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BSc (Hons) in Information Technology Specialized in

Interactive Media
Batch 2016

Multimedia Systems
Lab Sheet 03


Lab Sheet 3
Exercise 1
Task 1
a) Select five different web pages, each from a different web site. Select pages that
contain lots of colors and images, both photographs and graphics. View the five
different pages on both a Macintosh and PC screen, preferably side by side, as well
as on more than one computer on the same platform (for example, one Mac, two

Note the differences in how each page appears across platforms and across screens. In mac. capture and save five different screens. When we see a web page in both Mac and windows Pc there are many visible changes in colors. Save the files and submit with your answer. and an image with the cursor (some capture programs may not be able to capture all these different types of images). write a paragraph describing how they differ in terms of color tone. . we can see more color variations and color saturation is higher and soft than the windows pc screen. and any other characteristics that you notice.Windows computers). Task 2 a) Using the capture tool built into the operating system or another dedicated tool. areas of the screen. the front most window. For each page. Use the tools to save the entire screen. Colors in mac are mostly sensitive to human eyes. an image with a menu pulled down. saturation.

 Image with a menu pulled down  Image .

 Window with menu pulled down .

one should be a graphic (solid colors or gradients). One should be photographic. Use the tools available to use different dithering patterns and palettes. Print out the files before and after reducing to 256 colors. Write the file sizes on each one. a. Convert the images to 256 colors. Use an image-editing program to compare the effects of applying different palettes and compression methods to the original images. Task 4 . and one should be a mix.Task 3 a) Download three different images from a web site. Include sample images with your answer.

a) Visit different web sites. Is each site vibrant? Childish? Muted? Subtle? Why? What cultural or other factors determined the color selection? Get a screenshot of a page from each site. and write a paragraph describing the colors and images used in each one. They have used primary colors such as Blue and White which they used for their products. Microsoft The color palette is dominated Blue and white. Ubisoft . 1. Describe the use of colors for each in subjective terms. 2. This site uses a vibrant color palette.

3.Vibrant color palette have used.They mostly used dark colors to the background and light colors to places where user interacts for easy navigation. As this website is targeted to the .Hot Wheels The pallet is mostly Blue and the other color variations are provided by the products being sold on the website. Also they use Orange and white. Mostly used color is Black.

children they have used light colors to attract children to their products. Task 5 . It looks more Childish.

83.0 73.htm ii.0. http://www.42 143.47 213.20 CMYK 27.29 49. Sample the color and write down its value in RGB. i.17.fileformat.27 HSB 339.iab.56.51.47. and web (hexadecimal) color. Select three different pixels in the image. CMYK.31.100. HSB.67 39. Web Colors 79002a 8f9cac 27331b Point RGB HSB CMYK Hexadecimal 1 2 3 Task 6 a) Visit the following URLs (or any suitable site) and write an short essay on the usage of “Standard Image Sizes”.a) Open an image in an image-editing program capable of identifying . Pixel 1 2 3 RGB 121.