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BSc (Hons) in Information Technology Specialized in

Interactive Media
Batch 2016

Multimedia Systems
Tutorial 03

1. Discuss the difference between bitmap and vector graphics.

Bitmap/Raster graphics
Bitmap images are stored as a large
collection of pixels.
Each pixel contains color informations.

Vector graphics
Vector graphics are created by
mathematical formulas.
It contains only the coordinates of the

Bitmap images can be edited by

erasing or changing the color of an
individual pixels.
Creates large files in size as the
computer stores information of each
and every pixel.
When resizing the image, it will lose the

drawn subject
Vector images can edited by
manipulating line and curves.
Size of the files are less than a raster
file as the computer only stores the
coordinates of the objects.
Resizing image does not affect to the

a. Describe five different graphic elements you might use in a project, for
example, the background, buttons, icons, or text.
Background - The purpose of using a background is to
emphasize the content and to make it more attractive. So we
can use colors, images and video as the background.
Buttons Mostly users interact with our project by buttons, so it
need to be attractive and its must to use clear text.
Icons We use icons to recognize something easily rather than
reading long text descriptions.
Text Text is a main component in an multimedia project. Also
texts can use to get our project more attractive by using the
suitable font, size, color.

b. Would you use a vector tool or a bitmap tool for each element? Why?

Background Its better to use vector graphics because when

resizing quality will remain without degrading. But if we need a
realistic background we have to go for raster images.
Buttons Vector graphics, because always buttons must be
remain the quality when scaling and zooming, if not it will ruin
the quality of whole project.
Icons vector graphics.
Text vector graphics.

2. You are assigned to create an interface that will look good across platforms.
a. What is the difference between images as shown on a Macintosh and PC?
How would you deal with this problem?

Colors will have slight differences as the mac and windows Pc having two
different color palettes.
Using CSS or by giving colors in hexa-decimal values can overcome this

3. List several simple geometric shapes.


a. If you have a 3-D modeling program available, using these shapes, extrude or
lathe them to create various objects, such as a teapot, a tree, a car, a table,
or a lamp.

Teapot Sphere for the pot and Cylinder for the handle.
Tree sphere for leaves , Cylinder for the trunk
Car cube
Table cube for the table top cylinders or cubes for the legs.
Lamp - Cylinder

b. Think of some other objects. How would you use the simple geometric
shapes (called primitives ) to create the 3-D object?
By adding two or more primitive object together and scaling and
rotating them .
4. You are a designer given the task of creating a web site for a new division of your
a. Start by defining the characteristics of the customers of the company and
the kind of image the company wishes to present to its customers.
b. Then specify a color palette to be used for the design of the site.
Web Safe colors
c. Defend your color choices by discussing the associations people have with
the colors and how they relate to your customers and the companys image.
Must use attract and colors to grab users into the company via the web site.