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Microchirurgie vasculara-transferuri libere

Free flaps
1965 - The first experimental free composite tissue transplantation was performed
on a dog, based on the superficial epigastric vessels, and published by Krizek
The term free flap was subsequently adopted to indicate revascularization of a flap
completely transplanted from its donor site
The first report of the use of a free flap in a human was published in 1971, but the
operation had been performed several years earlier in Bombay, India, by Antia and
They used a free dermolipomatous groin flap to fill a facial defect
The procedure was complicated by an infection, and at least partial necrosis of the
flap occurred
The first completely successful free flap operation in a human was performed in
1970 in Oakland, California, by McLean and Buncke with use of omentum for a large
scalp defect.
The first composite flap - a groin flap by Daniel and Taylor in January 1973 and
repeated 2 months later by O'Brien, both in Melbourne, Australia.

Free flaps
Advances in free flap surgery

experimenting with new flaps

expanding the indications for free tissue transfer
free flap refinements
Should contain the right components and fulfill the functional requirements of the
reconstructed defect
It must match the recipient site not only in size but also in texture, form, and color
Donor morbidity becomes less tolerable and the appearance of the donor site must remain
to date an endless variety of flaps have been described
The studies on tissue engineering and flap prefabrication will certainly introduce new
options in flap designetimes there is no obvious reason for flap failure
Flap Terminology

Skin flaps

Fasciocutaneous flaps - skin and fascia

Fascial flaps
Muscle flaps
Musculocutaneous flaps - muscle and skin
Composite tissue transplants - a combination of tissues.
Skin flaps
Skin flaps
Muscle flaps
Muscle flaps
Musculocutaneous flaps
Osteomusculocutaneous flaps
Radial Flap
Osteofasciocutaneous Composed Flap
Pseudoarthrosis Surgical Treatment (resistant to other methods)
Nose Reconstruction
Phalloplasty (transsexualism)
Dorsal Pedis Artery Fasciocutaneus Flap
Dorsal Pedis Artery Fasciocutaneus Flap
Rectus abdominus flap
Rectus Abdominis
Rectus Abdominis Free Flap for Facial Reconstruction
Latissimus dorsi free flap
Latissimus dorsi free flap
Latissimus Dorsi Free Flap for Facial Reconstruction
Graclis free flap
Reconstructia dinamica a zambetului