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Past Simple, Past Continuous and Past Perfect

I.Turn the following sentences into the interrogative and negative forms of the past tense
1. Mother was singing.
2. You were driving the car.
3. I was helping father.
4. We were crossing the street.
5. The girl was watching TV.
II. Turn the following sentences into the affirmative, interrogative and negative forms of the
past perfect simple tense:
1. Henry lives in London.
2. Albert takes private lessons in mathematics.
3. You pay for the book.
4. They do difficult exercises.
5. We explain the rule to them
III. Use the Past Tense Simple, Past Tense Continuous or Past Perfect Simple of the verbs
given in brackets according to the meaning:
1. I (go) to school yesterday when I (see) a houseon fire.
2. He (meet) her as he (cross) the bridge.
3. The mouse (hide) while the cat (watch).
4. I (tell) him he should not read while he (eat).
5. He (run) in the street when he (fall) and (break) his leg.
6. I (explain) to him that I would help him with those exercises after I (finish) my
7. After the guests (leave), we (go) to bed.
8. Mw cousin (not see) me for a long time when I (meet) him three days ago.
9. She (answer) my question after I (repeat) it three times.
10. The fire (spread) to the other houses, too, before the fireman (arrive).
IV. Translate into English:
1. Ce se întâmpla în casa ta cînd am trecut pe la tine ieri seară?
2. El dormea când fu trezit de un zgomot.
3. Pe când îmi căutam ochelarii, a sunat telefonul; în timp ce mergeam să răspund, cineva
a bătut la uşă.
4. În timp ce mama se uita pe fereastră, tata citea ziarul.
5. Ce făceai ieri la ora 12?
6. După ce plecaseră musafirii ne-am dus la părinţii noştri.
7. Înainte de a merge la şcoală fusesem la bibliotecă.
8. N-auzisem până atunci vestea cea mare.