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From: Oriana Sandoval, Center for Civic Policy

Re: 2016 Landscape Results: Crime Prevention

The Center for Civic Policy (CCP) commissioned Third Eye Strategies to conduct a statewide poll
in early December of 2015 for the purpose of getting a reading of public opinion regarding some
key public policy issues facing New Mexico.

Below are some key findings regarding crime and proposals aimed at addressing it.

Top Concerns: Education and Jobs

Voters were asked, Of all the issues facing New Mexico, what is the single most important one
to you that the state government in Santa Fe can do something about? And what is the next
most important issue? Voters overwhelmingly care most about two issues schools and
education (34% top two issue) and the economy and jobs (28% top two issue). Concerns about
crime/drugs/DUI (12% top two issue) lag far behind.

Crime Prevention

When it comes to reducing crime, more voters in New Mexico believe in to focusing more
resources on programs like early-education, drug abuse treatment, mental health services, and
family crisis intervention (49%) than mandating life sentences for anyone who commits three
violent crimes (35%).

Teen Curfew Laws

Voters split (47% in favor, 46% opposed) on the idea of allowing cities in New Mexico to pass
mandatory teen curfew laws. This is not a simple yes or no question. There was no clear
consensus when respondents heard arguments from both sides.

This report is based on findings from a poll of 602 active registered voters who voted in the 2012 general election or
recently registered. Interviews were conducted by live callers on the nights of December 4th through 7th and has a
margin of error of 4.28 percent. Both cell phones (310 interviews) and landline numbers (292 interviews) were called.
Each phone number had an equal chance of being called and random selection was made in households with multiple
eligible voters.