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Our mission was to create a campaign for the ETSU Department of
Housing and Residence Life to increase the number of students living
on campus. We focused on methods that would appeal to incoming
students and current students.

After being given the theme Write Your Buc Story, we collaborated
on potential slogans. We decided on be more than an E#. We believe
this slogan is representative of both the student body and ETSU as a
whole. By using the E#, we incorporate ETSUs specific identity. The
rest of the slogan, along with the theme, invites students to make their
personal mark within residence life.

For our theme we placed social media icons that correspond to ETSU
Department of Housing and Residence Lifes presence on social media prominently on our campaign materials. Another visual theme we
embraced was the addition of icons. We used icons that we felt were
representative of ETSUs identity on multiple pieces to encourage the
idea of personalization. Mountains, football, basketball, a bicycle, a
book and a music note are just a few of the icons we chose to promote
the overall slogan of be more than an E#.

Placement: The rack card will be distributed during campus tours and
orientations as well as in the Culp Center and in all residence halls.
Audience: Our audience is incoming students and families.

Rack Card

Placement: This flier will be placed in all buildings on


campus, such as the Culp Center, CPA, and the library.

The flier will be placed as well in the residence halls.
Audience: Our audience is all studnts that currently
attend ETSU.

Placement: The newspaper ad will be published in the East Tennessean

newspaper and on the "ET Online" news site.
Audience: Our audience is students currently attending ETSU.


Cover Photo


Placement: We will place the yard sign not only on campus, but in the tree streets
neighborhood as well. We also believe that the businesses and families around
the community promoting ETSU through ETSU Pride yard signs could be asked to
display the ETSU housing yard signs.
Audience: Our audience is all students and potential students.

Yard Sign

Guerrilla Tactic

Students live on campus because:
Residence Life Positions
Easy access to dining hall, CPA, classes
Students living on campus are more likely to
become involved on campus

Students live off campus because:

Bonding experience

What are the REAL benefits of campus life?

25% higher graduation rate
RHA involvement
0.2 higher GPA
Educational resources
No commute
Night Patrol
Lower Suicide Rates
Keyed Entry
Leadership Opportunities
24/7 Staff

The Competition:
Heights at 1301: $1,820
Monarch 815: $2,168
University Edge: $2,170
Living at home: $0
Amenities are generally the same with all competition and ETSU. All are included within
the price students pay.
Students are still required to pay additional utility bills while living in off-campus apartments: cable, internet, electricity (over a $25 per room cap)
The commute to campus for off-campus apartments makes a difference in gas students pay
Off-campus students tend to be less involved on campus