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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Reston for a Lifetime

January 14, 2016
Reston Association

January 14, 2016

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Purpose of Todays Forum To highlight ways to fill

the aging-in-place gaps

Neighbors Helping Neighbors (N2N) model & Reston
Fairfax County 50+ Action Plan
Demonstration of N2N &
Useful Services Exchange (U.S.E.)
N2N Challenge & Community Response

January 14, 2016

Background - Aging-in-Place
Reston founded as a multi-generational community

over 50 years ago

Move to Reston for the kids and stay for the parents.
That it be possible for anyone to remain in a single
neighborhood throughout his life, uprooting being
neither inevitable nor always desirable. Bob Simons vision
An estimated 11.6% of Restons population is 65 years+
An additional 6.2% of Restons population is 60 to 64

January 14, 2016

Background - Aging-in-Place
Reston Forum in 2009 convened by Supervisor Hudgins

examined aging-in-place concerns

Over 300 people attended, followed by groups to explore
village models, needed services, local resources
Consensus clear at that time - no interest in a paid model
to support older adults
General agreement on helping one another to fill service
gaps, but no formal way for doing so
Meanwhile, Reston for a Lifetime/R4L (volunteer led)
created as a means to share ideas and information on

January 14, 2016

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

To ensure Reston remains a good place to grow up

and grow old:
Create opportunities for neighbors to communicate and
support each other
Neighbors helping Neighbors (N2N) intended as multigenerational aligned with Restons vision
Connect neighbors via email and dialog
Provide information and guidance
Result: connected communities that also support aging in
AND, serve other important safety and security functions
Know ones Neighbor

January 14, 2016

Support Possibilities
Examples of support:
Help in weather emergencies
Leaf raking /snow shoveling
Checking on neighbors
Taking in the mail
Changing ceiling light bulbs/hanging art work

Pet care
Help with email
Organized walks for safe exercise

Sharing talents, expertise

January 14, 2016

Other Reston Resources

Existing Resources
RCC coordinates a volunteer rides program (volunteers
most welcome) and extensive course offerings
RA sponsors senior trips & events
Useful Services Exchange (U.S.E.) operates a barter
system to fill service gaps (multi-generational) is a digital social network (53
neighborhoods in Reston)
Immediate neighbors offer a closer sense of

community, i.e. CLUSTERS, neighborhoods, etc.

January 14, 2016

Fairfax County Support

Neighbor Helping Neighbor/Village Program Liaison
Established in early 2008 in Health Department Long
Term Care Program Development Unit
Offers guidance to citizens to explore and develop
neighborhood level support systems
Fairfax 50+ Community Action Plan - 2015
Focus groups and planning resulted in 31 initiatives to
ensure that Fairfax are will be a good place to grow up
and grow old
Neighbor to Neighbor Initiative
January 14, 2016

Organizing Structures and Approaches

Membership fee non-profit model
All-Volunteer Model
USE is an all-volunteer model with a time bank approach
Virtual Connection Model
Neighborhood Network Model
Can have all-volunteer structures within this model
R4L began as a Neighborhood Network Model
Opportunities for Reston:
R4L help expand USE membership
R4L assist clusters to develop all-volunteer structures
January 14, 2016

Getting Started
Step One

Three to five neighbors needed to help get the ball

These leaders will recruit others to:
Develop an understanding of the needs in the
Survey/educate neighbors about the concept
Ask respondents to identify service gaps/help
needed; and the tasks and talents they are willing
to share

January 14, 2016


Getting Started
Step Two
Tabulate surveys to identify gaps/potential recipients

of services and neighbors willing to help

Share survey results, educate and promote use of N2N
Create email list of neighbors who agree to join N2N
Designate a Connector(s) or N2N Point Person to
email community
Connector role is to communicate the request, putting
those requesting help directly in touch with neighbors
willing to fill the gap

January 14, 2016


N2N Demonstration
Bishopsgate - Reston
Neighborhood of single homes operates an
informal N2N network
Lets give this model a try here (examples):
I need help with my new TV remote and the cell phone my kids

got me.
Can anyone take dinner to Ed when he gets out of the hospital?
Id like referrals for a roofer and a house cleaner that neighbors
have used.
My daughter is 14 and looking for babysitting jobs.
January 14, 2016


Digital Connections
Free private social network - 53 neighborhoods in Reston

Registered users are provided a list of neighbors who have

also registered (real names required)

Way to connect and talk with neighbors about concerns,
such as local events, recommended vendors, items for
sale/give-away, crime-watch/alerts
Fairfax County Police Department to utilize NextDoor for

updates and bulletins

NextDoor is venture capital funded and anticipates earning

income like Craigslist

January 14, 2016


Useful Services Exchange

Useful Services Exchange (U.S.E.) is a time-trading

barter system begun 41 years ago by Reston resident

Henry Ware (1908-1999)
Based on core values of Edgar Kahns time-banking
We are all assets
Some work is valuable beyond market price
Helping works better as a two-way street
We need each other
Every human being matters
January 14, 2016


Useful Services Exchange

Henry Ware identified a need to trade expertise for services

too small for a paid professional

Idea has spread nationally and internationally
U.S.E. continues to thrive in Reston as a way for neighbors
to exchange services without monetary cost
Exception made for services requiring materials, i.e., gasoline,

paint, food, etc.

Repayment in kind, by performing services for other U.S.E.
Accounts not kept in dollars, but in hours of USE credit

Digital recordkeeping makes U.S.E. easy to use


Useful Services Exchange

Expectations of U.S.E.
Professional plumber or electrician volunteers not
Services limited to a few hours duration

Not equivalent to commercially provided service

Atmosphere of exchanges is small friendly environment

Membership: $10 per person or $20 per household


January 14, 2016


Reston Leaders
Karen Brutche, Director RCC 55+ Program & Reston Rides
Ellie Fusaro, Commission on Aging, U.S.E.
Steve Gurney, Early R4L Pioneer
Mary Kornreich, Reston Coordinator, OLLI
Barbara LeRock, Co-chair, RA 55+ Advisory Committee
Bea Shields, Hillcrest Cluster, N2N Coordinator
Ashleigh Soloff, RA Event Supervisor
Martin Taylor, Legislative Assistant, Supervisor Cathy

Cheri Wubbels , Past President of U.S.E.
January 14, 2016


Sum Up and N2N Next Steps

Salute to Supervisor Hudgins leadership re aging-in-

Quick history and creation of R4L
Basics of N2N
Fairfax Community Action Plan & N2N
N2N Demonstration & Next Door
N2N Challenge Starring you, the audience

January 14, 2016


N2N Challenge & Next Steps

Todays discussion just a beginning

Commit to going back to your neighborhood/cluster/apartment group

and educate neighbors on N2N
Sign-up sheet

Invite neighbors for coffee & discussion

Share information through newsletters & informally
R4L will provide the tools sample article, speaker at Board meeting or

other gatherings
Report back by February 15 (in one month) & well share the news
Support next step community survey to identify needs and volunteer
January 14, 2016


For More Information & Guidance

Sharon F. Canner
Reston for a Lifetime
Lorelei Cheung, President
Patricia J. Rohrer, MSW
Fairfax County Government

Pat Williams, Chair

Fairfax Long Term Care Coordinating Council
January 14, 2016