal,
allowing researchers to get
there as soon as possible to
determine the cause of death.

"While regional moose popula- Updates on the study will be

tions are indeed facing some published
serious threats, moose are not


How Many Birds In Your Backyard?_____ Campton Historical Society & Campton Public Library News___
N.H. Audubon Needs Your Help Last winter, for the second winter
on Statewide Bird Survey!
in a row, new record high counts
were recorded for several of our
Fill up those bird feeders and dig more common winter birds,
out your binoculars for New including Downy and Hairy
Hampshire Audubons Backyard Woodpeckers, Tufted Titmouse,
Winter Bird Survey. This annual and Northern Cardinal. For the
statewide survey will take place cardinal and titmouse, these
on Saturday, February 13, and increases were more evident in
Sunday, February 14. Biologists southern regions than in the
need assistance from citizens all north. According to Dr. Pamela
over the Granite State to get a Hunt, Senior Biologist at NH
clear picture of whats really hap- Audubon, These two species
pening with our winter birds.
have been increasing for decades,
and the reasons probably have
Anyone can participate in the something to do with climate
Backyard Winter Bird Survey by change, suburbanization, bird
counting the birds in their own feeders, or some combination.
backyard on the survey weekend Red-bellied Woodpecker set
and reporting on-line or sending another record last year as the
the results on a special reporting Backyard Winter Bird Survey
form to NH Audubon. To receive documents their gradual move
a copy of the reporting form and north. This species was recorded
complete instructions on how to in Coos County for the first time
participate, send a self- in 2015.
addressed, stamped, long envelope to:
Reports of a lack of birds are just
as valuable as reports of many
New Hampshire Audubon, birds. If everyone reported only
Winter Bird Survey
when they have a lot of birds, we
84 Silk Farm Road,
wouldnt be able to see the
Concord, NH 03301
declines, says Suomala. The
most important thing is to particForms are also available at NH ipate each year regardless of how
Audubon centers in Auburn, many or how few birds you have.
Concord and Manchester, and This provides a consistent longon-line. Find more information term set of data that shows both
at the ups and downs.
All New Hampshire residents are
encouraged to take part. Results
Data from the Backyard Winter from past years are on the NH
Bird Survey is used to track Audubon web site. For more
changes in the distribution and information about the Backyard
abundance of many species. Each Winter Bird Survey, please call
year about 1,400 observers NH Audubon at 224-9909 or go
across the state count the birds to
coming to their feeders. The and click
strength of the survey is that we on Birding.
can look at trends over the long
term, says Survey Coordinator, Note: There are two bird surveys
Rebecca Suomala. We now in Feb. NH Audubons Backyard
have almost 30 years of data and Winter Bird Survey that takes
we can see the patterns of ups place in New Hampshire only,
and downs in different bird and the Great Backyard Bird
Count, a nation-wide web-based

Campton Historical Society and Rin-Tin-Tin could really act are in real time by a traditional keythe Campton Public Library substantiated in this film. The board with 88 keys.
scene when Rinty returns home
Read more at http://www.campPot Luck, Popcorn, and a Free not knowing why his owner is
angry with him has to be our /Newsletter2013-12.pdf
Saturday, February 6, 2016
For the Pot Luck Dinner please
Bring the whole family to Jeff Raspsis will be taking his bring either soup, bread, salad,
Campton Historical Society for place to accompany the two a main dish, dessert or nonPot Luck, Popcorn, and a Free features. There's a reason he alcoholic Drinks.
Flick on Saturday, February 6, will have no sheet music on his
keyboard - it's because he'll be The presentation will be at the
making up the music right there Old Town Hall in Campton,
The Pot Luck dinner will take on the spot.
which is handicap accessible,
place from 5:00 to 6:00 PM,
and open to the public.
and the Movies start at 6:15, And it won't be rinky-tink piano
presenting a Rin Tin Tin Double accompaniment. Rapsis, a New For information about the
Hampshire-based musician and Society and upcoming events,
composer, will use a digital check our web site at
The Clash of the Wolves is a synthesizer to recreate the tex-
silent ture of the full orchestra, comWestern/adventure film pro- plete with pounding drums and
duced and distributed by clashing cymbals, all produced
Warner Bros. Directed by Noel
M. Smith, the film stars canine
actor Rin Tin Tin,

Charles Farrell and June

Marlowe. It was filmed on location in Chatsworth, California,
at what would later become the
Joshua Tree National Park. The
Clash of the Wolves was
deemed "culturally, historically,
or aesthetically significant" by
the United States Library of
Congress and
selected for preservation in the
National Film Registry.

The Night Cry 1926 - A giant

condor is killing sheep and
Rinty is unjustly accused and
by the law of the range must be
destroyed. Rinty's owner hides
him from the other ranchers.
The condor steals a child and
Rinty tracks it to its lair and
destroys the giant bird. All the
stories of how

Monday through Thursday

6am-8pm Friday 6am-9pm
Saturdays 8am-8pm
Sundays 8am-6pm
3039 Dartmouth College Hwy.
North Haverhill, NH 03774
(603) 787-6241

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NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS| January 29, 2016 Page A-6

Discover WILD New Hampshire Day Set______________________________________________________________

It might be cold outside, but
spring is on the way, and so is
Hampshire Day. The New
Hampshire Fish and Game
Department's most popular free
community event of the year is
set for Saturday, April 16, from
10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the grounds
of the Fish and Game
Department at 11 Hazen Drive
in Concord, N.H. Save the date!

Free Educational Series Slated_____________________________

Local hiking columnist and

author Mike Dickerman of
Littleton presents his program
based on the Museum of the
White Mountains exhibit that
he is co-curating this year with
Steve Smith of Lincoln.

The exhibit celebrates the legacy of "Trail Clubs in the White

Mountains", from their origins
in the latter half of the 1800s to
the present.

Owned by the Society for the

Protection of New Hampshire
( w w w. f o r e s t s o c i e t y. o r g ) ,
Bretzfelder Park is managed in
cooperation with the town of


Why Not Put a

In This Spot
1 column
x 3 tall
Thats For
Call Today

Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. with a presentation by Ben Moss, Astronomy

teacher at the White Mountain
School and board member of
Astronomy Foundation about
What is New in Astronomy.

For more information and a calendar of events please visit, email us at, or call 603444-6228.

You Can Now Send Us Your

Classified Ads Online!
Go To
Click On The Classified Ad Link
And Go From There! Simple...

Hampshire Day is hosted by the
New Hampshire Fish and Game
Department and sponsored in
part by the Wildlife Heritage
Foundation of New Hampshire,
Fish and Games nonprofit partner

Watch for more details about


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You Saw It In The Northcountry News!

Warren Wentworth Food Pantry News

The pantry is located under the ambulance service
and is open Fridays from 1-3 PM.

The Pantry needs your help! Would you be willing to take some
broken down boxes to the transfer station? The cardboard would
need to be picked up on a Friday when we are open or someone is
there. Please let us know if you can help. Thanks!
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Page A-7 January 29, 2016 |NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS


The Legacy of Trail Clubs in Bethlehem.
the White Mountains at bequeathed to the Forest
Bretzfelder Park February 3rd Society in 1984 by Helen
Bretzfelder in memory of her
The Society for the Protection father, Charles, houses a classof New Hampshire Forests will room, educational trails, a
lead an exploration of the histo- pond, and several picnic sites.
ry of hiking in the White
Mountains with a presentation Two series of educational proof White Mountain Hiking grams are held there each year,
in February and August. The
History on Feb. 3.
The free program is open to the Educational Series continues
public and is part of the annual
winter Bretzfelder Park Family
Educational Series. It will begin
at 7 p.m. at Bretzfelder Park.

Hampshire Day is a fun way for
the whole family to explore
New Hampshires wildlife
resources and legacy of outdoor
traditions. Browse educational
exhibits presented by environmental and conservation organizations from throughout the
state. See live animals, big fish
and trained falcons. Try your

hand at archery, casting, flytying and B-B gun shooting.

Watch retriever dogs in action.
Get creative with hands-on craft
activities for the kids. Plus,
check out the latest hunting and
fishing gear and gadgets.


Winter is in
full eect
at Cannon.

Whether theyre life-long season pass holders or theyve just discovered the goods, CANNON SKIERS AND RIDERS
ARE KNOWN FOR THEIR LEGENDARY OBSESSION. The reality is that Cannon's core crew love the mountain so
much, theyll say anything to convince others not to go. Theyre literally trying to hoard Cannonits vast terrain, loads
of snow, magnificent views, friendly vibe and heart-pounding steepsfor themselves. But most of all, its because
Cannon has soul, a rarity at todays resorts. You also dont need deep pockets
to come to Cannon and make it yours. But shhh...we like the short lift lines.

2-FOR-$75* Tuesdays & Thursdays...

all season long!
*Not valid 2/16/16, 2/18/16.

NORTHCOUNTRYNEWS| January 29, 2016 Page A-8

snowphone 603.823.7771


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