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The Setting
The opening sequence is set near an estate building in
Newbury Park. The entire production is based on the area
of the estate, including the local corner shop and
secondary school. However, the setting changes in certain
parts of the production (i.e, the school building and a
nearby alleyway).

The Main Characters

JOJO He is the character who is killed last at the end
of the production. The audience are not aware much of his
background, but they are aware that he tends to take part
in foolish acts of illegal activity. His costume suggests
that he is see 0that of a Roadman to the rest of
CASTRO He is the leader of the friendship triangle. He
normally calls the shots on where to go and what to do.
He dresses with intimidating attire, including dark
clothing from head to toe. Castro is the first of the
characters who was shot dead by THE GHOST (a member of
the rival gang who has been ordered to eliminate the
three friends).
YOUNG GENERAL He is the least aware out of the trio. He
simply follows the lead of the other two characters. This
suggests he is of small relevance to the story in
comparison to the others. He is portrayed as the least
intelligent out of the trio due to the fact that he
doesnt have much dialogue. He is the second character to
be shot by THE GHOST.
THE GHOST He is the most intimidating, dangerous and
threatening character within the production. He wears a
mask, hiding his identity to the characters within the
world of the film as well as the audience, keeping them
intrigued, as there is an immediate sense of mystery to
his character. He is the character who assassinates the
friendship trio, carrying out the wish/order set by an
anonymous contact.

Background On The Plot

The genre of the film is the genre of action. I am
telling the story of a drug-related altercation/feud in

Marcus Stamp

between members of two opposing gangs, in which 3 friends

are running for their lives from a violent, dangerous
drug dealer. The dealer is presented with a mask,
covering his face in order to hide his true identity in
order to support the verisimilitude, making it more
realistic. It also leaves the audience intrigued as they
attempt to uncover the true identity of the character,
whilst keeping them on the edge of their seat.

The Back Moment

The story reaches its climatic point towards the end of
the production. After assassinating two out of the three
friends who attempted to escape, he corners his last
victim, locating him through GPS signalling on his phone
down a nearby alleyway. When the victim is knocked the
floor, he begs for mercy and not to be killed. THE GHOST,
with no remorse, pulls the trigger as the screen turns
black and the title is shown. This leaves the audience
wondering what happened in the aftermath of the killing
spree. Did the ghost get caught? Did the victim survive?

General Overview
Two friends, Young General and Castro leave their local
estate as they wait for a mystery drug-related package to
be delivered to their nearby location. As they travel to
the local corner shop, they meet their friend, Jojo who
tags along. On their way back from the shop, they proceed
to go and collect the package after getting a tip off
from Castro who alerts the rest that the package is
ready. However, throughout the course of the journey, the
friends cross the path of The Ghost, who has been ordered
to intercept the collection of the package by an
anonymous contact.
The friends spot The Ghost and attempt to escape. Young
General and Castro run into the local school, whilst Jojo
splits from the group, taking cover behind a nearby car.
The Ghost pursues the two friends into the school
The two friends split up down different corridors of the
school building as The Ghost hunts them down. Young
General is the first to be caught. He bumps into The
Ghost rounding a corridor corner and attempts to escape,
running in the opposite direction. The Ghost proceeds to
shot at him, catching him in the back as he drops dead to
the floor. The Ghost walks past the deceased body in the
hunt for the other friend, Castro.

Marcus Stamp

The Ghost precedes his hunt through the school building.

When he finds Castro, he fires his gun, the bullet making
contact with the victims stomach. Just like Young
General, Castro drops dead to the floor.
Jojo hears the gunshots from his spot of cover. In an
attempt to avert anymore danger, he runs towards a nearby
alleyway. Meanwhile, The Ghost takes out his phone,
opening his GPS app. He finds the location of Jojo and
cuts to the chase to hunt him down.
The Ghost enters the alleyway with his gun raised. As he
reaches the end, he spots Jojo and hits him with his
pistol. Jojo falls to floor, his arm raised in plea for
mercy not be killed. The Ghost pulls the trigger as the
screen turns to black.

Marcus Stamp

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