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Individual Assignment – critical and reflective essay (40%

“Successful entrepreneurship is often associated with the possession of special enterprising
and managerial qualities and traits. In part one, critically discuss this issue with special
reference to relevant literature and the evolution of tests of entrepreneurial tendency. In part
two, take the GET test, and use it to critically assess your natural potential as an entrepreneur”.
Word limits 2,000 words excluding appendix with your GET TEST results.
Supporting information:
There are a number of enterprise tendency tests designed to establish how entrepreneurial or
enterprising you are. One version that was very popular in the 1980s and 1990s was the GET
test – (General Enterprising Tendency) developed by Dr Sally Caird at Durham University.
This is displayed and fully described in the following website: http://get2test/test/index.htm
In preparation for the assignment:
Take the GET test and print out its assessment of how enterprising you are.
Read all sections of the website, particularly those sections that tell you the problems
with this kind of tests, how the test was developed, and how they tried to overcome these
problems. Also those sections that describe the kinds of traits measured by the tests:

need for achievement

need for autonomy

creative tendency

risk taking

locus of control
Read Testing Enterprising Tendency In Occupational Groups. Full Text Available By: Caird,
Sally. British Journal of Management, Dec91, Vol. 2 Issue 4, p177, 10p, 3 charts; (AN
4526675). Full paper is available in the Library as a PDF in Business Source Premier.