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From Wednesday 20th January 2016
Lighthouse Keeper
By Aureo Antonio

A lighthouse keeper who gets lonely and bored of
his job until he meets someone who lives on top of
the windmill who is also the ‘key’which
motivates him and made him love his job again.

The young talented lighthouse keeper starts to
get very lonely which made him bored of his
job until he meets this girl who lives on the
respective building, the windmill. As there
relationship develop his motivation and his
interests of being a lighthouse keeper returned.
Which connotes that the girl he meets is the key
of his turnover of him enjoying his job and not
being alone.

The story starts of with the young lighthouse keeper just doing his duty
looking after ships over night and looking around from the lighthouse. As
days go by he feels alone which led to be very bored and not enjoy his job.
He could not take the boredom much longer so he intended to leave which
then he ran into a girl and they both dropped. From there things started to
change. They are both lonely people and live in respective towers
(lighthouse and windmill). From that day they bumped into each other they
started seeing each other more often she would even stay and help with his
job over night looking after ships and the surroundings of the lighthouse
and the lighthouse keeper did the same but with the windmill. Towards the
end of the story she tells the lighthouse keeper that she wants to become
one herself which made the lighthouse keeper shocked but grateful since he
will be working with girl that will protect no matter what and enjoy his job
again. In the final scene you see the girl officially a lighthouse keeper along
side with the main lighthouse keeper working together.