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This is not that difficult and doesn't require that much experience, it does inv

olve the box method so. So if you have morals and don't like doing mail fraud th
en this isn't not for you
â ¢ Some social engineering skills
â ¢ Serial number of product (get off google, craiglist etc...)
â ¢ An envelope or box (they don't send you one)

Step 1:
Go to: and then click on the 'contact' button.
Step 2:
Scroll down the page a bit and then click on 'Go to technical support'
Step 3:
Select whatever product you want, I choose 'Computer Memory' as it seems the eas
Step 4:
Choose whatever type of RAM you want from the next drop down list... You can sea
rch the M/N on google to see what it is.
Step 5:
Say that it is a problem with the motherboard. Then choose you motherboard that
should be listed in the drop down menu.
Step 6:
It will tell you some troubleshooting steps or something. Just click on 'No, Nex
t Step'
Step 7:
Next it will give you a list of problems, choose the top one. 'It used to work'

.. That way they cannot go through trouble http://screensnapr.png Step 12: Your RMA request will be completed.png Step 8: Fill out your information . This is where you need the serial nu mber.. eBay etc.png Step 13: You'll get an email within 24 hours confirming your RMA. http://screensnapr.png Also.png Step 11: Just verify all you information is correct and click 'Yes' Step 14: Do a simple box method. but you can try they will give you a pr intable postage can choose to use a drop or your real address. Step 15: Put it into your post box and then wait. Step 16: Increase your computers speed ________________________ .. they will send you an email saying that they're sending you new RAM. u p to you. Step 10: Fill out your address and then scroll I just got one off Google images. just choose the 'Unknown' option the the SPD Step 9: Make sure you click that your system is completely non-functional.. Print it out and stick it on the http://screensnapr.

.Enjoy. Post below your results. hope this tutorial helps.